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Sandro Tosi 192d0b2bc2 update .gitignore for python3-reportbug 4 years ago
bin Output user from address in human-readable format 4 years ago
conf complete manpage and example config file with all the accepted options 10 years ago
debian improve to the file and no longer hardcode the debian-swirl file location; patch by Boyuan Yang; Closes; #836253 4 years ago
doc grammar fixes/improvements; patch by Vilius Panevėžys; Closes: #811193 4 years ago
man manpage: fix order of email environment variables 4 years ago
reportbug gtk2_ui: suggest to install python3-gtkspellcheck 4 years ago
share modify the bug script to cope with non-ascii characters; patch by Nis Martensen; Closes: #851322 4 years ago
test extend test_bts848692() to include an address that requires formatting 4 years ago
.bzrignore Use a modular Makefile and python-nose to automate tests 13 years ago
.gitignore update .gitignore for python3-reportbug 4 years ago
Makefile run test with nose3 4 years ago
TODO we will use SOAP 11 years ago stop hardcoding .desktop icon 4 years ago