91 Commits (debian/unstable)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Thomas Goirand 38d6036156 Added aptitude as installed packages. (Closes: #797962) 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 683676123c Using httpredir.debian.org instead of http.debian.net (Closes: #792362). 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 91df3db2f8 * Added a couple of sync calls to make sure we don't have a race condition 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand c8cfa7674d * Changed the loging for the list of packages for wheezy and other releases 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand ef76a3ec00 Fixed syntax error. 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand f7d7926f1f Fixed gbp.conf 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 6b92616085 Removed non-active maintainers. 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 82aae22001 * Added patches contributed by Gaudenz Steinlin <gaudenz@debian.org> 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 8c39d09bce Now changing the version number on the output file depending on the release name of Debian. 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 6c19e7e316 Added script to build a murano image in the contrib folder. 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 9e73b961bd Adds nano as default when not using the --minimal flag (Closes: #783341). 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand d165dec85a * Adds dbus + libpam-systemd when building a Jessie image, and acpid + 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand bda5e2902c * Also adds security repository if building an image for Jessie. Previously, 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 92d27bad64 Removed the tweak of /etc/modules, as acpiphp and pci_hotplug aren't in the 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand bf0fe85e2f More stuff for the offical debian image. 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand fdd05fc1b7 Fix readability of debian/changelog. 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 0ec998697e * Adds the contrib/official-debian-image-hook script used for generating the 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 7fa9bb5309 Allow stretch and buster as release names. 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand d2d837e1bb * Error as non-zero in case of an error (Closes: #776216). Thanks to Steve 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand b11eaac7d7 * Uses 2GB by default as for the image, as 1GB isn't big enough for building 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 61873b54f1 changelog closes 770943 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand eb769365a2 Fixed compat option for newer qemu. 6 years ago
  Thomas Goirand b408a83ae8 Standards-Version is now 3.9.6 (no change). 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 7f668ab3e3 Finally calling this version 1.0 as it seems working well! :) 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 282921a6f5 Fixed the sudoers file to support the --login option. (Closes: #766234) 7 years ago
  Mehdi Abaakouk 628b7126df systemd doesn't log on kernel configured console by default... 7 years ago
  Mehdi Abaakouk 1b1e1093d5 Try offline cloud-init datasource first 7 years ago
  Mehdi Abaakouk 1a4ddceb99 Ensure /boot/extlinux exists 7 years ago
  Mehdi Abaakouk 15cce87e2f Add two openstack, configdrive cloud-init datasource 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 426d71aa42 Comment out "Using -O compat=0.10 when qemu-img is greater than 1.0." for now. 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand a4986b33d5 * Using -O compat=0.10 when qemu-img is greater than 1.0. 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 899b19461d Added an option to choose the login username, thanks to Jordan Pittier 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 91d78763cd Releasing to unstable. 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand ec97b269f0 Adds manage_etc_hosts: true in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand d922d27f05 Added the flag -s to kpart -asv. (Closes: #741477). 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 49d49638f6 Document: Allow upgrades during build of image. 7 years ago
  Thomas Bechtold e9a15f52f3 Also install updates during image build 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 4ade577377 Removes openstack-pkg-tools build-dependency, and made the include in debian/rules not mandatory. 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 3cab5ab872 Standards-Version: is now 3.9.5. 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand bb6a44ae8d Adds echo "mount_default_fields:" in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg to allow the automatic mount of /dev/vdb ephemeral disk. 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 433a7a4243 Fixes the console so that it works with both SPICE & horizon logs, thanks 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 60d9871f3b Using medium priority. 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 307bb67209 Corrects "Using the -ar option truncates 5% off the end of the resized filesystem." by using Mi instead of M when using parted (Closes: #728939). 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 5b5dee04d8 Correctly writes in ${MOUNT_DIR}/etc/modules and not in the /etc/modules of the computer creating the image (Closes: #728943). 7 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 6ccff7a7a5 Added a new example folder showing how to create a NFS cinder VM using a static IP in Quantum. 8 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 6b987afd62 Move the password description in man page because it was putting the env variable in the wrong section. 8 years ago
  Mehdi Abaakouk d934f7049b Update the debian/changelog according my last changes 8 years ago
  Mehdi Abaakouk 9e177e36bb Restore the default sshd configuration 8 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 7e2fbd938a Changelog closes #718363 8 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 65d008c455 Fixed a typo in package long description. 8 years ago