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import unittest
from reportbug import utils
from reportbug import debbugs
from reportbug.bugreport import bugreport
from nose.plugins.attrib import attr
import debianbts
class TestBugreport(unittest.TestCase):
# TODO: differentiate for all possible cases? f.e. sysinfo True/False and then change if 'System Information' in self.text?
def test_bugreport(self):
self.body = 'test'
self.package = 'reportbug' = bugreport(package=self.package, body=self.body)
self.text =
self.assertIn(self.body, self.text)
self.assertIn(self.package, self.text)
self.assertIn(utils.NEWBIELINE, self.text)
# verify that for special packages, we don't add the report template
def test_bts643785(self):
for package in list(debbugs.SYSTEMS['debian'].get('specials', {}).keys()): = bugreport(package=package, mode=utils.MODE_NOVICE)
self.text =
self.assertNotIn(utils.NEWBIELINE, self.text)
@attr('network') # marking the test as using network
def test_followup(self):
self.body = 'test'
self.package = 'reportbug' = bugreport(package=self.package, body=self.body,
self.text =
self.assertIn('Followup-For: Bug #123456', self.text)
self.assertNotIn('Severity: ', self.text)
# test also a bugreport instance, and a datatype unconvertible to int
bug = debianbts.get_status(123456)[0] = bugreport(package=self.package, body=self.body,
self.text =
self.assertIn('Followup-For: Bug #123456', self.text)
self.assertNotIn('Severity: ', self.text)
with self.assertRaises(TypeError): = bugreport(package=self.package, body=self.body,
followup={'123456': 654321})