a tool to implement the autorelease cycle for devuan connecting gitlab repositories and issues with dak and jenkins
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Devuan Releasebot


This depends exclusively on following python 3.5+ libraries:

apt install python3-requests python3-jenkins python3-attr

For development you may want to use pipenv install --dev.


This project uses unittest for testing and is still WIP, please consider adding more test-cases to the tests module.

To run the tests, use:

python -m unittest

Of special interest are canonical examples of permissions handling and decision making in ReleaseBot.

WARNING: this is beta code written for internal use in Devuan,

do not use it if you don't know what you are doing.

If it will kill your cat, burn your house, cut your fingers or any other damage the authors will not responsable for anything.

Devuan Releasebot is a little python script to be launched by cron ( please, do not use systemd-crond for it, only "normal" crond! ) to autobuild devuan packages by communicating with both gitea and jenkins.

With the newer architecture it should be plausible to add different repository sources and build systems like GitLab or buildbot respectively