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KatolaZ ef63b02615 Added share/devuan-emblem.svg to replace share/debian-swirl.svg 4 years ago
control report python-reportbug dependencies information when filing a bug against reportbug 10 years ago
debian-swirl.svg Use debian-swirl.svg (copied from gnome-icon-theme to avoid the dep) in the desktop file; thanks to Sérgio Cipolla for the report; Closes: #632383 10 years ago
devuan-emblem.svg Devuan version of reportbug 6.6.3 -- first commit 4 years ago
handle_bugscript conf/reportbug.conf, debian/rules 12 years ago
presubj append a notice to every 'presubj' script shown in UI text that 'q' is probably the key to press to exit the pager (updating reportbug 'presubj' script to remove that notice); thanks to Chris Walker for the report; Closes: #488414 11 years ago
reportbug.el rename GNUS to Gnus; thanks to Tollef Fog Heen for the report and to Tomas Pospisek for the patch; Closes: #683325 7 years ago
script report PAGER environment variable when filing a bug against reportbug 6 years ago