92 Commits (f4272c7fb78e2e170385d516dbbd535fe639cdea)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matt Palmer f4272c7fb7 Apply WPA patch from Glenn Saberton 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 847414790e Protect dhcp sigchld handler from races 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 924caa7ae2 Reduce duplication in DHCP options count 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer a253f5928d Tighten up the requirements around hostname validation 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 75be707603 Extract out the '63' magic number into a global constant 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer cde632866c Fix compilation warnings 10 years ago
  Matthew Palmer 393d7e2ec0 Make udhcpc send DHCP DISCOVER messages more frequently 10 years ago
  Matthew Palmer b019e1ed79 Have dhcp.c write out manually-configured resolv.conf info. Closes: #362029 10 years ago
  Aurelien Jarno ee0a65cbf3 * dhcp: ask udhcpc for dns and not namesrv. 11 years ago
  Aurelien Jarno 116898f571 * add support for GNU/kFreeBSD. 11 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 2e4a625cbe dhcp: drop dhcp3 compatibility since isc-dhcp looks exactly as regular dhclient. 11 years ago
  Frans Pop 3027542297 Remove trailing spaces 11 years ago
  Frans Pop 96def6b68a Fixes for Hurd support 11 years ago
  Frans Pop 5bd3fa7b3d Remove duplicate hostname request for udhcpc 11 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 75f4afda0e Ask for hostname when using udhcpc. 11 years ago
  Frans Pop 31e257e261 Improve test for presence of dhcp/dhcp3 11 years ago
  Otavio Salvador bf2cc2985e netcfg: improve code readability 11 years ago
  Colin Watson 2ee96ec87a Tell dhclient to wait for netcfg/dhcp_timeout seconds before exiting 11 years ago
  Otavio Salvador a96ea1881e Drop unused code 12 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 892079d37c Add support for udhcpc. This was based on Luk Claes but changed to avoid dropping support for dhclient, dhclient3 and pump for now. 12 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 6634a94856 Refactor dhcp.c code to use an argument list instead of an string. 12 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 75b32f9ce0 Apply patch from Glenn Saberton <gsaberton@foomagic.org> to refactor the dhcp code. 12 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 6f0e0bdec4 Apply patch from Glenn Saberton <gsaberton@foomagic.org> with coding style improvements 12 years ago
  Frans Pop 52f4a71936 Revert the previous commit and instead no longer copy the dhclient.conf script 13 years ago
  Frans Pop 2b825016f1 * Also request the domain-search option from the DHCP server, as requested 13 years ago
  Dann Frazier 233f20ea38 * Request ntp-servers option from dhcp server and store in 14 years ago
  Philip Hands a0ddba1ff8 tidy up somewhat random C style 15 years ago
  Colin Watson 6d77405d16 * Turn off cancel button on DHCP progress bar once DHCP succeeds (closes: 15 years ago
  Colin Watson 3470d09ec1 * Make sure empty ESSIDs don't get written to /etc/network/interfaces; 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 2aadc6703d * Change class identifier of the dhcp client from "NetcfgDHClient" to just 15 years ago
  Colin Watson 673247c9ef need to set progresscancel capb 15 years ago
  Colin Watson e392d37172 * Make progress bars for DHCP and wireless AP search cancellable. Requires 15 years ago
  Colin Watson 1695569902 * dhcp3 calls the "dhcp-class-identifier" option "vendor-class-identifier" 16 years ago
  Frans Pop 6213e7206d Change hotplug configuration as written to interface file 16 years ago
  Geert Stappers 1f4e0aaf82 Create dhclient config files. 16 years ago
  Geert Stappers 9ca133875d Applied the 20050923 mail list provided patch of Torsten Landschoff 16 years ago
  Colin Watson 9470920c4f * Close debconf client output when starting the DHCP client, to avoid the 16 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 7ffce8d427 would be great if it built, fix that 16 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 080b8726d5 Add a netcfg/dhcp_timeout template that can be preseeded to avoid having to hit retry on a zillion machines. 16 years ago
  Joshua Kwan c2fa8d7a0b finish up the code I did kinda halfway 16 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 55fd7e2964 ask for NS if DHCP server didn't give any 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 1fa5266f9f adhoc -> ad-hoc 17 years ago
  Thomas Hood 2c55e964ca Fix #271978 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan c02bcab8c0 change di_error to di_warning 17 years ago
  Thomas Hood 24af64bd46 Allow backup from ASK_OPTIONS to GET_INTERFACE 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 97b2e2a5b0 bugfixen 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 9f01ca2cc7 remove trailing . in netcfg-dhcp.templates, and backup doesn't make sense for dhcp_failed 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan c55a9faddf don't add auto OR hotplug lines for PCMCIA devices 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 08a99c5aea warn on no default route (needs testing) 17 years ago
  Thomas Hood 68b5e0a678 Minor cleanups. 17 years ago