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Template: netcfg/dhcp_hostname
Type: string
_Description: What is your dhcp hostname?
You may need to supply a DHCP host name. If you are using
a cable modem, you might need to specify an account number
here. Most other users can just leave this blank.
Template: netcfg/confirm_dhcp
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Is this information correct?
interface = ${interface}
hostname = ${hostname}
domain = ${domain}
dhcp hostname = ${dhcp_hostname}
nameservers = ${nameservers}
Template: netcfg/dhcp_progress
Type: text
_Description: Configuring the network with DHCP
Template: netcfg/dhcp_progress_note
Type: text
_Description: This may take a few minutes.
Template: netcfg/no_dhcp_client
Type: note
_Description: No dhcp client found. I cannot continue.
This package requires pump or dhcp-client.
Template: netcfg/dhcp-title
Type: text
# Title displayed when configuring this package
_Description: DHCP Network Configuration
Template: debian-installer/netcfg-dhcp/title
Type: text
# Item in the main menu to select this package
_Description: Configure the network via DHCP