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pcsc-lite-1.8.13: Ludovic Rousseau
7 November 2014
- fix a systemd + libudev hotplug bug introduced in version 1.8.12.
The list of readers was not (yet) available just after the start of pcscd
- Make the license more 3-clause BSD like
- fix a rare race condition in the (non default) libusb hotplug
- Some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.8.12: Ludovic Rousseau
24 September 2014
- make hotplug using libudev (default) more robust
- add ReiserFS file system support (for configuration files)
- add musl libC support (increase the thread stack)
- Some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.8.11: Ludovic Rousseau
14 February 2014
- Add polkit support. See doc/README.polkit
- /etc/reader.conf: CHANNELID and DEVICENAME are both optional but not
at the same time
- Some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.8.10: Ludovic Rousseau
19 October 2013
- do not export the internal log_msg symbol from
pcsc-lite-1.8.9: Ludovic Rousseau
16 October 2013
- SCardEndTransaction(): Return an error if is called with no
corresponding SCardBeginTransaction()
- SCardGetAttrib(): Add support of SCARD_ATTR_DEVICE_SYSTEM_NAME
- SCardBeginTransaction() was not correctly releasing a mutex when the
hCard handle was invalidated
The problem was that SCardGetStatusChange() was blocked because
SCardBeginTransaction() had not released the context mutex.
- PCSC/reader.h: Use C99 flexible array member
C99 flexible array member when available for abData field.
uint8_t abData[];
- Add support of --reader-name-no-serial and --reader-name-no-interface
It is now possible to NOT add the USB serial number of the reader
using --reader-name-no-serial
It is now possible to NOT add the CCID interface name of the reader
using --reader-name-no-interface
- Add support of serialconfdir pkg-config variable
It is now possible to use pkg-config to get the directory used by
pcscd to fetch serial drivers configurations.
$ pkg-config libpcsclite --variable=serialconfdir
- pcsc-spy: Try to display the thread in the order they appear in the log
- Check the Info.plist file is (a minimum) correct
- Update PROTOCOL_VERSION_MINOR from 2 to 3
We broke the API between version 1.8.3 and 1.8.4 by changing the value
of MAX_READERNAME. This change should have been made before releasing
version 1.8.4 to make mix of versions clearly non working instead of
failing with strange errors.
- hotplug_libudev.c: Fix a memory leak in case of error
- Fix OpenBSD 5.2 compilation regarding dlopen
- correctly manage thread safe multi-slot readers
- Do not use pthread_atfork() any more (fix problem on FreeBSD)
- fix memory leaks.
This was not really a problem unless you embedd pcscd in another
process and do init/deinit pcscd without exiting the process (as maybe
used on Android or iOS).
- pcscd.8 manpage: add documentation for --max-thread,
--max-card-handle-per-thread, --max-card-handle-per-reader,
--force-reader-polling, --error, --critical and --color
- Some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.8.8: Ludovic Rousseau
16 January 2013
- /etc/reader.conf: handle FRIENDLYNAME with no " delimiters (serial readers)
- Info.plist: Correctly handle reader names containing & (USB readers)
pcsc-lite-1.8.7: Ludovic Rousseau
28 November 2012
- Fix a problem when a reader is unplugged (and the reader is still in use)
pcsc-lite-1.8.6: Ludovic Rousseau
30 August 2012
- Fix a problem when only serial drivers are used (no hotplug/USB
- increase log buffer size from 160 to 2048. Some "long" log lines where
- Fix redirection of stdin, stdout and stderr to /dev/null when pcscd is
started as a daemon (default)
- Some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.8.5: Ludovic Rousseau
4 August 2012
- Fix crash when a reader is unplugged while pcscd is in the middle of a
PC/SC function
- SCardBeginTransaction(): fix a bug introduced in version 1.8.4
related to sharing
- Some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.8.4: Ludovic Rousseau
26 June 2012
- Add [ and ] in the list of accepted characters for a reader name
- truncates the reader name if it is too long instead of rejecting the
- The restriction to have to call SCardEstablishContext() in each thread
has been removed. Threads could now share a PC/SC context.
- Fix compiler failure for static driver
- Update IFDHandler API Doxygen regarding the "libusb-1.0" naming scheme
- Some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.8.3: Ludovic Rousseau
30 March 2012
- ignore directories and hidden (.*) files when parsing a configuration
directory (like /etc/reader.conf.d/)
- add Mac OS X for PC/SC spy tool
- fix a bug in PC/SC spy tool when loading of the real library fails
- add PCSCv2_PART10_PROPERTY_dwMaxAPDUDataSize,
from PC/SC v2 part 10 release 2.02.09 (not yet published)
- Some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.8.2: Ludovic Rousseau
18 January 2012
- rename to pcsc-spy and install it as a normal binary (in
/usr/local/bin by default)
- write a pcsc-spy.1 manpage
- fix a bug with a multi-slot reader
- Info.plist parser: avoid a buffer read overflow in & management
- Some Doxygen improvements
pcsc-lite-1.8.1: Ludovic Rousseau
25 November 2011
- Distribute missing files from src/spy/
pcsc-lite-1.8.0: Ludovic Rousseau
19 November 2011
- PC/SC spy tool
- Support systemd socket activation (the auto start of pcscd from the
library has been removed. Use systemd instead)
- SCardGetStatusChange(): check all the readers are already known and
return SCARD_E_UNKNOWN_READER if a reader name is not present.
Windows XP has this behavior.
- SCardEstablishContext(): Invalidate all the handles in the son after a
- Add define of FEATURE_EXECUTE_PACE from PCSC v2 Part 10 Amendment 1
- Fix some memory leaks reported by Coverity
- Enable silent build by default
- log_line(): correctly calculate delta time when no color is used
The update of last_time was only done in case of colorization
(LogDoColor). So on unsupported consoles the time was wrong.
- log_xxd_always(): Use a variable-length array
The debug message buffer is no more with a fixed size (around 600
bytes of buffer to log) but uses a variable-length array.
It is now possible to log extended APDU of 64kB.
The variable-length array feature is available in GCC in C90 mode and
is mandatory in C99 standard.
- Some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.7.4: Ludovic Rousseau
23 June 2011
- Fix a stupid bug from the previous version. T=1 cards were not
pcsc-lite-1.7.3: Ludovic Rousseau
22 June 2011
- COPYING: Add my name as copyright holder
- hotplug libudev: support libudev >= 171
- hotplug libusb: Fix a memory leak
- pcscd: exit immediately in case of SIGTERM
Closes Debian bug #620305 "pcscd slows down shutdown/restart"
- Send logs to stdout instead of stderr
It is now possible to use tee(1) to redirect logs in a file without
first redirecting stderr to stdout
- Add command line option -T, --color: force use of colored logs
The idea is to have colored logs even if they are redirected to a file
or a pipe.
- Define g_rgSCardT?Pci as const structures to be more Windows like
I do not expect a regression or compilation problem in WinSCard API
users but how knows...
- log at level PCSC_LOG_DEBUG instead of PCSC_LOG_ERROR to avoid filling
the system log file
- Remove the deprecated define FEATURE_MCT_READERDIRECT (replaced by
- better Hurd support
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.7.2: Ludovic Rousseau
31 March 2011
- fix a crash if a specific driver fails to work and no class driver is
pcsc-lite-1.7.1: Ludovic Rousseau
30 March 2011
- use libudev only on Linux and libusb elsewhere. The configuration now
works by default on GNU/kFreeBSD systems
- Try to use a (CCID) class driver if a specific driver fails to use the
- fix a potential crash
pcsc-lite-1.7.0: Ludovic Rousseau
9 March 2011
- use libudev instead of (the deprecated) libhal
pcsc-lite-1.6.7: Ludovic Rousseau
22 February 2011
- better Mac OS X support
- Fix Alioth bug [#312960] SCardDisconnect when other context has transaction
- add support of multi-interfaces readers with libusb and not just libhal
- add a API tracing feature in the client side (#define DO_TRACE)
- allow the use of tracing and profiling features from different
application threads
- fix a problem with a multi-slots reader
- fix minor problems detected by the clang tool
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.6.6: Ludovic Rousseau
12 December 2010
- SCardGetStatusChange(): fix a bug on 64-bits systems
- Fix another bug because of a regression in internal list manager
pcsc-lite-1.6.5: Ludovic Rousseau
3 December 2010
- Power on the card _only_ if an application requests a connection.
You can disable the feature using DISABLE_ON_DEMAND_POWER_ON in
If DISABLE_AUTO_POWER_ON is defined then do not automatically power on
the card. The card will be powered on on the first SCardConnect()
- SCardReconnect(): return SCARD_E_NO_SMARTCARD when card is removed and
SCARD_W_UNRESPONSIVE_CARD when card is unresponsive instead of
- Install pcscd as sgid pcscd instead of suid root
- SCardSetTimeout() is no more provided. This function is not provided
by Microsoft and is deprecated since 2004 in pcsc-lite.
- SCardCancelTransaction() is no more provided. This function is not
provided by Microsoft and is deprecated since 2005 in pcsc-lite.
- Parsing the CCID Info.plist (159 readers supported) was, on a i386
machine, done in 264306 �s and is now done 5547 �s => gain x47 or 4600%
- It is now possible to configure the local socket name to use using the
environment variable PCSCLITE_CSOCK_NAME
- Wait until all connected readers have a chance to power up a possibly
inserted card before accepting clients.
- restrict pcscd features when not run by root (so using suid): APDU
logging or setting parameters are disabled for example
- fix compilation problem on kfreebsd-* systems
- PCSC/reader.h: HOST_TO_CCID_16() and HOST_TO_CCID_32() are now
identity functions
Since libccid 1.4.1 (revision 5252) the byte order is no more important
- If you want to use IFDHCreateChannel() instead of
IFDHCreateChannelByName() then do not use any DEVICENAME line in the
configuration file. IFDHCreateChannel() will then be called with the
CHANNELID parameter.
- the CHANNELID parameter can also be a decimal number.
- Remove the support of IFDHandler v1 API. I don't know any driver using
this API.
- avoids a buffer overflow with badly formed ATR
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.6.4: Ludovic Rousseau
15 August 2010
- Do not use sysconfdir as configuration directory but
"${sysconfdir}/reader.conf.d" instead.
Use --enable-confdir=DIR if you want to set a specific value without
the "reader.conf.d" appended.
pcsc-lite-1.6.3: Ludovic Rousseau
15 August 2010
- "/reader.conf.d" is only appended to sysconfdir if no value of
sysconfdir is provided
- Define LPSCARD_READERSTATE since this is used in the MSDN prototype.
Use LPSCARD_READERSTATE in winscard.h instead of (SCARD_READERSTATE *)
to mimic the MSDN API.
- fix a pcscd crash when the application uses a PCSC handle after a
fork. The crash was with openvpn.
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.6.2: Ludovic Rousseau
4 August 2010
- implement a "Forced suicide" mechanism.
After 3 Ctrl-C without much reaction from pcscd (in fact the drivers)
we force the suicide. Sometimes libusb is blocked in a kind of
dead-lock and kill -9 was the only option.
- Add support of TAG_IFD_STOP_POLLING_THREAD to request the stop of the
driver polling function.
- Avoid a division by 0. Closes [#312555] "simclist bug in pcsc-lite"
- if pcscd is stared by libpcsclite then close all file handles except
stdin, stdout and stderr so that pcscd does not confiscate resources
allocated by the application
- in case of auto exit create a new session so that Ctrl-C on the
application will not also quit pcscd
- src/hotplug_libusb.c: port from libusb-0.1 to libusb-1.0
- default configuration is now $sysconfdir/reader.conf.d
- fix crash with empty config dir
- src/PCSC/winscard.h: Remove definitions of SCARD_READERSTATE_A
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.6.1: Ludovic Rousseau
4 June 2010
- SCardControl(): do not check for card events since we are talking to
the reader not the card. A smart card removal should not make
SCardControl() fail with SCARD_W_REMOVED_CARD
- pcscd do not timeout any more after 2 minutes of inactivity. If the
other side of the socket dies we will get an error from the kernel.
The problem was that if a client does nothing during
PCSCLITE_READ_TIMEOUT (120 seconds by default) then pcscd considers it
as a dead client and closes the connection. I guess this problem was
present since the first version of pcsc-lite but nobody complained
- pcscd: do not return before most of the initialisation are done
correctly. The idea is that pcscd can return an error code if the
daemon fails to start correctly (hald not started for example).
Before the patch pcscd became a daemon, then returned 0 (success) and
then continued with the initialisation. If the initialisation failed
it was too late to return an error code. The /etc/init.d/pcscd script
was not aware of the failure.
"/usr/sbin/pcscd exit codes broken"
- src/hotplug_libusb.c: Add a synchronisation so that if pcscd is auto
started the initial reader list is available before the server takes
commands from clients.
Before the change early calls of SCardListReaders() returned an empty
list of readers even if a reader was connected.
Thanks to Patrice Angelini for the bug report
- SCardConnect() & SCardReconnect(): do not reset the cardProtocol in
SCARD_SHARE_DIRECT case since the card have _not_ been reseted. A new
PPS negotiation would fail.
- Do not install files in /etc any more. Serial drivers are rare now.
- Avoids a crash if a client sends a unknown command.
Thanks to Martin Vogt for the bug report
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.6.0: Ludovic Rousseau
5 May 2010
- redesign the client/server communication:
* no more shared memory used (allow pcscd and to be on
different computer and talk over a network)
* no more difference between short and extended APDU
* no more use of a /var/run/pcscd/ directory. events are
sent through the socket
* simpler command format between client and server
The side effect is that you are not able to mix an old pcscd with a
new or the reverse. SCardEstablishContext() will fail
unless you update both sides of the communication.
- Use lists instead of fixed size arrays to store handles.
It is now possible to have:
- 200 simultaneous PC/SC clients instead of 16
- 200 SCardConnect per client instead of 16
- 200 clients per reader instead of 16
The default value of 200 can be changed by giving an argument to pcscd
--max-thread --max-card-handle-per-thread --max-card-handle-per-reader
Thanks to Jean-Luc Giraud for the big patch
- Make SCardReconnect(), SCardStatus() and SCardTransmit() block instead
of returning SCARD_E_SHARING_VIOLATION immediately. These functions
will then behave like on Windows.
This can happen if these functions are called when the reader is
locked by a PCSC transaction
You can define the environment variable PCSCLITE_NO_BLOCKING to use
the old behavior.
Thanks to Jean-Luc Giraud for the patch.
- SCardEstablishContext(): try to start the pcscd daemon if not already
. pcscd will suicide itself after 60 seconds of inactivity if it is
started using --auto-exit. This is the default behavior when pcscd is
started by libpcsclite
. Set PCSCLITE_PCSCD_ARGS with the argument you want to pass to pcscd in
autostart Only one argument is passed. The space character is not a
separator. example: export PCSCLITE_PCSCD_ARGS=-dfa
- SCardListReaders(): can use SCARD_AUTOALLOCATE
- SCardGetAttrib(): return SCARD_E_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER if the driver
. add support of SCARD_ATTR_DEVICE_FRIENDLY_NAME as it is better
implemented in pcscd (it knows the friendly name)
- SCardGetStatusChange(): Calling with cReaders == 0 will now just
. Use the special reader name "\\?PnP?\Notification" to wait for a
reader event notification
- SCardTransmit(): do not limit the minimum size of an APDU to 4 bytes.
non ISO 7816-4 compliant cards (like Mifare DESFIRE) may use shorter
- SCardStatus(): returns SCARD_E_SHARING_VIOLATION if the reader is
already used More conform to Windows
- PCSC/reader.h: update struct PIN_PROPERTIES_STRUCTURE to be conform
with Revision 2.02.06, April 2009 of PCSCv2 part 10 Fields
wLcdMaxCharacters and wLcdMaxLines have been removed
conform with ch. 2.3 of PCSC v2 part 10
PC/SC part 10 v2.02.07 March 2010
. Add PCSCv2_PART10_PROPERTY_* defines
- SCardControl() return SCARD_E_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE if the driver
separate an unsupported value of ControlCode from a general error
- Use the standard --sysconfdir=DIR ($prefix/etc by default) instead of
--enable-confdir=DIR for defining the directory containing reader.conf
- remove SCF support (PC/SC over Smart Card Framework). I never used
this feature and SCF is now dead and replaced by JSR 268
- Better handling of PCSCLITE_STATIC_DRIVER as can be used on platforms
using �Clinux (without dynamic loader). This is used to statically
link the reader driver to pcscd. Since the link is static you must
define the IFDHandler API version at compilation time. Either define
- Use dynamic instead of static allocation for the driver library
filename. The filename is no more limited to 100 characters.
Closes: [#312332] MAX_LIBNAME too short?
- force the return codes SCARD_* to be long since the SCard* functions
return a LONG type
- Add the ability to parse all the configuration files of a directory
instead of just one configuration file. update-reader.conf is then now
- Add --enable-embedded (default is no) to build pcsc-lite for an
embedded system. This will activate the NO_LOG option to disable
logging and limit RAM and disk consumption.
- If NO_LOG is defined then no log are displayed. The idea is to limit
the binaries size on disk and RAM consumption at execution time.
With NO_LOG defined we gain 26% (17 kB) for the .text segment of pcscd
and 15% (4 kB) for the .text segment of (for i386)
- Define a minimal pcsc_stringify_error() if NO_LOG is defined. Only the
error code in hex is displayed in this case.
Gain: 2kB of .text (10%) for libpcsclite
- Add --disable-serial and --disable-usb options
--disable-serial removes support of /etc/reader.conf gain: 8.0kB of
.text (12%) and 160 bytes of .bss (4%) for pcscd
--disable-usb removes support of USB hotplug gain: 9.7kB of .text
(14%) and 960 bytes of .bss (23%) for pcscd
If you use both options (and use a static driver configuration) gain:
17.7kB of .text (26%) and 1152 bytes of .bss (28%) for pcscd
- Better support of Android
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.5.5: Ludovic Rousseau
28 July 2009
- add the reader interface name if provided by the device
- SCardTransmit(): return SCARD_E_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE if
SCARD_PROTOCOL_RAW is requested by unsupported
- SCardConnect() and SCardReconnect(): set dwActiveProtocol to
MSDN). Contrary to Windows winscard behavior, the reader is accessed in
shared mode and not exclusive mode if SCARD_SHARE_DIRECT is used.
- SCardControl(): correctly check for buffer overflow (bug introduced in
pcsc-lite 1.5.4)
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.5.4: Ludovic Rousseau
24 June 2009
- SCardGetStatusChange() works again. It was broken in some cases since
version 1.5.2
- detect buffer overflows if pcscd if used by a rogue client
- force access rights on /var/run/pcscd to be sure it can be used by a
libpcsclite client without privileges
- create the PCSCLITE_EVENTS_DIR directory with the sticky bit so only
root or the owner of the event files can remove them
- if RFAddReader() fails with the libhal scheme then we try with the
(old) libusb scheme. This patch should allow proprietary drivers to
work even if pcsc-lite is compiled with libhal support.
- give a higher priority to a specific driver over the CCID Class
driver. This should allow proprietary drivers to be used instead of
libccid when possible
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.5.3: Ludovic Rousseau
29 April 2009
- SCardEstablishContext(): check we do not reuse an already allocated
Thanks to Daniel Nobs for the bug report and patch
- pcsclite.h: add missing SCARD_E_* and SCARD_W_* return code. They are
unused by pcsc-lite but defined on Windows
Thanks to Martin Paljak for the patch
- remove powermgt_macosx.c since it is using APSL version 1.1 instead of
the BSD-like licence like the other files
Thanks to Stanislav Brabec for the bug report
- avoid a possible crash due to a race condition
Thanks to Matheus Ribeiro for the patch
- change default log level from PCSC_LOG_INFO to PCSC_LOG_ERROR to limit
syslog pollution
- CardDisconnect(): call RFUnlockAllSharing() instead of
RFUnlockSharing() to release all nested locks. The problem occurs if
SCardBeginTransaction() are made without corresponding
SCardEndTransaction(). OpenSC "pkcs11-tool -I" exhibits such a
Thanks to Marc Rios Valles for the bug report
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.5.2: Ludovic Rousseau
6 February 2009
- SCardGetStatusChange(): return if the state of the reader changed
since the previous call. Thanks to Thomas Harning for the patch
- SCardCancel() no works as expected. It got broken in version 1.5.0.
Closes: [#311342] SCardCancel does not cancel an outstanding
- log TxBuffer and RxBuffer if the SCardControl() command failed.
Closes: [#311376] PCSC_LOG_VERBOSE via -dd; print details of "Card not
- add a mutex to avoid a race condition
Closes: [#311377] Race condition in SCardBeginTransaction
- SCardGetStatusChange() may not return if the reader was removed.
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.5.1: Ludovic Rousseau
7 January 2009
- Extended APDU of more than 2048 bytes were corrupted. The problem was
introduced in version 1.3.3 (2 years ago) by making the code compile
with Sun Studio 11.
Thanks to Eric Mounier for the patch
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.5.0: Ludovic Rousseau
18 November 2008
- correctly handle up to PCSCLITE_MAX_READERS_CONTEXTS readers (instead
- SCardGetStatusChange()
. now returns SCARD_E_TIMEOUT instead of SCARD_S_SUCCESS if dwTimeout
== 0 (conform to Windows XP)
. add support of reader name \\?PnP?\Notification to detect reader
insertion/removal (conform to Windows XP)
. if a reader disappear also set SCARD_STATE_UNAVAILABLE in
dwEventState (more conform to Windows XP)
- SCardStatus(): add support of SCARD_AUTOALLOCATE for pcchReaderLen and
- SCardGetStatusChange() now uses asynchronous events instead of polling
- more and/or better Doxygen documentation
- SCardTransmit(): correctly pass the pioRecvPci parameter
- SCardConnect() and SCardReconnect(): correct a bug when two
applications were calling SCardConnect() or SCardReconnect() at the
exact same time
- pcscd logs the command name sent by the application (when in debug mode)
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.4.102: Ludovic Rousseau
27 June 2008
- pcscd -v now displays the enabled features
- add support of SCARD_AUTOALLOCATE in SCardListReaders(),
SCardListReaderGroups() and SCardGetAttrib
- add SCardFreeMemory()
- try to use the reader polling thread also for the other slots on a
multi-slots reader
- solve a possible crash with SCardCancel() in multithreading environment
- SCardConnect(), SCardReconnect(): do not check the parameter
dwPreferredProtocols if dwShareMode == SCARD_SHARE_DIRECT
This is used on contactless readers to talk to the reader without any
card and "random" value of dwPreferredProtocols
- better support of driver termination (when pcscd exits)
- kill the driver polling thread only if the driver supports it
- generate a .tar.bz2 archive (smaller than the .tar.gz archive)
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.4.101: Ludovic Rousseau
30 April 2008
- support for fork(). Handles are now invalid in the child process
- SCardStatus() returns SCARD_W_REMOVED_CARD instead of
SCARD_W_RESET_CARD when a card has been removed and inserted
- Doxygen improvements
- add support for DragonFly BSD
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.4.100: Ludovic Rousseau
23 March 2008
- add libhal support to avoid polling the USB bus. libusb is still
supported but libhal is now the default
- improve performances in SCardConnect(), SCardReconnect(),
SCardDisconnect(). Thanks to Sean Wykes for the patch
- SCardListReaders(): returns SCARD_E_NO_READERS_AVAILABLE when no
reader are available. Thanks to Thomas Harning for the bug report
- add support of TAG_IFD_POLLING_THREAD to use an asynchronous card
movements detection instead of an active polling. The reader driver
need to support TAG_IFD_POLLING_THREAD to use this feature
- CardCheckDaemonAvailability(): lower the priority of the log message
in case of "PCSC Not Running" or "PCSC restarted" so that nothing is
logged by default. PCSCLITE_DEBUG can be defined to see the message.
Programs linked with libpcsclite will not display anything if pcscd is
not running. Solves Red Hat bug 428299.
- default log level is PCSC_LOG_CRITICAL+1 so that NO log is sent to
stderr by default. You need to explicitly set PCSCLITE_DEBUG to have
logs. (in a library stderr(2) can be any file opened with fd=2 so
should not be used)
- ifdhandler-3.tex: more details about deviceName argument of
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.4.99: Ludovic Rousseau
9 January 2008
- add support of mix 32/64 bits platforms. Thanks to Jacob Berkman for
the big patch
- increase MAX_READERNAME from 52 to 100
- default ipcdir is /var/run/pcscd instead of /var/run so the directory
can be shared locally between 32/64 bits systems on chroots
- display time delta between two lines of logs when printed to stderr
- return EXIT_SUCCESS (instead of EXIT_SUCCESS) if parsing
/etc/reader.conf fails.
- performance improvement when powering a card after insertion
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.4.4: Ludovic Rousseau
14 August 2007
- do not call a Log function in a signal handler and do hotplug
synchronously. See Debian bug #430492 Thanks to Russell Stuart
- support LSB init scritp format
- better support of Solaris and Mac OS X
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.4.3: Ludovic Rousseau
19 June 2007
- correctly handle lock (SCardBeginTransaction) when the locked card is
- correct a buffer overflow introduced in 1.4.2 when extended APDU are
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.4.2: Ludovic Rousseau
23 May 2007
- add a Lock counter so that SCardBeginTransaction/SCardEndTransaction
can be nested
- SCardDisconnect(): do not block if dwDisposition == SCARD_LEAVE_CARD.
SCARD_EJECT_CARD since that would impact other running transactions
- LPTSTR and LPCTSTR types are no more deprecated since they are found
in many applications. And using them is not a problem.
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.4.1: Ludovic Rousseau
16 May 2007
- do not limit the execution of an APDU to 2 minutes (Thanks to Harsh
Sangal for the bug report)
- if the daemon is restarted we invalidate all the existing handles so
SCard functions returns SCARD_E_INVALID_HANDLE
- SCardReconnect(): block instead of returning SCARD_E_SHARING_VIOLATION
- clean the data buffer for SCardTransmit() to clean the APDU buffer to
remove any possible PIN or secret value (Thanks to Nils Larsch for the
- SCardGetStatusChange(): add a counter in the upper word of
dwEventState so it is possible to detect a card movement between two
calls to SCardGetStatusChange() (Thanks to Matheus Ribeiro for the
- SCardGetStatusChange(): do not check for SCARD_STATE_ATRMATCH,
SCARD_STATE_EXCLUSIVE or SCARD_STATE_INUSE bits when the card is not
present. (thanks to Matheus Ribeiro for the bug report)
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.4.0: Ludovic Rousseau
13 February 2007
- great speed improvements for SCardBeginTransaction(), SCardReconnect()
and SCardDisconnect()
- SCardConnect(): return SCARD_W_UNPOWERED_CARD if the card is mute
instead of returning SCARD_E_PROTO_MISMATCH because the requested
protocol is not supported by the (mute) card
- Ctrl-C works again to stop pcscd on FreeBSD
- USB polling was not active even if a driver does not support
- split pcsclite.h in pcsclite.h and an internal pcscd.h. Some
application compilations may fail but should not
- move RESPONSECODE definition from wintypes.h to ifdhandler.h since it
should only be used as return type of IFDHandler functions. Some
driver compilations may fail
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.3.3: Ludovic Rousseau
19 January 2007
- add -H --hotplug argument to ask the pcscd daemon to rescan the
avaiable readers
- add support for IFD_GENERATE_HOTPLUG bit in driver Info.plist
- add --force-reader-polling to ignore the IFD_GENERATE_HOTPLUG bit in
driver Info.plist ifdCapabilities (pcscd will poll the USB bus every 1
second as in previous versions)
- SCardConnect() & SCardDisconnect(): wait until any transaction
finishes before going on. This avoids the possibility to reset a card
in the middle of a transaction Thanks to Martin Paljak for the bug
- the tools installifd and formaticc are now completely outdated and
should not be used anymore.
- PCSC/ifdhandler.h: add IFD_NO_SUCH_DEVICE for readers supporting
- SCardControl(): do not limit cbSendLength to MAX_BUFFER_SIZE bytes
since we now transparently support up to MAX_BUFFER_SIZE_EXTENDED
bytes. Thanks to Martin F�hrlinger for the bug report
- SCardGetAttrib()/SCardSetAttrib(): if the driver returns IFD_ERROR_TAG
we return SCARD_E_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE instead of the generic error
- implement SCardIsValidContext() PC/SC call
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.3.2: Ludovic Rousseau
11 August 2006
- add support of extended APDU in the standard configuration and in a
backward compatible way: pcscd 1.3.2 can be used with libpcsclite <=
- define MAX_BUFFER_SIZE_EXTENDED as the maximal size allowed for a
extended APDU (64KB)
- LPCTSTR and LPTSTR types are deprecated. Use LPCSTR and LPSTR instead
- Dual licence src/error.c so it can be used bu OpenSC. It is now
BSD-like, see the COPYING file and GNU Lesser General Licence 2.1 or
(at your option) any later version
- document that the 4 bytes field value in PCSC_TLV_STRUCTURE is always
in big endian as documented in PCSC v2 part 10 ch 2.2 page 2. You can
use ntohl() to convert the value. Thanks to Ulrich Vogl for the bug
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.3.1: Ludovic Rousseau
22 April 2006
- improve support of Solaris
- correct a bug when two clients are connecting at the same time
- better documentation for ./configure arguments
- doc/ifdhandler-3.tex: improve IFD handler documentation
- doc/pcsc-lite.tex: document VERIFY_PIN and MODIFY_PIN commands using
PCSCv2 part 10 instead of the "proprietary" mechanism now unsupported
- doc/pcsc-lite.tex: document log_msg and log_xxd
- use fprintf(stderr,) instead of syslog(3) to log messages from libpcsclite
- use PCSCLITE_DEBUG to activate the debug messages in libpcsclite.
MUSCLECARD_DEBUG is now used for libmusclecard only
- add the reader serial number in the reader name only if
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.3.0: Ludovic Rousseau
3 March 2006
- new official stable version since 1.2.0 in October 2003. Many thanks
to all the bug reporters and bug fixers
- libmusclecard is now in a independent package
- (re)allow compilation on Solaris
- SCardReleaseContext(): do not check that the thread releasing the
context is the one that established it. This check is not performed on
Windows and creates portability problems See
- automatically call SCardUnload() when the libpcsclite library is
unloaded Thanks to Najam Siddiqui. See
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.2.9-beta10: Ludovic Rousseau
3 February 2006
- if the USB reader defines a serial number then include it in the
reader name (between parenthesis)
- the library only exports the symbols defined by the
API ( This is needed to
be able to use the library in an appliation that also uses flex (like
muscleTool). The problem only occurs with GCC >= 4.0
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.2.9-beta9: Ludovic Rousseau
27 November 2005
- add/improve support of PIN pad readers
. define HOST_TO_CCID_16() and HOST_TO_CCID_32() macro to convert 16 and
32-bits data to the CCID format (replace HOST_TO_CCID)
- add support of SUN C compiler and try to avoid GCC specific features
(Heiko Nardmann)
- SCardGetStatusChange():
. exists if the list of readers changed (one reader added) so that the
application can update its list of readers (Najam Siddiqui)
. correct a bug when two contexts where used (Najam Siddiqui)
- add support of Solaris 10 IFDhandler (Douglas E. Engert)
- allow pcsc-lite to be compiled without (f)lex installed
- add a TODO file. Help/money needed here.
- improve Doxygen documentation
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.2.9-beta8: Ludovic Rousseau
6 September 2005
- correct a crash on Fedora Core 4 (off by 1 buffer overflow)
- do not silently truncate the reader, library or device name if they
are too long but display an error message instead
- reinclude musclecard library in pcsc-lite package since a lot of code
is shared. The separation was a mistake
- add colorization of the logs when sent to stderr. The color depends on
the priority level
- restrict the number of symbols (function names) exported from to limit symbol conflicts with other libraries. Only
the PC/SC API symbols should be exported
- add Doxygen documentation. Thanks to Luiz Reuter Silva Torro.
HTML pages available at
- SCardControl(): a 0 byte long pbSendBuffer is no more rejected since
the command is in dwControlCode. Thanks to Martin Paljak for the patch
- provide a reader.h file (by default in /usr/local/include/PCSC/reader.h)
that contains definitions shared between an application and a smart
- pcscd: allow a serial hotplug by sending a SIGUSR1 signal. The
/etc/reader.conf file is re-read and reader presence/abscence is updated
- musclecard library: small bug fixes
- pcsc-lite SCF: small bug fixes
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
pcsc-lite-1.2.9-beta7: Ludovic Rousseau
2 March 2005
You should not use SCARD_PROTOCOL_ANY since it is not defined in
Windows PC/SC. It is just defined for backward source code compatibility
- define SCARD_STATE_UNPOWERED even it is a state never used so source
code using it can compile
- SCardStatus(): pdwState and pdwProtocol parameters may be NULL (mimic
- provide a script update-reader.conf to update the /etc/reader.conf
file from /etc/reader.conf.d/* files
This script is called by /etc/init.d/pcscd before starting the daemon
- add support of SCardGetAttrib() with a NULL pbAttr parameter to only
get the needed lenth in pcbAttrLen
- SCardReconnect() now works after a card movement. Previously
SCardReconnect() returned "Card was removed" even if the new card is
- SCardGetStatusChange(): greatly improve performances. Thanks to Oivind
H. Danielsen
- SCardControl(): check if the pbSendBuffer is NULL or no bytes are sent
for driver API v2 only. With API v3 we can use dwControlCode as the
only data to send.
- Implement the dynamic level logging in pcscd
The new command line options are:
-d, --debug display lower level debug messages
--info display info level debug messages (default level)
--error display error level debug messages
--critical display critical only level debug messages
- some documentation update
pcsc-lite-1.2.9-beta6: Ludovic Rousseau
15 August 2004
- The debug messages are now displayed by default. This prevented error
messages generated by a wrong /etc/reader.conf parsing to be displayed
- thread management:
. threads are now created with the PTHREAD_CREATE_DETACHED attribute
so that resources are released when the thread ends. Thanks to
Michael Gold for the patch.
Previous versions of pcscd just died after 256 clients connections.
- remove PCSC/ from the header files path since the path is given by
pkg-config --cflags libpcsclite or the correct -I directive
- src/winscard_svc.c:
. MSGCleanupClient(): always reset all the fields. Thanks to Michael
Gold for the patch.
- src/configfile.l:
. if the file referenced by DEVICENAME can't be use (because it is not
a correct filename) we now display:
You should use 'DEVICENAME /dev/null' if your driver does not use this field
- src/winscard.c:
. Avoid generating a PPS request that would not be just after a power
up. The previous code worked only when the card was _reseted_ at
SCardDisconnect() but not when SCARD_LEAVE_CARD was used.
- correctly manage multi-slots readers
- etc/pcscd.init:
. updated to reflect the RPM version. Thanks to Ville Skyttä & Fritz Elfert
- doc/example/pcsc_demo.c:
. add SCardTransmit() code sample
- src/testpcsc.c:
. add a "(don't panic)" after a "Transaction failed." if it is not a
critical failure.
- doc/pcsc-lite.tex:
. the function SCardSetTimeout() is deprecated and does nothing
- doc/ifdhandler-3.tex:
. add documentation for IFDHGetCapabilities(..., TAG_IFD_THREAD_SAFE, ...),
IFDHGetCapabilities(..., TAG_IFD_SLOT_THREAD_SAFE, ...) and
IFDHSetCapabilities(..., TAG_IFD_SLOTNUM, ...)
- some internal changes and bugs corrections
pcsc-lite-1.2.9-beta5: Ludovic Rousseau
16 July 2004
- src/PCSC/wintypes.h:
. add type LPSTR (again) so that "old" drivers and applications can
compile but mark the type deprecated.
- src/tokenfactory.c:
. TPSearchBundlesForAtr(): use "%s/%s" insead of "%s%s" when
generating the MuscleCard bundle name on MacOSX
- src/winscard.c:
. SCardControl() (new API) can now be used with a IFDHandler v2.0 or v3.0.
The previous code was broken and only worked with an IFDHandler v3.0
(crashed with a v2.0).
- src/PCSC/ifdhandler.h:
. IFDHControl(): use PUCHAR instead of LPCVOID and LPVOID so the
driver can use TxBuffer[x] without needing a cast.
. it is now possible to compile a IFDHandler v2.0 with this include
file. Just #define IFDHANDLERv2 in your source code before
#include <ifdhandler.h>
By default it is setup for for most recent version of the API (V3.0)
pcsc-lite-1.2.9-beta4: Ludovic Rousseau
3 July 2004
- src/ and src/
. includedir is now @includedir@/PCSC
. add pthread flags for compilation and link
. thanks to Ville Skyttä for these patches.
They are small but are mandatory to (re)compile muscleTools (and
others) without modification to their Makefile.
pcsc-lite-1.2.9-beta3: Ludovic Rousseau
30 June 2004
- src/hotplug_libusb.c:
. use a dynamic array for available USB drivers:
- avoid a buffer overflow (argh!)
- allow to use more than 16 drivers/supported readers
- src/
. install mscdefines.h, winscard.h, musclecard.h, pcsclite.h and wintypes.h
in /usr/include/PCSC/ to not pollute /usr/include/
. install ifdhandler.h, debuglog.h and parser.h in /usr/include/PCSC/ so
drivers can use them for compilation.
Modify your source code or add -I/usr/include/PCSC to CFLAGS in your
Makefile or, better, use CFLAGS=`pkg-config libpcsclite --cflags`
- doc/pcsc-lite.tex:
. dwPreferredProtocols is a bit mask of acceptable protocols
. SCARD_SHARE_DIRECT can be used to talk to the reader without a card
. add "Some SCardControl commands" section (IFD_EXCHANGE and VERIFY_PIN)
. add documentation for LTPBundleFindValueWithKey(), debug_msg() and
- src/configfile.l: (/etc/reader.conf parser):
. allow ':' in DEVICENAME. use ':' to indicate a non-real device (pcscd does
not test for its existence as a file). You can use this in something like
"net://" to indicate a reader on a remote machine like an
X11 terminal.
- src/PCSC/wintypes.h:
. Change the names of the types LPCSTR to LPCTSTR and LPSTR to LPTSTR to be
compliant with the Microsoft SCard API. You will have to update your
source codes.
- src/readerfactory.c:
. rework RFSetReaderName() to simply the code and always start with the
lowest number available (like in previous pcsc-lite version)
- src/prothandler.c:
. completely redesign the function so that IFDSetPTS() is always called to
tell the driver which protocol to use and to initialise its internal
state. The driver now knows which protocol (T=0 or T=1) the application
wants to use even if the card only support only one protocol.
- src/atrhandler.c:
. add support of specific mode by the presence of TA2 (protocol not
- src/utils/
. install bundleTool and installifd in [...]/sbin/ instead of [...]/bin/
- doc/example/
. do not install pcsc_demo since it is just a sample code for developers
that is not supposed (the code) to do anything useful
- doc/example/pcsc_demo.c:
SCARD_PROTOCOL_ANY is _not_ defined by Microsoft PC/SC and is not equals
- and lots of other minor and/or internal only changes
pcsc-lite-1.2.9-beta2: Ludovic Rousseau
11 May 2004
- change libmusclecard current version to 1 so that old libmusclecard0 and new
libmusclecard1 can cohabit on the same system and will not break existing
programs during upgrades.
This is because libmusclecard is provided in the same distrib/package as
libpcsclite. If we want two libpcsclite to cohabit we must also ensure
that the two libmusclecard can also cohabit.
- src/pcscdaemon.c: print pcsc-lite version number during startup
- src/winscard.c: in SCardReconnect(), SCardDisconnect() and
SCardEndTransaction() SCARD_UNPOWER_CARD is "Power down the card and reset
it (Cold Reset)" so we really power down _and_ then power up the card.
- doc/pcsc-lite.tex: add the chapter "Multithreading and contexts"
- doc/ifdhandler-3.tex: IFD Handler API in LaTeX format
- correct some minor typos in documentation and output texts
pcsc-lite-1.2.9-beta1: Ludovic Rousseau
6 May 2004
- configure: add support of --enable-extendedapdu argument to allow the use of
big APDUs (APDU size between 256-Bytes and 128-KBytes)
- API changes:
. SCardControl() API changed to be similar to the Microsoft PC/SC
. add SCardGetAttrib()/SCardSetAttrib() functions
. the driver need to be compliant to IFDHandler API v3 to support these new
- multithreading:
Damien Sauveron added the support of multiplexing multi-readers
communications. In the previous version the communications were serialized
and not simultaneous even if it was not needed. Thanks Damien.
- src/pcscdaemon.c:
. remove the warning if no /etc/reader.conf is found. It is normal to not
have an /etc/reader.conf for USB readers only.
. send debug to syslog by default
. send debug to stderr if --foreground|-f is used (no need to add
--debug stderr anymore)
- doc/pcsc-lite.pdf: doc improved to add the new functions and API. The doc is
now generated from a LaTeX file (easier to maintain, html version available,
much more nice, etc.)
- src/testpcsc.c:
. added tests for the new functions SCardGetAttrib(), SCardSetAttrib() and
SCardControl() and also the old SCardListReaderGroups()
. do not ask for reader number if only one reader is present
. some more debug
- pcscd and libpcsclite now exchange a protocol version to know what API to
use. This will be useful if/when the API change again
- change library version to 1:0:0 since the interface changed
- hotplug: the daemon pcscd do not try to restart drivers anymore when it is
- src/hotplug_libusb.c:
. do not try to restart a USB driver if the first execution fails (because
of a bug in the driver or whatever) since the next execution of the driver
will, with a great probability, also fail. The user has to unplug/replug
the reader to restart the driver. This prevents to fill the system logs
with an error message every 1 second.
. use deviceName defined as usb:idVendor/idProduct:libusb:busname:filename
in HPAddHotPluggable(). This should avoid wrong USB enumeration when used
in IFDHCreateChannelByName()
- src/hotplug_macosx.c:
. buffer overflow: the driver list was not terminated and caused crashes.
- src/winscard.c:
. remove the code to map SCARD_UNPOWER_CARD on IFD_RESET.
SCARD_UNPOWER_CARD is power down and power up (cold reset) => IFD_POWER_DOWN
SCARD_RESET_CARD is just power up (warm reset) => IFD_RESET
- src/winscard.h:
. use SCARDCONTEXT, DWORD, LPSCARDHANDLE, etc. instead of long, unsigned
long, long *, etc. to be more Windows PC/SC compliant
- doc/ new manpage to make it clear that this configuration
file SHOULD not be used for USB readers
- src/configfile.l:
. print a warning if the LIBPATH contains ".bundle". USB drivers SHOULD NOT
be declared in reader.conf
. Check that DEVICENAME and LIBPATH files exist and if an error occurs
during the parsing the reader is not added and pcscd exit.
- doc/example/pcsc_demo.c:
. recode the readers enumeration to avoid the use of
PCSCLITE_MAX_READERS_CONTEXTS. You do not and should not need
PCSCLITE_MAX_READERS_CONTEXTS. Use a dynamic management instead.
. add SCardReconnect() sample code
. allow to select the reader number instead of always selecting the first
. some minor debug
- src/musclecard.c:
. Initialize currentToken->tokenType in MSCListTokens(). Closes "[ #300607 ]
MSCListTokens should set tokenType to know state before OR operation"
- src/tokenfactory.c:
. correct atrString[] buffer size. The ATR is in ASCII so it must be
MAX_ATR_SIZE*2 +1. This was problematic for cards with a "long" ATR.
- src/readerfactory.c:
. initialize vHandle field to NULL in RFAllocateReaderSpace() (caused a
crash under MacOS X)
- aclocal/acx_pthread.m4:
. new upstream version to avoid checking for pthread.h which does not exist
on *BSD
- src/, src/
. add muscledropdir (in libmusclecard) and usbdropdir (in libpcsclite) so we
can use `pkg-config libpcsclite --variable=usbdropdir` to find the
directory to use. Should be used by drivers and plugins installation.
Thanks to Ville Skyttä for the patch.
- many other minor patches and corrections. Read ChangeLog.cvs for a complete
pcsc-lite-1.2.0: Ludovic Rousseau
27 october, 2003
- the 1.2.0 version is the same as 1.2.0-rc3 version
pcsc-lite-1.2.0-rc3: Ludovic Rousseau
15 october, 2003
- src/winscard_msg.c: perform a round-robbin among clients to avoid starvation
under heavy load. Patch from Bettina Martelli.
- src/winscard_clnt.c: send debug to stdout only if the environment variable
- src/ add a new pkg-config file for application using
- a lot of code and build clean up by Antti Tapaninen
- some code clean up and debug by Damien Sauveron
pcsc-lite-1.2.0-rc2: Ludovic Rousseau
4 September, 2003
- removed a very _stupid_ bug that linked libpcsclite with libusb. Any
application linked with libpcsclite was also linked with libusb.
- generate a new library libmusclecard and remove MuscleCard code from
libpcsclite. An application using MuscleCard functions needs to explicitly
link with libmusclecard.
- src/winscard_clnt.c: add a new function SCardUnload() to free allocated
resources. It is mandatory only if you use dlopen/dlclose to often
load/unload the library. Otherwi se you will exhaust the resources
available and get a crash. Thanks to Guy Moreillon for the patch.
- src/muscletest.c: code cleaning
pcsc-lite-1.2.0-rc1: Ludovic Rousseau
26 August, 2003
- --enable-usb is now deprecated and off by default.
--enable-libusb is selected by default and will be used if libusb is
installed in /usr. If libusb is installed in /usr/local use
- src/hotplug_macosx.c: Add support of reader aliases using <array></array> in
driver Info.plist on MacOS X.
The old syntax did not work since pcscd on MacOS X wants a correct XML file.
The new syntax is:
<string>0x08E6</string> <!-- 1, Gemplus -->
<string>0x04E6</string> <!-- 2, SCM Microsystems -->
<string>0x076B</string> <!-- 3, OmniKey -->
<string>0x0783</string> <!-- 4, C3PO -->
<string>0x3437</string> <!-- 1 -->
<string>0x5115</string> <!-- 2 -->
<string>0x3021</string> <!-- 3 -->
<string>0x0003</string> <!-- 4 -->
<string>GemPC Twin</string> <!-- 1 -->
<string>SCR 335</string> <!-- 2 -->
<string>CardMan 3121</string> <!-- 3 -->
<string>LTC31</string> <!-- 4 -->
- src/powermgt_macosx.c, src/hotplug_macosx.c and some others: Add support of
PCMCIA for MacOS X. Thanks to Stephen M. Webb.
- src/hotplug_libusb.c: Add support of libusb. Allow to use USB readers on
*BSD or any plateform supported by libusb. Thanks to Toni Andjelkovic for
the great job.
I also redesigned the code to support up to PCSCLITE_MAX_READERS readers
whatever the driver they use.
- src/musclecard.c:
. fix an initialisation problem of pConnection->shareMode (thanks to Wan-Teh
. avoid a memory leak (Toni Andjelkovic)
- doc/example: sample demo application using pcsc-lite API
- src/winscard.c:
. pcscd reported card is present when there is no card in the reader
. return SCARD_E_INVALID_PARAMETER for APDU of less than 4 bytes
- src/winscard_svc.c: Sometimes unknown APDUs were being transmitted when
'SCardStatus' function was invoked
- some code cleanup and compilation problems removed.
pcsc-lite-1.1.2beta5: Ludovic Rousseau
30 May, 2003
- src/winscard.c: SCardStatus(): do not return before filling buffers
- src/winscard_clnt.c: SCardStatusTH(): simplify code and return correct
results when buffers are too short or NULL is used
- src/ used to generated a pkg-config ".pc" file (thanks to
Andreas Jellinghaus for the idea and the patch)
-, src/, src/utils/installifd.c, doc/,
doc/, etc/
. correct typos and include path configured by ./configure appear in the
docs (thanks to Ville Skyttä)
- src/utils/installifd.c:
. replace gets() by fgets() to avoid buffer overflow.
. Use sizeof() instead of constants.
. do not use strdup() since it is useless.
. print error messages when needed.
pcsc-lite-1.1.2beta4: Ludovic Rousseau
13 Apr, 2003
- src/debuglog.c:
. DebugLogSetLogType() set flags and not just _or_ them (allow unset)
. use strncpy to avoid a possible buffer overflow
- src/hotplug_linux.c:
. code cleanup
. support for driver aliases in Info.plist. The syntax is:
So this driver will be used by the three possible readers.
- src/
. support for driver aliases in Info.plist (use tokenparser.l instead of
. support for xBSD back
- src/pcsclite.h:
. rename "" and "pcsc.comm" in "" and "pcscd.comm"
- src/tokenparser.l:
. code reindentation
. use DebugLogB()/DebugLogC with correct number of arguments
- src/tokenparser.l:
. regenerated from src/tokenparser.l
pcsc-lite-1.1.2beta3: Ludovic Rousseau, David Corcoran
7 Nov, 2002
- Support for Sun Microsystems' SCF
- Patches from Dmitry Djachenko to:
. init g_rgSCard??Pci variable at compile time
. return more meaningfull error codes in SCardReconnect()
. return more information in SCardStatus()
. accept pioRecvPci == NULL in SCardTransmit()
according to MSDN (July 2002) : SCardTransmit description
[in, out] Pointer to the protocol header structure for the instruction,
followed by a buffer in which to receive any returned protocol control
information (PCI) specific to the protocol in use. This parameter may be
NULL if no returned PCI is desired.
- correct an overflow in SCardGetStatusChange(). Thanks to Michael Nidd
-, src/pcscdaemon.c, src/pcsclite.h:
. add --enable-ipcdir=DIR option. Default is now /var/run/ instead of
- src/
. reorganise conditionals to to have a src/ file 142 (yes 142)
times smaller (33 KB instead of 4.7 MB)
- src/eventhandler.c:
. add filename and error message to error logs for /var/run/
- src/debuglog.h:
. DebugLogC() uses 3 parameters not 2 (use DebugLogB() for that)
pcsc-lite-1.1.2beta2: Ludovic Rousseau, David Corcoran, Jean-Luc Giraud
12 Oct, 2002
- OpenBSD 3.1 and FreeBSD 4.7RC2 debug and testing
- MacOSX debug and improvement
- support multiple identical USB readers under GNU/Linux
- more debug
- Bug in winscard.c for protocol when ANY is chosen
pcsc-lite-1.1.2beta1: (Ludovic Rousseau <>)
6 Sep, 2002
- src/tokenfactory.c, and bundleTool.c:
. add support for --enable-muscledropdir=DIR
. The licence file is COPYING and not LICENSE (thanks to Juha Tuomala)
- doc/formaticc.1:
. add formaticc.1 manpage from Debian
- doc/bundleTool.1:
. update and rename from .8 to .1
- src/utils/formaticc.c:
. lots of debug and buffer overflow removal
- src/ifdwrapper.c, src/debuglog.c, doc/pcscd.8:
. add support for --apdu|-a
- src/pcscdaemon.c:
. add support for --apdu, test if the pcscd is still running before
complaining that /tmp/pcsc is present
. print an error message if the --debug argument is not known
- src/
. add -Wl,--export-dynamic link option
- src/hotplug_linux.c:
. add support for --enable-usbdropdir=DIR
pcsc-lite-1.1.1: (David Corcoran <>)
5 Jun, 2002
- src/readerfactory.c
. Fixed multiple slot handling by adding dwFeeds to multiple slots
- src/winscard_clnt.c
. Fixed multi Establish/Release Context problem by removing CleanupClient
pcsc-lite-1.1.0: (David Corcoran <>)
28 May, 2002
- src/mscdefines.h added
- src/musclecard.c/.h added
. Added client side token/card plugin interface
- src/tokenfactory.c added
- src/powermgt_macosx.h added
- src/powermgt_macosx.c added
. Support for sleep mode on OS X
- src/tokenparser.l added
- src/dyn_hpux modified with new include <errno.h>
- src/winscard_svc.c
. Added session checking so rogue clients cannot steal hCard values
- src/readerfactory.c
. removed world writable files in /tmp/pcsc
. Added support for SCF with SCF plugin
- Added command line arguments for debug/daemon mode <>
- Previous additions from Ludovic Rousseau <>
pcsc-lite-1.0.2beta5: (Ludovic Rousseau <>)
10 Mar, 2002
- src/pcscdaemon.c:
. move the pid file creation earlier (before drivers loading)
. allow to properly kill pcscd before or during driver loading
this is useful when the driver init is buggy
- src/pcsclite.h: change PCSCLITE_VERSION_NUMBER to 1.0.2.beta5
- change version number to 1.0.2.beta5
pcsc-lite-1.0.2beta4: (Ludovic Rousseau <>)
13 Feb, 2002
- change version number to 1.0.2.beta4
(from Douglas Atique bugs report and patch)
- etc/
. add the files makeFMStyle, makeSTDStyle and moveFMCode to the
distribution archive
- src/
. add the files sys_solaris.c, sys_hpux.c and powermgt_macosx.c to the
distribution archive
- src/pcscdaemon.c
. ignore SIGHUP signal
. remove pid file if USE_RUN_PID is defined
- src/winscard_msg.c
. move #ifdef PCSC_TARGET_SOLARIS _after_ the inclusion of config.h since
PCSC_TARGET_SOLARIS is defined in config.h
pcsc-lite-1.0.2beta3: (Ludovic Rousseau <>)
10 Jan, 2002
(from Carlos Prados Debian package)
. add AC_PREFIX_DEFAULT(/usr/local/pcsc) to install in /usr/local/pcsc by
- etc/
. add makeFMStyle, makeSTDStyle and moveFMCode scripts
- src/utils/
. add EXTRA_DIST = sample.out
- src/dyn_bsd.c
. try without a leading '_' in cas of failure (needed by FreeBSD) thanks to
Toni Andjelkovic <> for the patch)
- src/test.c
. commented declarations on unused variables
. corrected three %x to %lx for long arguments
. add documentation for --enable-confdir and --enable-runpid
- src/README_INTERNALS.txt: new file containing some documentation for source
code hackers
- src/pcscdaemon.c: the daemon now cleany stops the drivers before exiting
. the global variable AraKiri is set in signal_trap()
. this variable is checked in the main loop of SVCServiceRunLoop()
. RFCleanupReaders() is then called if AraKiri
- src/readerfactory.c: add RFCleanupReaders() to do the cleaning job at exit
- src/test.c: change %x to %02X for the ATR bytes
- src/debuglog.c and src/debuglog.h:
. rewrote the DebugLog[ABCD] function
. the function are now defines than include __FILE__ and __LINE__
. the test #ifdef USE_SYSLOG if moved from the source code to the
src/debuglog.c function only -> the source is more readable
. the new log functions are now used everywhere
- src/configfile.l:
. changed syslog() to DebugLog()
. add #include "debuglog.h"
- README: add a supported platform: OpenBSD 3.0 (with
- add HELP file to EXTRA_DIST
pcsc-lite-1.0.2beta2: (Ludovic Rousseau <>)
20 Dec, 2001
- bootstrap: added --verbose
- reconf: added --verbose and --enable-debug
. changed release number to 1.0.2.beta2
. added -Wall to CFLAGS to compile with all the warnings ON. This change
implied many small corrections: mainly addition of include file to add
functions prototyping, adding return values when needed, removing unused
. add doc/ directory (from Carlos Prados Debian package)
. add --enable-confdir=DIR (default to /etc)
inspiration from Shell Hin-Lik Hung, OpenBSD pcsc-lite port
. add --enable-runpid=FILE to store the pcscd pid
inspiration from Carlos Prados, Debian package maintainer
- many C source files includes <pcsclite.h> (or similar). I changed to
"pcsclite.h" since the local .h should be more recent and with less
bugs than the one in /usr/local/include/
- src/dyn_bsd.c, src/dyn_unix.c: in DYN_LoadLibrary() changed 0 to
NULL, "char *" to "const char *"
- src/dyn_hpux.c: removed declared but unused variables
- src/ifdwrapper.c: initialize IFD_? functions pointer to NULL
- src/pcscdaemon.c:
. removed declaration of errno (already made in errno.h)
. exit with code value
. more explicit error message when /tmp/pcsc/ already exist
. test if VERSION and PCSCLITE_VERSION_NUMBER are the same
release numbers
. create a file containing the PID (see configure --enable-runpid=FILE)
("stolen" from Carlos Prados Debian package)
- src/readerfactory.c
. removed unused variables
. dwSlot is a long, use %ld instead of %d
- src/readerfactory.h: corrected "RVAllocateReaderSpace" to
"RFAllocateReaderSpace" (RVA -> RFA)
- sys_*.c: removed declaration of errno
- src/sys_unix.c: add "return 0;" in SYS_Initialize()
- winscard.c: in SCardReconnect()
. initialize dwAction to 0
. remove unused variables dwReaderLen and dwProtocol
- src/winscard_clnt.c: commented out declaration and definition of
SCardSetupThreadSafety(). It is not used anywhere.
- src/winscard_msg.c:
. add the error message "strerror(errno)" returned by the socket
functions in the debug message logged
. removed unused variables
. removed (fd_set *) cast in select calls. (compiles OK without)
- src/winscard_svc.c: add a "return 0;" in MSGCleanupClient()
- src/winscard_svc.h: add prototype for MSGCleanupClient()
- doc/ ("stolen" from Carlos Prados Debian package)
. add this directory in dist files
- ("stolen" from Carlos Prados Debian package)
. add doc directory
. add reconf bootstrap in dist files
- src/ ("stolen" from Carlos Prados Debian package)
. add utils directory
. remove from install target
. add dyn_bsd.c dyn_hpux.c to EXTRA_libpcsclite_core_la_SOURCES
- src/utils/ ("stolen" from Carlos Prados Debian package)
. converted LIBS line into formaticc_LDADD line
- src/hotplug_linux.c
. add some includes files
. commented useless declarations of hpManu_id, hpProd_id, bundleArraySize
- src/utils/installifd.c
. rv, dwRecvLength and dwSendLength are long, use %ld instead of %d
. commented useless declarations of many variables
. add some (int *) casts
- etc/ ("stolen" from Carlos Prados Debian package)
. added SmartcardServices
. added StartupParameters.plist
- src/debuglog.c:
. put the ATR on just one line even with syslog
. changed LOG_DEBUG to LOG_INFO since the LOG_DEBUG level messages are
seldom logged
- src/pcsclite.h: test if USE_READER_CONF is defined (see
pcsc-lite-1.0.2beta: (Ludovic Rousseau)
29 Nov, 2001
- stop if /tmp/pcsc already exists
- clean and remove /tmp/pcsc on exit using signal() and atexit()
- renamed SYS_Exit to exit in many places to use the atexit() defined
cleaning function
- removed \n in debug messages (syslog does not need it)
- some minor print cosmetic modification in atrhandler.c
- use a define DEBUG_BUFFER_LENGTH instead of 150 in debuglog.c
- use snprintf() instead of sprintf() in debuglog.c
- add a error on compile in pcscdaemon.c
You must use '--enable-syslog' when also using '--enable-daemon' or
you will not get any message
- renamed SYS_Stat to SYS_Fstat since the system call is fstat and stat
is another one
- use PCSCLITE_IPC_DIR instead of repeating "/tmp/pcsc/" in pcsclite.h
added -fno-common to CCFLAGS
fixed syslog error on ATR
lengthened the default client timeout on commands
fixed bus error when vendir/id not found
Added support for HP-UX 11 and OpenBSD 2.9
Removed callback socket from server
Fixed GetStatusChange bug on small timeouts
Fix bug in transmit where reader sends back
wrong length causes client to overwrite buffer
Fixed numerous NULL pointer errors
Fixed many, many behaviors
Tried Windows compatibility testing
Switched to sockets based implementation
Basically, it's had 2 months testing
Changed test.c
Added buffered read/write layer
Shortened timeouts on outgoing commands
Added support for Solaris 2.6 2.8
Fixed autoconf problems
Added an option for client side thread safety
Fixed '-' problem for bundleparser
Switched to named pipes for transport
Fixed SCARD_POWERED tag when card inserted upside down
Added non-polling request blocking
Switched to autoconf thanks to some help
Added timeouts for client/server
Added kernel IoKit notifications for USB devices on OS X
Added polling support for USB devices on Linux
Added XML parsing for bundles on Linux
Fixed GetStatusChange's SCARD_READERSTATE structure problem
Fixed random generation in EstablishContext ( Carl-Magnus Pettersson )
Fixed RPC Channel leak in EstablishContext ( Carl-Magnus Pettersson )
Updated documentation to 0.8.7
Added empty file powermgt_macosx.c for future power management
Added ability for multiple identical readers on OS X
Fixed bug enabling SCardTransmit to pass memory card functions
by allowing sSendPci to be NULL
Fixed some possible buffer overrun exploits
Moved to 'fat client' architecture
Mapped status to clients so events are immediate
Removed fork() from server, and wait() calls
Added multi readers to GetStatusChange
Added block for reader in GetStatusChange
Added Reader Lun naming mechanism for friendlynames
Updated the documentation
Added more error checking to all winscard functions.
Added the ability to use Domain Sockets on Linux, Solaris.
Increased the select sleep time to conserve cpu time.
Added the ability to recover from errors by reloading drivers/etc.
Pre-allocated bundle array list to save cpu time and memory leakage.
Added SECURITY file.
Added Hot Pluggable search function to select loop.
Fixed Makefiles to do copies not moves
Changed some filenames.
Fixed race condition between pcscusb and eventhandler.c
Fixed core dump on error startup.
Added T=1 detection to test.c.
Added SCardControl()
Dynamically addable readers.
Multiple dynamically addable readers.
More startup error checking.
Full support for OS X
Added stringified error responses.
Fixed some error returning bugs.
Support for dynamic readers such as USB readers.
More support for OS X
Fixed bugs causing problems in Redhat regarding mutex pointers.
Fixed exiting problem causing random zombie processes.
Removed thread libs and dyn libs from local library.
Abstracted thread libs in thread_generic.h
Added support for Mac OS X.
Support for ifd handler 2.0 specifications.
Fixed bug in readerfactory.c that only allowed 2 applications
to run simultaneously.
Fixed bug in rpc/winscard.c so that some applications which
while looped on Begin/End could not cause starvation.
Fixed mutex bug in readerfactory.c
Added SCardListReaderGroups for compatibility
Fixed NULL in for ListReaders
Fixed NULL as pioRecvPci in Transmit
Added multi-sys Makefiles
Pulled Windows(r) defs from pcsclite.h
Added INFINITE to GetStatusChange.
Added application event notification on calls
Added SCardReconnect
Added -v option for version checking
Added security module for future encryption/decryption
Added function to allow only from localhost
Added default values to all variables
Proper freeing of all pointer values
Fixed Reset on Disconnect
Removed any dangerous pointer references
Shortened the thread zombie cleanup time.
Fixed readerfactory assignment of ID problem
Using pthreads for status poll.
Using pthread mutexes instead of test and set.
Fixed problem in GetStatusChange.
Fixed SCardBeginTransaction.
Removed SCardReadMemory, SCardWriteMemory
Added Mutex locks around all driver calls
Added ability to do startup allocation
Fixed memory leak in RFAddReader
Removed some warnings
Added multi-slot support
Fixed T=0/1 protocol definition
Fixed protocol negotiation
Modified defines to work with OCF
Fixed the Makefiles to include
symbolic links to external libraries
Added some objects to the client's
library so it can be used with ssp-lite
Added Server State Machine
Kills dead clients and frees resources
Added SCardSetTimeout
Fixed Makefile for non-rpc
Added BSD style Makefile for BSD compilation
Fixed SCardRead/Write functions
Fixed SCardStatus Function
Added IFD Wrapper Abstraction Layer
Began support for multiple slots
Fixed bug in SCardStatus with overflow
Added code to remove zombie processes
Added support for connecting to multiple
readers/resource managers from the client.
Added RPC abstraction layer.
Added Server Forking on Transmit and GetStatusChange.
Fixed overflowed buffer in atrhandler.c
Fixed Disconnect Bug.
Added ATR Handling.
Added support for T=1
Added support for PTS negotiation
Added abstraction for more slots/terminal
Added correct ATR size return
Added some defines in pcsclite.h
Added support for Memory cards.
Added support for SCardCancel.
Fixed powering up error in GetStatusChange.
Added some type defines in pcsclite.h
Fixed bug in readerfactory.c line 117 lpcReaders[p] = 0
to lpcTReaders[p] = 0. This was giving strange errors.
Fixed return rv at SCardStatus function to return SCARD_S_SUCCESS.
Added 7 more defines to pcsclite.h
Added functions Status, and GetStatusChange
Fixed Connect to look for card
Fixed return values for functions