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#ifndef _NETCFG_H_
#define _NETCFG_H_
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <cdebconf/debconfclient.h>
#define ETC_DIR "/etc"
#define NETWORK_DIR "/etc/network"
#define DHCPCD_DIR "/etc/dhcpc"
#define INTERFACES_FILE "/etc/network/interfaces"
#define HOSTS_FILE "/etc/hosts"
#define NETWORKS_FILE "/etc/networks"
#define RESOLV_FILE "/etc/resolv.conf"
#define DHCPCD_FILE "/etc/dhcpc/config"
#define DHCLIENT_DIR "/var/dhcp"
extern int netcfg_mkdir (char *path);
extern int is_interface_up (char *inter);
extern void get_name (char *name, char *p);
extern void getif_start ();
extern void getif_end ();
extern char *get_ifdsc (const char *ifp);
extern FILE *file_open (char *path);
extern void dot2num (u_int32_t * num, char *dot);
extern char *num2dot (u_int32_t num);
extern void netcfg_die (struct debconfclient *client);
extern void netcfg_get_common (struct debconfclient *client, char **interface,
char **hostname, char **domain,
char **nameservers);
extern void netcfg_write_common (u_int32_t ipaddress, char *domain,
char *hostname, u_int32_t nameservers[]);
void netcfg_nameservers_to_array(char *nameservers, u_int32_t array[]);
#endif /* _NETCFG_H_ */