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  Sandro Tosi 2b254c96be complete manpage and example config file with all the accepted options 10 years ago
  Rafael Cunha de Almeida d2e4d1f6b4 Documentation on new mbox feature 11 years ago
  chaica 596bd9d87d Specify and explain the keyid parameter in the reportbug.conf file 12 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 3d3a87a975 - removed 'af' mail user agent, since it's no more in Debian; thanks to Carl 12 years ago
  Luca Bruno b92ef3b80c update frontends list in documentation. Closes: #522290 12 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 4acf117719 conf/reportbug.conf, debian/rules 12 years ago
  Chris Lawrence 8421598c56 Add changes from reportbug 3.39-0.1 13 years ago
  Chris Lawrence 38163e63e4 Correct example file. 17 years ago
  Chris Lawrence b189cc73b9 Document SMTP options (#274280) 17 years ago
  Chris Lawrence 701b9ea872 Remove obsolete entries from reportbug.conf 17 years ago
  Chris Lawrence a46d63d0d5 Add support for report-with: control field; misc 2.61 stuff. 17 years ago
  Chris Lawrence f5621a9569 Document that --smtphost accepts a PORT. 17 years ago
  Chris Lawrence 49443b5041 This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r3, 17 years ago