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  KatolaZ 7df3672065 amended changelog 3 years ago
  KatolaZ 23ff7f4926 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- 3 years ago
  KatolaZ c6f28ed993 merged suites/ascii into suites/unstable 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert 38c8e36bab Recommends: default-mta | mta instead of exim4 | mta 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert 4dce7d663f Updated Standards-Version from 4.1.3 to 4.2.0. No change needed. 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert 61c2fc0e0c popcon.pl: display stat by vendors 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert b0ea6eba90 popcon-stat.pl: generate graphs by vendors 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert 7ac40f3d32 add USETOR option to report using tor. [#773663] 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert f0311da391 handle diversions. From Robert Luberda [#865748] 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert d4e7b0f3b9 examples/bin: sync with currently used version 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert a5931517c4 popcon-process.sh: add support for gpg2 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert 4b4b402487 popanal.py: reject lines with malformed timestamp. Closes: #833695. 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert 345cf6ff9c popanal.py: Bump stable version to 1.64 8 years ago
  Bill Allombert fe92772ba8 debian-popcon.gpg: use new submission key 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert 9e2f49711f Add debian/source/format, set to 3.0 (native) 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert dbb2aa456a Remove debian/.cvsignore obsolete file 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert f908be27ef Updated Standards-Version from 3.9.8 to 4.1.3. No change needed. 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert 7738ac4251 Migrate repositories to salsa.debian.org 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert 1d061cfa52 Migrate from popcon-developers@alioth to debian-popcon@debian 3 years ago
  Bill Allombert 80f6eee4c4 Migrate popcon.debian.org to https 4 years ago
  Bill Allombert 7ed96e0ef2 Updated Standards-Version from 3.9.8 to 4.0.0. No change needed. 4 years ago
  Bill Allombert 6e034a9b8e popularity-contest: Ignore files under /usr/lib/mime/packages/ 4 years ago
  Bill Allombert 57a827ac1c examples/bin/popcon.pl: update to current version 4 years ago
  Paul Wise 45ad38a328 Use https instead of http in URLs where possible. 6 years ago
  Paul Wise c262632a0a Change the Linux Counter URL to the new domain. 6 years ago
  Bill Allombert 1cf7e0203b Add changelog entries for Paul Wise patches 4 years ago
  Bill Allombert f4700b8f36 Release popularity-contest 1.65 4 years ago
  Bill Allombert a0427031e7 Move to debhelper v9 4 years ago
  Bill Allombert 239672f8ec Updated Standards-Version from 3.9.6 to 3.9.8. 4 years ago
  Bill Allombert fffccb3e24 debian/postinst: Improve generate_id() 4 years ago
  Bill Allombert 2fda474c11 debian/cron.daily: Fix typo encrytion -> encrtyption 4 years ago
  Bill Allombert 02c85bb47d Fix for Russian translation by Aлeкceй Шилин. 4 years ago
  Bill Allombert 4d6e0e11cd debian/cron.daily: keep /var/log/popularity-contest in clear text. 4 years ago
  Bill Allombert 232063346d popcon.pl: Add stretch version number 6 years ago
  Bill Allombert 9337dab3e6 Please note when reading stats that Stretch was released with 1.64 4 years ago
  KatolaZ 382c3aa2a8 staging version 1.64-5+devuan1.1 4 years ago
  KatolaZ 4e68e9bd52 Merged changes from jessie 4 years ago
  KatolaZ a435d7727d Merge branch 'suites/jessie' into experiments/ascii 4 years ago
  KatolaZ 00c1439535 staging version 1.61-4+devuan1.2 4 years ago
  KatolaZ af89d3b956 Correct keyring 4 years ago
  KatolaZ 4f565a4b4c staging version 1.61-4+devuan1.1 4 years ago
  KatolaZ d5d8152ef6 small changes in debian/control 4 years ago
  KatolaZ 2499d8f3f9 staging version 1.61-4+devuan1.1 4 years ago
  KatolaZ 917baa4826 some more rebranding 4 years ago
  KatolaZ 3f4838c813 replaced email address and key IDs where necessary 4 years ago
  Bill Allombert 864591a776 popanal.py use Packages.xz instead of Packages.gz. 5 years ago
  Daniel Reurich baa4f24996 Update changelog for 1.61-4+devuan release 5 years ago
  Daniel Reurich df6e5b6773 add git build dependency 5 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 1b3d2887d2 Update changelog for 1.64-4+devuan.ceres release 5 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 08f06cb568 add git build dependency 5 years ago