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\" Hey, EMACS: -*- nroff -*-
.TH PLYMOUTH 8 "December 15, 2009"
plymouth \- A graphical boot system and logger
.B plymouth-set-default-theme
.RI [ options ] " \<theme\>"
\fBplymouth\fP is a graphical boot system for Linux which takes advantage of the kernel-based
mode setting (KMS) available for modern graphic cards to provide a seamless, flickerfree
and attractive boot screen. It allows to choose between various, static or
animated graphical themes to spruce up the startup and avoid the noise
generated by the vast amount of kernel messages while the machine boots into X.
On systems where kernel-based mode setting is not available, plymouth falls
back to a text mode boot screen which provides a simple progress bar to provide
feedback during boot.
To configure plymouth, that is to choose and install the preferred boot theme, the
user has to invoke \fBplymouth-set-default-theme\fP. It changes the configuration
to the new theme and also performs the necessary regeneration of the initial ramdisk
(initrd) since plymouth is loaded from the boot loader from the initrd
prior to the mounting of the root filesystem. The options available to this
script are explained in the \fBOPTIONS\fP paragraph.
In order for the configured default plymouth theme to be loaded during boot,
the option `splash' (or `rhgb' for backward compatibility with the RHGB boot
splash) must be provided at the kernel command line. With this command line
option, plymouth will default to showing detailed boot output.
plymouth-set-default-theme follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long
options starting with two dashes (`-') and short variants of each of them.
.B \-h, \-\-help
Show summary of options.
.B \-l, \-\-list
List available themes.
.B \-r, \-\-reset
Reset to default theme.
.B \-R, \-\-rebuild\-initrd
Rebuild initrd (necessary after changing theme).
.B \<theme-name\>
Name of new theme to use. If you want to see which themes are available, invoke the script with just \-\-list.
If plymouth-set-default-theme is invoked with no options or parameters, it shows the currently selected theme
by default. This output is used by the helper scripts `plymouth-generate-initrd' and `plymouth-update-initrd'
to set the proper theme in the initial ramdisk.
.BR grub (8)
plymouth was originally prototyped and named by Kristian H�gsberg <>,
originally written by Ray Strode <> and has had significant contributions
from Charlie Brej <>. It has also had contributions from
Peter Jones <>, Adam Jackson <>,
Frederic Crozat <> and others.
It can be downloaded here: <>.
This manual page was written by Adrian Glaubitz <>.