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  Sandro Tosi 783399e153 remove reference to BROWSER env variable, we use xdg-open; Closes: #690759 5 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 0e9dbb2d24 document http_proxy environment variable in querybts manpage; report and patch by Jakub Wilk; Closes: #800092 6 years ago
  Sandro Tosi cfd7206da5 introduce the new --latest-first cli options to sort the bug reports lists to show the latest bugs first; thanks to Marcelo Magallon for the bug report and the idea; Closes: #66917 10 years ago
  Rafael Cunha de Almeida d2e4d1f6b4 Documentation on new mbox feature 11 years ago
  Sandro Tosi cadcedb3f0 Added --timeout option, for a configurable network timeout 11 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 95cedf241b updated all the manpages to reflect the actual cli options accepted by reportbug and querybts, removing outdated information and also applying some stylistic changes; Closes: #559678 11 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 3ba94d9e22 removed NOTE about Python's getopt: both tools are now using optparse module to retrieve CLI parameters 11 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 71c972d25f added -b/--buglist option to display a bugs list for the given package; thanks to Andrew Ferrier for the report and Carl Chenet for the patch; Closes: #222621 12 years ago
  chaica ae16302ecd --mbox manages package names 12 years ago
  Luca Bruno b92ef3b80c update frontends list in documentation. Closes: #522290 12 years ago
  Sandro Tosi ddce2bd256 applied Luca's patches for GTK+ ui 13 years ago
  Sandro Tosi ab5a8c477b pre-merge: step 1: move to bin/ and man/ dir 13 years ago
  Chris Lawrence fc634b4276 Various cleanups for 3.39. 14 years ago
  Chris Lawrence 77830da9ea Various changes on the way to 3.12 16 years ago
  Chris Lawrence 49443b5041 This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r3, 17 years ago