8 Commits (993bfb358689230742f26879bf35d9e864b6a720)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Denis Barbier 60a234f02f Add _ macro for future i18n 21 years ago
Denis Barbier ae5883f28f Add missing prototype for netcfg_get_interface. 21 years ago
Matt Kraai 7263298eee Add support for udhcpc. 22 years ago
David Whedon abf9ed8c8a -fix nameserver problem 23 years ago
David Whedon d708c90cdd make dhclient the default dhcp client 23 years ago
David Whedon aba0cb9c0d I was handling the debconf substitution wrong, the result of splitting static and dhcp up, but not doing it properly. removed support for dhcpcd since it is no longer with us. 23 years ago
David Whedon 0dde5a3895 We can now use dhcpcd, pump or dhclient by throwing a define at build time. 23 years ago
David Whedon 8063172870 broke dhcp and static cfg's into different modules so we can share 23 years ago