207 Commits (debian)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Laurent Bigonville 4bb9046c02 Don't use /etc/vconsole.conf after all as it's not used anywhere in debian 7 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville 90c8632867 debian/control: Remove dependency the ttf-dejavu-core alternative 7 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville 8c68f18993 Release to unstable 7 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville 3f3ac331b2 debian/libplymouth5.symbols: Add Build-Depends-Package field 7 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville 333d4b620d Copy the Cantarell font to the initramfs as it's used by spinner and bgrt themes 7 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville d9666d0cb5 debian/local/plymouth.hook: Remove compatibility with wheezy and previous versions 7 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville 0ce9006975 Use /etc/default/keyboard if /etc/vconsole.conf is not available 7 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville f06afd1c1f debian/local/plymouth.hook: Copy logo-text-version-64.png in the initramfs 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville fc6a002d2e Release to experimental 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville 160aa88b31 debian/local/plymouth.hook: Install the ImageDir even if it's coming from another theme 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville 9354d6dfe6 Bump libplymouth4 soname to libplymouth5 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville 90e7dde9ae debian/rules: Set --with-runtimedir=/run 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville c5a9385972 debian/plymouth-themes.install: Install the new bgrt theme 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville cf2487564d debian/plymouth.install: Install the translation files 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville e6250b5991 debian/plymouth.install: Install logrotate configuration for boot.log 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville 4b027fcd59 debian/rules: Remove --enable-gdm-transition, dropped upstream 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville e39d41025c debian/plymouth-themes.install: Remove the throbgress plugin, dropped upstream 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville 14092ba40d Refresh the patches or delete the ones applied upstream 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville 421208fe5b Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/0.9.5' 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville a14e2dea4b New upstream version 0.9.5 11 months ago
  Laurent Bigonville 3b8b120a43 Release to unstable 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville 30b01b0208 Properly close the boot.log file when changing mode 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville 6747475e1d Add RemainAfterExit=yes to plymouth's systemd service files, cherry-picked patch from upstream 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville 5489e613d5 Run wrap-and-sort 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville 7daaed18c6 Drop debian/patches/0001-awk.patch and add a break against mawk (<< 1.3.4), the awk script has been tested gainst mawk (>= 1.3.4) and gawk 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville 1beb03c8c1 Release to unstable 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville 0c4186c843 Drop debian/patches/0004-return-code.patch, this doesn't seem needed anymore, thanks to Sebastien Bacher for noticing 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville a8db0070c5 debian/rules: Rely on dh_autoreconf to update config.guess and config.sub 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville 38657497a8 Move some executables to /usr/libexec now that's allowed in the policy 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville e4535b5039 debian/control: Add Rules-Requires-Root: no 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville 08d1c70608 Move everything from / to /usr now that the later is mounted at early boot, add compatibility symlinks for the executable in case the system is not migrated to usr-merge. 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville fe1c9d47d4 debian/rules: Drop dh_strip override, plymouth-dbg is gone for at least one release and we don't need the migration bits to the -dbgsym package 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville d61947353a debian/rules: Disable call to dh_installinitramfs, let's manage that ourself but update the maintainer scripts to mimic what it's doing. 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville 3f096511aa Bump debhelper compatibility to 12, switch from dh_systemd_start to dh_installsystemd 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville e8aff14c23 debian/control: Bump Standards-Version to 4.5.0 (no further changes) 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville 7db26435fa debian/plymouth.postinst: Remove old cleanup code needed for early 0.9.0 uploads 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville b4a3880c86 debian/rules: Stop passing start and stop actions for update-rc.d to dh_installinit. update-rc.d is not supporting that for quite some time 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville 8aedf57c83 Merge branch 'less-modules-if-dep' into 'debian' 1 year ago
  Alper Nebi Yasak c5c259a206 Include less modules when appropriate 1 year ago
  Laurent Bigonville 62fc6ae67d debian/plymouth.links: Drop the manpage symlink plymouth-log-viewer.8, the executable is not installed anymore (Closes: #922320) 2 years ago
  Jonathan Carter 6f4266ed00 Update themes 2 years ago
  Laurent Bigonville f86b9860bf Merge branch 'fix-usrmerge-repro' into 'debian' 2 years ago
  Andreas Henriksson 802e245454 Make build reproducible on merged-usr vs non-merged 2 years ago
  Laurent Bigonville dd8cbb8f76 Release to unstable 2 years ago
  Laurent Bigonville f2d0b0367d debian/rules: Use dh_missing --fail-missing instead of dh_install 2 years ago
  Laurent Bigonville ea053dde1a Do not explicitly set the compression algorithm, to please lintian 2 years ago
  Laurent Bigonville d3c8409b20 debian/libplymouth4.symbols: Add newly exported symbols 2 years ago
  Laurent Bigonville 3fe0a01b3a debian/control: Bump Standards-Version to 4.2.1 (no further changes) 2 years ago
  Laurent Bigonville 345b0fcc10 debian/patches/0005-cmdline.patch: Refreshed 2 years ago
  Laurent Bigonville c7cbff7664 Drop patches merged upstream 2 years ago