Empty package that has a postinst script that runs `pam-update-auth --package --enable mkhomedir` and Provides: oddjob-mkhomedir for freeipa-client.
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Readme for pam-mkhomedir


None! This is an original package to the Devuan GNU+Linux community.

Reason for being

To substitute for oddjob-mkhomedir which is required for freeipa-client. This package in no way uses oddjob or systemd or dbus. It exists to “provide” package name oddjob-mkhomedir to satisfy requirements for freeipa-client.


On Devuan, manually run pam-update-auth --package --enable mkhomedir. Elsewhere (which probably has systemd): install package oddjob-mkhomedir.


Distro Packages
Devuan Ceres libpam-modules


Differences from upsteam