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Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.9.8
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* Added a new curses-based client called "nmtui" for easier console operation
* Added interactive connection editing and creation mode to nmcli with detailed
help and tab completion support
* nmcli bash completion has been greatly improved
* Added support for Data Center Bridging (DCB) and FibreChannel over Ethernet (FCoE)
* IPv6 autoconfiguration is now done in userspace with libndp instead of the kernel
* The D-Bus daemon is no longer required for root-only operation
* WiFi, ADSL, WWAN, and Bluetooth are now optional plugins, reducing install size
* Added support for Infiniband Partitions
* Network connection files are no longer watched by default, use "nmcli con reload"
to notice changes made externally or set "monitor-connection-files=true" in
NetworkManager.conf's [main] section
* Connections can now be locked to interface names in addition to hardware/MAC addresses
* A new "ignore-carrier" configuration option is available to ignore the carrier
on selected interfaces
* A new "dns=none" option has been added to suppress changes to /etc/resolv.conf
* Changes made to IP addresses, IP routes, and master/slave relationships from
external tools are now recognized and reflected in the D-Bus API
* Assuming the existing configuration of interfaces without changing that
configuration is now more reliable
* The 'root' user is no longer subject to PolicyKit access controls and usage
of D-Bus "at_console" permissions has been removed
* Configuration file snippets can be dropped in /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d to
change smaller sets of configuration options
* Added IP-level support for more software/virtual interfaces types including
GRE, macvlan, macvtap, tun, tap, veth, and vxlan interfaces
* All network interfaces known to the kernel are now exposed through
the D-Bus interface
* Improved support for routing-only VPNs like openswan/libreswan/strongswan
* Added support for "temporary" connections which are not saved to disk until
* Added WWAN autoconnect support and fixed issues with airplane mode handling
* NetworkManager-wait-online systemd service behavior is more reliable
* The dispatcher timeout has increased to 10 minutes, and new "pre-up" and
"pre-down" events have been added which block activation until complete
* NetworkManager no longer prevents Wake-on-LAN functionality from working
* PPPoE now requires userland "rp-pppoe" to work around kernel bugs with
that prevent detecting server-side termination of the PPP link
* An ARP announcement is now sent after IPv4 addresses are configured
* Added a DNS plugin for dnssec-trigger for better DNSSEC operation
* More properties are now exposed via the D-Bus properties interface in
addition to getter/setter functions
* Added support for custom IP address ranges for Shared connections
* Fatal connection failures now block automatic reconnection more reliably
* VPN connection IP details are now available via the D-Bus interface
* VPN plugins can now request additional/new secrets from the user during the
connection process
* 'veth' interfaces are now unmanaged by default to cooperate better with
external tools
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.9.6
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* New AvailableConnections property for Device objects
* Better handling of various rfkill/Airplane Mode switches
* Fixed handling of DNS servers for some mobile broadband devices
* Don't duplicate various IPv6 routes added by the kernel
* Ensure buggy ethernet driver carrier indications are handled correctly
* Fix crash in dnsmasq plugin when no nameservers were present
* Add support for 4G LTE network modes
* Fix signal handling when daemonizing at startup
* Don't autoconnect to WiFi networks that have never successfully connected
* Only request new WiFi secrets during the initial association or when the
secrets are known to be wrong, not every time the connection randomly fails
* Add capability to autoconnect VPN connections when a parent connection succeeds
* Add configure-time option for "permissive" system connection editing policy
* Various libnm-glib fixes for asynchronous usage
* Fix gateway handling when given with secondary IP addresses
* Optionally listen to systemd for suspend/resume events instead of UPower
* Fix 'seen-bssids' property when retrieving WiFi connections via D-Bus
* Add support for AP-mode WiFi hotspots (instead of just Ad-Hoc)
* Add a "slaves" property to Bond devices
* Add support for ModemManager 0.7/0.8
* Allow more human-readable formatting of IP address in keyfile connections
* Drop support for dhclient v3
* Add support for DHCPv6 server-side Dynamic DNS
* Add support for bridge master devices and bridge ports
* Fix canceling secrets requests in GUI agents
* Always enable Proactive Key Caching (PKC, also called OKC) for WPA Enterprise
WiFi configurations
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.9.4
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* Many libnm-glib fixes, including crashes when NetworkManager restarts
* Enhanced IPv6 stability and compatibility
* Fix regression in carrier handling for devices that don't support carrier detect
* Add ability to connect to new WiFi networks from nmcli
* Add native support for ADSL modems using PPPoE or PPPoATM
* Reduce number of changes made to DNS information during connection setup
* Add support for IPv6-enabled VPN connections
* Add device driver version, firmware version, and autoconnect properties to D-Bus API
* Add on-demand WiFi scan support
* Fix IPv6 default gateway handling for DHCPv6
* Add Vala language bindings
* Fix various crashes and issues in the ifcfg-rh system settings plugin
* Fix race with multiple interfaces running DHCP at the same time
* Add Linux From Scratch (LFS) support
* Allow customized dnsmasq local caching nameserver config via /etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d/
* Fixes for VLAN and bonding when libnl2 or earlier are used
* D-Bus API, libnm-glib, libnm-util, and GObject Introspection documentation updates
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.9.2
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* Better handling of WiFi devices via nl80211 when available (instead of WEXT)
* IP configuration is now non-blocking; waiting for IPv6 RA no longer blocks
the device from activating if IPv4 is ready and vice versa
* Addded support for firewall "zones" via FirewallD
* Added basic support for bonded interfaces
* WiFi connections are no longer locked to a specific MAC address if they are
"locally administered" addresses (ie, 02:::::)
* New state change reasons have been added for mobile broadband PIN errors
* Agent-owned secrets are now sent to agents for newly created connections
* Support for non-UTF8-encoded 802.1x passwords has been added
* libnm-glib now fetches some properties more aggressively (like active
connections, access points, etc)
* Added basic support for IP-over-Infiniband interfaces
* Added support for device plugins and converted WiMAX support to a plugin for
easier packaging and simpler dependencies
* Added support for VLAN interfaces
* Added support for 802.1x EAP-FAST authentication
* Added non-blocking mode and API to libnm-glib
* Linux Wireless Extensions (WEXT) support can be disabled at configure time
with --with-wext=no
* IPv6 Privacy Extensions are now enabled by default for new connections
* Support for checking Internet connectivity has been added
* The ifnet system config plugin rewrites config files less often
* A bug causing IPv6 address assignment to fail on newer kernels with libnl3
has been fixed
* Fix a bug in the ifcfg-rh plugin with backticks in WPA passphrases
* Ensure connections that cannot be stored are ignored by the ifnet plugin
* Enable out-of-the-box IPv6 connectivity by allowing IPv4 to fail if IPv6 succeeds
* Allow proxying of DNSSEC data when using the dnsmasq local caching nameserver plugin
* Add support for multiple domain names sent from VPN plugins
* Removed support for WiFi Ad-Hoc WPA connections due to kernel bugs
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.9.0
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* Support for libnl2 and libnl3 and various memory leak fixes
* Bug fixes for the ifnet config plugin
* Ensure IPv6 link-local DNS servers work correctly in the dnsmasq DNS plugin
* Add ability for nmcli to delete connections
* Fix setup of connection sharing with newer iptables versions
* Ensure WiMAX activation emits correct signals (fixes initial signal strength)
* Fix an issue with duplicated keyfile connections
* Ensure the 'novj' options is passed through to pppd
* Store timestamps for VPN connections too
* Fix a crash when deleting default wired connections
* Fix a security issue in the ifcfg-rh plugin with newlines in file names
* Fix the "SpecificObject" property for active VPN connection objects
* Improve handling of rfkill on some platforms
* Spaces no longer used in ifcfg config file names
* IPv6 RAs are now accepted when forwarding is configured
* dnsmasq local caching nameserver plugin cache size bumped to 400 entries (from 150)
* Fix handling of SSIDs in the keyfile plugin
* Fix some GObject Introspection annotations in libnm-glib and libnm-util
* Fix setting hostnames from DHCP
* Fixes for building with recent GLib versions
* Don't update routing and DNS until a device is managed
* Fix bug causing IPv6 RA-provided routes to be ignored
* Fix possible wrong handling of 'keyfile' connection certificates
* Correct Shared connection IP address range to be as documented
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.8.x
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* All connections and configuration now managed by NetworkManager
* Secrets for any connection can now be stored in user session or by NetworkManager
* All secrets can now be requested each time
* Fast User Switching support
* Support for WiMAX mobile broadband
* Connections can now be restricted to one or more users
* Support for 802.1X certificate subject matching for greater security
* Requires wpa_supplicant 0.7 or later
* Better support for AP roaming using nl80211 and background scanning
* Simplified D-Bus API for easier client usage
* Support for GObject Introspection in libnm-glib and libnm-util
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.8.4
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* Fix handling of WINS server address in libnm-glib
* Fix checks for s390 CTC device types
* Fix export of nm_device_get_ip_iface() in libnm-glib
* Fix export of IPv6 DNS GValue conversion functions in libnm-glib
* Recognize and manage platform 'gadget' devices
* Send only "short" hostname, not FQDN, to DHCP servers
* Allow "_" as a valid character for GSM APNs
* Handle shared connections in the ifnet plugin
* Fix Ad-Hoc frequency selection for user-created Ad-Hoc networks
* Allow failed connections to be retried when Ethernet carrier bounces
* Allow usage of paths for certificates and keys in the keyfile plugin
* Fix crash requesting system VPN secrets
* Add ability to blacklist certain MAC addresses for wired & wifi connections
* Ensure users are authorized to share wifi networks (CVE-2011-2176)
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.8.2
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* Preliminary support for Exherbo Linux
* Logging fixes to suppress unnecessary messages
* Ensure removed devices are cleaned up
* Fix potential 64-bit crash updating timestamps
* IPv6 setup, routing, and compliance fixes
* Fix WWAN enable/disable handling
* Handle reverse DNS lookups with local caching nameserver configurations
* Ensure usable DNS configuration is written when NetworkManager quits
* No longer updates /etc/hosts when hostname changes
* Request WPAD option from DHCP servers
* Allow use of paths for certificates and keys in connection keyfiles
* Allow operation without any DHCP client installed
* Fix operation with newer versions of dnsmasq
* nmcli support for WWAN connections
* Persistent hostname sent to DHCP servers by default
* Allow disabing PPP support at build time
* Red Hat/Fedora ifcfg plugin fixes for handling S390 CTC device configuration
* Red Hat/Fedora ifcfg plugin fixes for handling IPADDR config items
* Shutdown crash fixes
* Memory leak fixes
* Documentation fixes and updates
* and much more...
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.8.1
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* Native local caching nameserver support using dnsmasq
* Automatically detect addition and removal of new VPN plugins
* Support for handling suspend/resume signals from UPower
* Ensure users are allowed to enable/disable WiFi and networking
* Ensure WiFi enable state is perserved across reboot and suspend
* Better handling of /etc/hosts and preservation of custom hostnames
* Support for the systemd session management service
* Better handling of 'keyfile' system connection errors
* Support for S390 network devices
* and much more...
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.6.6
This is a new major stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* Multiple active devices
* Internet connection sharing
* Support for many mobile broadband devices
* Full static IP support
* More reliable connections
* Rich, flexible D-Bus API
* Boot-time connections (no logins required)
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.6.2
0.6.2 is a bug fix release. Note that NetworkManager no longer automatically
runs dhcdbd if it is not running. This means that it is now the system's
responsibility to start dhcdbd prior to NetworkManager, e.g. in the
distribution's NetworkManager initscript.
* NetworkManager
* Many, many bug fixes (Everyone)
* Dynamic WEP Support (Robert Love)
* nm-applet
* Many bug fixes (Everyone)
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.6.0
0.6.1 is a minor bug fix release.
* NetworkManager
* Improved activation cancelation (Dan Williams)
* Workarounds for non-WPA drivers (Dan Williams)
* Fix WPA Enterprise crasher (Robert Love)
* nm-applet
* Hide password entry fields by default (Robert Love)
* Add toggle to show/hide password field (Robert Love)
* Add 'Remove' option to right-click menu (Robert Love)
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.5.1
This releases ushers in WPA support, as well as many other features, bug fixes,
and clean ups.
We now require libnl, a netlink library ( and
wpa_supplicant, a WPA supplicant (
Two new VPN modules are part of the distribution: openvpn and pptp.
* NetworkManager
* WPA and WPA2 support (Dan Williams)
* WPA Enterprise support (Robert Love)
* Rearchitecting, refactoring (Dan Williams)
* wpa_supplicant support (Dan Williams, Kay Sievers)
* NIS support (Robert Love)
* DHCP hostname support (Timo Hoenig)
* ISDN support, improve dial up support (Robert Love)
* Man pages (Robert Love)
* Survive DBUS and HAL restarts (Timo Hoening)
* Generate PID files (Dan Willians)
* Bug fixes and clean ups (the whole gang)
* nm-applet
* New tray icon look and behavior (Robert Love, Dan Williams)
* New wireless security layer (Dan Williams)
* New "Enable Networking" toggle (Robert Love)
* Display speed of current connection (Robert Love)
* Bug fixes and clean ups (the whole gang)
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.5.0
* NetworkManager
* Don't drop the last scanned AP (Dan Williams)
* Broadcast state change when disconnected (Robert Love)
* The Slackware backend now builds (Nico)
* Don't install unsued config files (Dan Williams)
* Add a test for libnm_glib_unregister_callback (Christopher Aillon)
* Requires wireless-tools 28pre9 (Christopher Aillon)
* nm-applet
* Use g_get_host_name () if we've got it (Christopher Aillon)
* Fix an unitialized variable (Robert Love)
* Fix sensitivity of VPN items (Robert Love)
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.4.1
* NetworkManager
* Initscripts are now generated
* Not waiting as long for scans to complete (Bill Moss).
* Fix several D-BUS object leaks (John Palmieri, Dan Williams,
Christopher Aillon)
* VPN now advertises state changes
* Make --without-named work (
* Make --with-dhcdbd work correctly (
* Fix timeout scan values (Bill Moss)
* Send notifications of device strength changing so clients do
not have to poll.
* Don't return a UDI device if it doesn't exist (Tomislav Vujec)
* Strip whitespace from the VPN banner (Bill Moss)
* VPN Manager rewritten to better support signals (Dan Williams)
* Don't allow clients to determine what states we should be
scanning in, add logic to scan when we need to.
* Blacklist some common ESSIDs such that multiple access points
with these ESSIDs aren't treated as the same network.
* Support for D-BUS enabled named (Dan Williams)
* Only '#' is a valid comment in resolv.conf (Robert Love)
* Don't try to set auth mode on the AP from the allowed list if
it's NULL (Bill Moss)
* Add internal scanning code so we don't have to use iwlib's
code any longer (Dan Williams)
* libnm now uses guints instead of gints for its callback IDs.
* libnm_glib_unregister_callback () now works.
* Fix our scanning interval (Robert Love)
* Updates to backends for Gentoo, SuSE, RedHat, Debian, and
Slackware (Robert Love, Peter Jones, Bill Nottingham,
- Dialup support in RedHat backend
- ISDN support in SUSE backend
- Other fixes
* nm-applet
* The applet is no longer threaded (Dan Williams)
* Dialogs no longer block the UI when shown
* Passphrase dialog now treats Esc keypresses properly
* Create Network and Connect to Network dialogs now have
different window titles
* New icons for connecting to a network and to a VPN
(Diana Fong)
* Context menu items have been cleaned up
* Pressing enter in the passphrase entry should activate the
default action.
* Fix icon animation smoothness
* Display more data in the Connection Information dialog
(Robert Love)
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.3
* Debian backend fixes, Thom May
* Build fixes, Thom May
* Better handling of encrypted devices, Dan Williams
* Better handling of user-selected access points, Dan Williams
* Simplified D-Bus code, Dan Williams
* Better error handling and feedback, Dan Williams
* Greatly simplify the locking to UI smoother, Dan Williams
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.2
* Lots of fixes, Dan Williams
* Support static IP addresses, Dan Williams
- Get broadcast address from config files, Robert Paskowitz
* Support for non-ESSID-broadcasting base stations, Dan Williams
* Only accept and manager 802.3 and 802.11 devices, Dan Williams
* Don't blow away an active wired connection on startup, Dan Williams
* Improve strength calculation, Dan Williams
* Constantly scanning behavior, Dan Williams
* add .pc file, Colin Walters
* move to syslog, Dan Willemsen
* Improve MD5 hashing of 128-bit passphrases, Colin Walters
* DBUS API docs, Dan Williams
* Cleanups, Colin Walters
* Trusted networks, Dan Williams
* New Backends:
- Debian, Thom May and Mark Roach
- Slackware, Narayan Newton
* Fixes and functionality improvements in Gentoo backend, Robert Paskowitz
* Example python code, Bryan Clark.
* python test framework, Bryan Clark
* Trusted networks, Dan Williams
* Escape ESSIDs in gconf, Dan Williams
* Lifecycle improvements, John Palmieri
* New/Improved translations: da de sv en_CA nb no pa bs pt_BR wa gu es
- Thanks to:
Kjartan Maraas
Christian Rose
Adam Weinberger
Amanpreet Singh Alam
Akagic Amila
Raphael Higino
Pablo Saratxaga
Ankit Patel
Francisco Javier F. Serrador
Martin Willemoes Hansen
Hendrik Brandt
* Complete rewrite, Jonathan Blandford and John Palmieri
- Now a Notification area
- Simpler menu
- Hook up the "other network" dialog to do something
* New icons, Diana Fong