70 Commits (f4272c7fb78e2e170385d516dbbd535fe639cdea)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matt Palmer f4272c7fb7 Apply WPA patch from Glenn Saberton 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer a253f5928d Tighten up the requirements around hostname validation 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 75be707603 Extract out the '63' magic number into a global constant 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer 145c337cd0 Extend link detection time, with a progress bar. Closes: #414117 10 years ago
  Matt Palmer cde632866c Fix compilation warnings 10 years ago
  Matthew Palmer b019e1ed79 Have dhcp.c write out manually-configured resolv.conf info. Closes: #362029 10 years ago
  Otavio Salvador b10a0074ff Don't duplicate localhost definition for IPv4 and IPv6. Closes: #595107. 11 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 2e4a625cbe dhcp: drop dhcp3 compatibility since isc-dhcp looks exactly as regular dhclient. 11 years ago
  Colin Watson 3419850a5c On Linux, feed the output of 'ip addr show' into /dev/random after the 12 years ago
  Luca Favatella e08ebafb5d /var/run/stab is Linux PCMCIA specific; provide a stub implementation of find_in_stab for non-Linux systems. 12 years ago
  Christian Perrier d62a2f512c No longer add ff02::3 to /etc/hosts 12 years ago
  Jérémy Bobbio d8cc97b2a2 Define IPv6 ::1 address as "localhost" 13 years ago
  Dann Frazier 233f20ea38 * Request ntp-servers option from dhcp server and store in 14 years ago
  Dann Frazier 685d8f5cca * Remove unused extern declaration for netcfg_get_dhcp() function in 14 years ago
  Colin Watson fd21ef7f3e Detect ipw2100 and ipw2200 hardware kill switches, and warn the user if 16 years ago
  Joshua Kwan c2fa8d7a0b finish up the code I did kinda halfway 16 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 1e41354243 apply Andrew's WEP patch, readd mii-diag as ethtool-lite 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan b7d7fb4e94 - remove mii-diag support 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 97b2e2a5b0 bugfixen 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 43a19e3acd stick /var/run/stab in a #define in netcfg.h just like all the other stuff we use 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan c55a9faddf don't add auto OR hotplug lines for PCMCIA devices 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 08a99c5aea warn on no default route (needs testing) 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 1b8ed4139a reenable dhcp stuff, remove some old prototypes 17 years ago
  Thomas Hood fe238be9b9 Clean up comments written to /etc/network/interfaces 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 9bafa98a84 move some #defines around, upload 0.68 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan b6d0d516d5 get rid of this ugly di_system_prebaseconfig_append junk and replace with 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan c4d9f7dcd5 free memory, redesign th eloop abit 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 16d806a368 getif* -> get_all_ifs() 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan c2395e946b super bugfix time 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 8123fbb2db nuke udhcpc code 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 735275d1be templates cleanup, add amd64, standardize socket opening 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 45d0da738f add a priority override arg to set_essid so that 'reconfigure the wireless 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 70f29e24eb land tested iproute changes 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 24a1c32a5d fix seed_hostname_from_dns for DHCP. static is a hairier issue which will be dealt with soon 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 785ccd407a no longer invoke ifconfig for simple up/down operations. make ifconfig_up and ifconfig_down use ioctls insetad of running ifconfig. 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 656f0cc167 add a progress bar info message about dhcp's done-ness, and always write loopback 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan c24071499b move kill_dhcp_client to dhcp.c, add DHCP_HOSTNAME handler 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 438672ae1d write ask_dhcp_retry, and destroy my_debconf_input 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan d8caf656c1 giant amounts of work in progress. DO NOT UPLOAD 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 7132d73750 break out all support modules into dhcp.c, static.c, wireless.c 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan b0df7b6851 merge my local changes... still needs a bit of work 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 7897182e80 lots of fixes and cleanups that make mii-lite work 100% 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 8f845a142a mii-lite.c: remove extraneous printf, reindent 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 8e11356825 fix case where MII ioctl's aren't supported on the device 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 03ef69f068 add 'mii-lite' to fix #247178. needs testing 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 7e7eb9e4c6 remove unused function prototype 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan 2699e6831a prune unused #defines, add a missed changelog entry 17 years ago
  Joshua Kwan [obsolete] 517f56eac5 lots of nice fixes for #234412 17 years ago
  Petter Reinholdtsen f122fb78bb Reinsert code changes done by Bastian Blank. 17 years ago
  Petter Reinholdtsen 95c2b65583 Release version 0.56. 17 years ago