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""" Unit test for reportbug.ui.gtk2_ui module """
import unittest
from nose.plugins.attrib import attr
from reportbug import utils
from reportbug.ui import gtk2_ui as ui
import debianbts
class TestUIGTK2(unittest.TestCase):
@attr('network') # marking the test as using network
def test_bug_class(self):
bug = debianbts.get_status(415801)[0]
gtk_bug = ui.Bug(bug)
self.assertEqual(bug.severity, gtk_bug.severity)
self.assertEqual(bug.package, gtk_bug.package)
self.assertEqual(bug.originator, gtk_bug.reporter)
for tag in bug.tags:
self.assertIn(tag, gtk_bug.tag)
for item in gtk_bug:
# These tests were written in the main module,
# moved here to see if they can be interested somehow,
# but to use them, we'd need to find a way to interact
# programmatically with the GTK+ widgets
# def test ():
# # Write some tests here
# print get_password ("test")
# print select_options ('test', 'A', {'a': 'A test'})
# print get_multiline ('ENTER', empty_ok=True)
# print get_string ("test")
# print system ("yes")
# page = HandleBTSQueryPage (assistant)
# application.run_once_in_main_thread (page.execute_operation, [('test', (Bug ('#123 [test] [we] we we Reported by: test;' ), Bug ('#123 [test] [we] we we Reported by: test;')))], 'test')
# return application.get_last_value ()