15 Commits (master)

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  Sandro Tosi 64367ea6cb modify the bug script to cope with non-ascii characters; patch by Nis Martensen; Closes: #851322 4 years ago
  Nis Martensen 70f0e4a1d3 Update bug control file to binary package change 4 years ago
  Nis Martensen 4f18b2e984 Port bug script to python3 4 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 8e2b3dbe2c report PAGER environment variable when filing a bug against reportbug 6 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 16a0bc19c3 rename GNUS to Gnus; thanks to Tollef Fog Heen for the report and to Tomas Pospisek for the patch; Closes: #683325 7 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 569d39069d the correct name is Gnus, not GNUS; thanks to Tollef Fog Heen for the report; Closes: #683325 9 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 042b53ef37 report python-reportbug dependencies information when filing a bug against reportbug 10 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 5eedf2e4a2 Use debian-swirl.svg (copied from gnome-icon-theme to avoid the dep) in the desktop file; thanks to Sérgio Cipolla for the report; Closes: #632383 10 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 8af70aabab append a notice to every 'presubj' script shown in UI text that 'q' is probably the key to press to exit the pager (updating reportbug 'presubj' script to remove that notice); thanks to Chris Walker for the report; Closes: #488414 11 years ago
  Ansgar Burchardt 7bf78fa959 correct typo 11 years ago
  Sandro Tosi e09e19be33 clarified to not repot bugs against reportbug in case of GTK+ crashes 11 years ago
  Sandro Tosi a4cf8c353f specified the pager exit key doesn't apply to GTK+ UI; thanks to Éric Araujo for the report; Closes: 568196 11 years ago
  Sandro Tosi b321f8a514 MUA handling now done with a OO-style, reworked emacs integration to use emacsclient to reuse an existing emacs instance (if any); thanks to Dan Jacobson for the report and Håkon Stordahl for the patch; Closes: #367298 11 years ago
  Karl Goetz b39d2ae3fd Signed-off-by: Karl Goetz <karl.goetz@kgoetz.id.au> 11 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 0133b559fd clarified to include the reportbug output when reporting bug agains us; thanks for the suggestion to Reuben Thomas (from #532295) 12 years ago
  Sandro Tosi 4acf117719 conf/reportbug.conf, debian/rules 12 years ago