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  2. To install USB drivers, download the driver from
  3. and copy it to a temporary location.
  4. After you have unarchived the files copy the directory to
  5. /usr/local/pcsc/drivers/. If the directory /usr/local/pcsc/drivers/
  6. does not exist create it before copying the driver directory to it.
  7. Example Mac OS X, Linux 2.4:
  8. tar -xzvf driver.bundle-0.1.0.tar.gz
  9. cp -r driver.bundle /usr/local/pcsc/drivers/
  10. cd /usr/local/pcsc/drivers/driver.bundle
  11. build or use Project Builder to build
  12. The /usr/local/pcsc/drivers/ directory should contain bundle directories only.
  13. You must restart pcscd to use the new driver.
  14. All OS's:
  15. For non-USB users, you must edit the /etc/reader.conf file.
  16. You can do this easily by running the installifd program in the utils/
  17. directory of pcsc-lite. Some newer drivers require you to specify 1 as the
  18. port and then make a symlink from /dev/pcsc/1 to /dev/ttyS* so you can
  19. enumerate your ports on any Unix without changing the driver.
  20. Refer to the driver README for more information.
  21. $Id: DRIVERS 6851 2014-02-14 15:43:32Z rousseau $