a tool to implement the autorelease cycle for devuan connecting gitlab repositories and issues with dak and jenkins
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import unittest
from tests.lib import ArgsMockup
class TestReleaseBoHelperClasses(unittest.TestCase):
def test_ReleaseBotCommand(self):
from releasebot import ReleaseBotCommand
cmd = ReleaseBotCommand(
name="Name", package="Package", labels=["cool", "stuff"]
self.assertEqual("Name", cmd.name)
self.assertEqual("Package", cmd.package)
self.assertEqual(["cool", "stuff"], cmd.labels)
def test_ReleaseBotRequester(self):
from releasebot import ReleaseBotRequester
req = ReleaseBotRequester(name="Name", is_admin=True)
self.assertEqual("Name", req.name)
self.assertEqual(True, req.is_admin)
self.assertEqual([], req.permissions)
req = ReleaseBotRequester(
name="Name2", is_admin=False, permissions=["contributor/Package"]
self.assertEqual("Name2", req.name)
self.assertEqual(False, req.is_admin)
self.assertEqual(["contributor/Package"], req.permissions)
def test_ReleaseBotTask(self):
from releasebot import GenericRepoStore, ReleaseBotTask
class RS(GenericRepoStore):
def __init__(self):
self.args = ArgsMockup()
def get_pending_tasks(self):
return []
def do_notify_task(self, task: ReleaseBotTask, message: str, resolve: bool):
self._message = message
self._resolve = resolve
rs = RS()
task = ReleaseBotTask(id="test", command=None, requester=None, repo_store=rs)
message = "Test Message"
self.assertEqual(message, rs._message)
self.assertEqual(False, rs._resolve)
rs = RS()
task = ReleaseBotTask(id="test2", command=None, requester=None, repo_store=rs)
message = "Test Message2"
task.notify(message, resolve=True)
self.assertEqual(message, rs._message)
self.assertEqual(True, rs._resolve)