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  1. Template: netcfg/get_ipaddress
  2. Type: string
  3. _Description: IP address?
  4. The IP address is unique to your computer and consists of four numbers
  5. separated by periods. If you don't know what to use here, consult your
  6. network administrator.
  7. Template: netcfg/get_pointopoint
  8. Type: string
  9. _Description: Pointopoint address?
  10. The pointopoint address is used to determine the other endpoint of the
  11. point to point network. Consult your network administrator if you do not
  12. know the value. The pointopoint address should be entered as four numbers
  13. separated by periods.
  14. Template: netcfg/get_netmask
  15. Type: string
  16. Default:
  17. _Description: Netmask?
  18. The netmask is used to determine which machines are local to your
  19. network. Consult your network administrator if you do not know the
  20. value. The netmask should be entered as four numbers separated by
  21. periods.
  22. Template: netcfg/get_gateway
  23. Type: string
  24. _Description: Gateway?
  25. This is an IP address (four numbers separated by periods) that indicates
  26. the gateway router, also known as the default router. All traffic that
  27. goes outside your LAN (for instance, to the Internet) is sent through this
  28. router. In rare circumstances, you may have no router; in that case, you
  29. can leave this blank. If you don't know the proper answer to this
  30. question, consult your network administrator.
  31. Template: netcfg/gateway_unreachable
  32. Type: note
  33. _Description: The gateway you entered is unreachable.
  34. You may have made an error entering your IP address, netmask and/or
  35. gateway.
  36. Template: netcfg/confirm_static
  37. Type: boolean
  38. Default: true
  39. _Description: Is this configuration correct?
  40. interface = ${interface}
  41. hostname = ${hostname}
  42. domain = ${domain}
  43. ipaddress = ${ipaddress}
  44. netmask = ${netmask}
  45. gateway = ${gateway}
  46. pointopoint = ${pointopoint}
  47. nameservers = ${nameservers}
  48. Template: netcfg/static-title
  49. Type: text
  50. _Description: Static Network Configuration
  51. Template: debian-installer/netcfg-static/title
  52. Type: text
  53. _Description: Configure a static network