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- fix the tests so that they work better with "make check"
- allow longer than 255 byte replies from server to client
- make server send immediate ACK for password request and then ANSWER later with a link back to original request in ANSWER
- Make --ask-for-password take a prompt message
- add expose handler for plugins to draw from. We need to reset some state every frame of the animation, so better to hide that.
- rotate boot.log per boot cycle (might be easiest to just fork/exec out to logrotate directly)
- fix error handling. In particular, ply_open_module gets it completely wrong (replies on errno instead of dlerror())
- consider moving text code from ply-window to a ply-text-buffer analog of ply-frame-buffer
- maybe watch for VT switches and do things like restoring text color palette and stopping drawing the framebuffer
- clean up the event loop watch api to always be in terms of watch objects instead of function/user_data pairs.
- Fix --hide-splash to properly unredirect console until next --show-splash or event better make attach-to-session
a client command, with detach-from-session a separate one