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#!/usr/bin/env python3
from setuptools import setup
import reportbug
import os
import glob
# i18n = []
# for lang in glob.glob('*.po'):
# lang = lang[:-3]
# if lang == 'messages':
# continue
# i18n.append( ('share/locale/%s/LC_MESSAGES' % lang,
# ['i18n/%s/LC_MESSAGES/' % lang]) )
setup(name='reportbug', version=reportbug.VERSION_NUMBER,
description='bug reporting tool',
author='reportbug maintainence team',
data_files=[('share/reportbug', ['share/handle_bugscript',
('share/bug/reportbug', ['share/presubj', 'share/script',
packages=['reportbug', 'reportbug.ui'],
scripts=['bin/reportbug', 'bin/querybts'])