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Joey Hess 6f7832ba69 * Joey Hess 19 years ago
po Adding and updateing norwegian translation. Updated changelogs. 19 years ago
.cvsignore Another bunch of .cvsignores. 19 years ago
changelog * Joey Hess 19 years ago
control Fix Depends: for netcfg-dhcp and static. Also netcfg-0.50 19 years ago
copyright - add french templates 21 years ago
netcfg-common.templates Use three dots in ellipses for consistency. I did not unfuzzy the 19 years ago
netcfg-dhcp.templates * Joey Hess 19 years ago
netcfg-static.templates Land some more bug fixes (notably a IP address syntax check) and some 19 years ago
rules Removed redundant configure targets 19 years ago