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* put in checks so the user can't enter data that is clearly invalid (perhaps this will be done through debconf.
* fall back to safe defaults if the user doesn't enter a particular value (ex. gateway)
* do other sorts of network configurations (pcmcia)
* inderstand the target_path() thing, and do it properly
* what do we do differently if it is a CD filesystem?
* decide what numbers you will actually present the user with for confirmation (you have overkill now)
* fix the note about what the user should do if we don't find any network interfaces. Since I don't now know what the flow of the installer is going to be I can't suggest what they should do, I've got the test in there from the old installer now.
* currently we get an internal error if the user has lots of network interfaces, find a better way of handling that.
* etherconf has some good descriptive text, perhaps I want to use it in place of the existing text.
* when the real dhcpcd installs itself we want to make sure it doesn't destroy our nice working configuration, how to do that?