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  1. Template: netcfg/dhcp_hostname
  2. Type: string
  3. _Description: DHCP hostname:
  4. You may need to supply a DHCP host name. If you are using
  5. a cable modem, you might need to specify an account number here.
  6. .
  7. Most other users can just leave this blank.
  8. Template: netcfg/confirm_dhcp
  9. Type: boolean
  10. Default: true
  11. _Description: Is this information correct?
  12. Currently configured network parameters:
  13. .
  14. interface = ${interface}
  15. hostname = ${hostname}
  16. domain = ${domain}
  17. dhcp hostname = ${dhcp_hostname}
  18. nameservers = ${nameservers}
  19. Template: netcfg/dhcp_progress
  20. Type: text
  21. _Description: Configuring the network with DHCP
  22. Template: netcfg/dhcp_progress_note
  23. Type: text
  24. _Description: This may take some time.
  25. Template: netcfg/dhcp_success_note
  26. Type: text
  27. _Description: Network autoconfiguration has succeeded!
  28. Template: netcfg/no_dhcp_client
  29. Type: error
  30. _Description: No DHCP client found
  31. No DHCP client was found. This package requires pump or dhcp-client.
  32. .
  33. The DHCP configuration process will be aborted.
  34. Template: netcfg/dhcp_retry
  35. Type: select
  36. __Choices: Retry network autoconfiguration, Retry network autoconfiguration with a DHCP hostname, Configure network manually, ${wifireconf}, Do not configure the network at this time
  37. Default: Retry network autoconfiguration
  38. _Description: Next network configuration step:
  39. Network autoconfiguration failed. This is typically due to a slow DHCP
  40. server on the network, so you probably want to try again. You may also
  41. specify a DHCP hostname to send to the server if you think it needs one.
  42. Otherwise, you may configure the network manually, or choose not to configure
  43. it at all right now.
  44. Template: netcfg/internal-wifireconf
  45. Type: text
  46. _Description: Reconfigure the wireless network
  47. Template: netcfg/dhcp-title
  48. Type: text
  49. # Title displayed when configuring this package
  50. _Description: Dynamic network configuration (DHCP)
  51. Template: debian-installer/netcfg-dhcp/title
  52. Type: text
  53. # Item in the main menu to select this package
  54. _Description: Configure the network using dynamic addressing (DHCP)