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#! /usr/bin/python
# -*- python -*-
# reportbug - Report a bug in the Debian distribution.
# Written by Chris Lawrence <>
# Copyright (C) 1999-2008 Chris Lawrence
# Copyright (C) 2008-2009 Sandro Tosi <>
# This program is freely distributable per the following license:
## Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
## documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted,
## provided that the above copyright notice appears in all copies and that
## both that copyright notice and this permission notice appear in
## supporting documentation.
# Version ##VERSION##; see changelog for revision history
# $Id: reportbug,v 2008-04-18 05:38:27 lawrencc Exp $
DEFAULT_BTS = 'debian'
import sys
import os
import optparse
import re
import locale
import commands
import rfc822
import gettext
import textwrap
from reportbug import utils
from reportbug import (
from reportbug.utils import (
from reportbug.tempfiles import (
from reportbug.exceptions import (
UINotImportable, UINotImplemented,
NoNetwork, NoPackage, NoBugs, NoReport,
from reportbug import submit
from reportbug import checkversions
from reportbug import debianbts
from reportbug import checkbuildd
import reportbug.ui.text_ui as ui
from reportbug.ui import (
#ui = getUI('text')
except IOError:
# Magic constant time
quietly = False
# Cheat for now.
# ewrite() may put stuff on the status bar or in message boxes depending on UI
def ewrite(*args):
return quietly or ui.log_message(*args)
def efail(*args):
# Lame message when we store a report as a temp file.
def stopmsg(filename):
'reportbug stopped; your incomplete report is stored as "%s".\n'
'This file may be located in a temporary directory; if so, it might '
'disappear without any further notice. To recover this file to use '
'it as bug report body, please take a look at the "-i FILE, '
'--include=FILE" option.\n', filename)
# Obscene hack :)
def system(cmdline):
x = os.getcwd()
except OSError:
def include_file_in_report(message, message_filename,
attachment_filenames, package_name,
include_filename, charset, inline=False):
""" Include a file in the report.
The current text of the message.
The current message filename.
List of current attachment filenames.
Name of the package for this report.
Full pathname of the file to be included.
If True, include the message inline with the message
text. Otherwise, add the file path to the attachments.
:return value:
Tuple (`message`, `message_filename`, `attachments`) of
values as modified during the process of including the new
if inline:
fp = open(include_filename)
message += '\n*** %s\n%s' % (
include_filename.decode(charset, 'replace'),, 'replace'))
fp, temp_filename = TempFile(
fp.write(message.encode(charset, 'replace'))
message_filename = temp_filename
except (IOError, OSError), exc:
ewrite('Unable to attach file %s\n%s\n',
include_filename, str(exc))
return (message, message_filename, attachment_filenames)
def handle_editing(filename, dmessage, options, sendto, attachments, package,
editor=None, charset='utf-8'):
if not editor:
editor = options.editor
editor = utils.which_editor(editor)
message = None
skip_editing = False
while True:
if not skip_editing:
(message, changed) = ui.spawn_editor(message or dmessage, filename,
editor, charset)
skip_editing = False
if not message:
x = ''
while x != 'y':
x = ui.select_options('Done editing', 'Ynq',
{'y': 'Continue (editing done).',
'n': "Don't continue yet.",
'q': 'Exit without sending report.'})
if x == 'q':
message = open(filename).read().decode(charset, 'replace')
changed = True
prompt = 'Submit this report on %s (e to edit)' % package
if options.kudos:
prompt = 'Send this message (e to edit)'
ewrite("Message will be sent to %s\n", sendto)
elif options.outfile:
ewrite("Report will be saved as %s\n", options.outfile)
ewrite("Report will be sent to %s\n", sendto)
if attachments:
for name in attachments:
ewrite(' %s\n', name)
subject ='^Subject: ', message, re.M | re.I)
if not subject:
ewrite('No subject found in message. Please edit again.\n')
menuopts = "Ynaceilmpq"
if not changed or not subject:
menuopts = "ynacEilmpq"
# cfr Debian BTS #293361
if package == 'wnpp':
for itp_line in debianbts.itp_template.rsplit('\n'):
# if the line is not empty and it's in the message the user wrote
if itp_line in message and itp_line != '':
ewrite("Wrong line: %s\n", itp_line)
menuopts = "Eq"
prompt = 'ERROR: you have composed an ITP with fields unchanged from the template; this will NOT be submitted. You should edit all fields so they contain correct values for your ITP (e to edit)'
x = ui.select_options(prompt, menuopts,
{'y': 'Submit the bug report via email.',
'n': "Don't submit the bug report; instead, "
"save it in a temporary file (exits reportbug).",
'q': "Save it in a temporary file and quit.",
'a': "Attach a file.",
'i': "Include a text file.",
'c': "Change editor and re-edit.",
'e': 'Re-edit the bug report.',
'l': 'Pipe the message through the pager.',
'p': 'Print message to stdout.',
'm': "Choose a mailer to edit the report."})
if x in ('a', 'i'):
invalid = True
while invalid:
if x == 'i':
attachfile = ui.get_filename('Choose a text file to include: ')
attachfile = ui.get_filename('Choose a file to attach: ')
if attachfile:
attachfile = os.path.expanduser(attachfile)
if os.access(attachfile, os.R_OK) and os.path.isfile(attachfile):
invalid = False
inline = (x == 'i')
(message, filename, attachments) = include_file_in_report(
message, filename, attachments, package,
attachfile, charset, inline=inline)
if not inline:
skip_editing = True
ewrite("Can't find %s to include!\n", attachfile)
elif x == 'c':
ed = ui.get_filename('Choose editor: ', default=options.editor)
if ed:
editor = ed
elif x == 'm':
mailers = [(x, '') for x in utils.MUA.keys()]
mailer ='Choose a mailer for your report', mailers,
'Select mailer: ', default='', empty_ok=True)
if mailer:
mailer = utils.MUA.get(mailer)
if mailer:
options.mua = mailer
skip_editing = True
elif x in ('n', 'q'):
elif x in ('l', 'p'):
skip_editing = True
if x == 'l':
pager = os.environ.get('PAGER', 'sensible-pager')
os.popen(pager, 'w').write(message.encode(charset, 'replace'))
sys.stdout.write(message.encode(charset, 'replace'))
elif x == 'y':
if message == dmessage:
x = ui.select_options(
'Report is unchanged. Edit this report or quit', 'Eqs',
{'q': "Don't submit the bug report; instead, save it "
"in a temporary file and quit.",
'e': 'Re-edit the bug report.',
's': 'Send report anyway.'})
if x == 'q':
elif x == 's':
ewrite('Sending empty report anyway...\n')
return open(filename).read()
def find_package_for(filename, notatty=False, pathonly=False):
ewrite("Finding package for '%s'...\n", filename)
(newfilename, packages) = utils.find_package_for(filename, pathonly)
if newfilename != filename:
filename = newfilename
ewrite("Resolved as '%s'.\n", filename)
if not packages:
ewrite("No packages match.\n")
return (filename, None)
elif len(packages) > 1:
packlist = packages.items()
if notatty:
print "Please re-run reportbug selecting one of these packages:"
for pkg, files in packlist:
print " "+pkg
packs = []
for pkg, files in packlist:
if len(files) > 3:
files[3:] = ['...']
packs.append( (pkg, ', '.join(files) ) )
package ="Multiple packages match: ", packs, 'Select one '
'of these packages: ', any_ok=True)
return (filename, package)
package = packages.keys()[0]
ewrite("Using package '%s'.\n", package)
return (filename, package)
def validate_package_name(package):
if not re.match(r'^[a-z0-9][a-z0-9\-\+\.]+$', package):
ui.long_message("%s is not a valid package name.", package)
package = None
return package
def get_other_package_name(others):
"""Displays the list of pseudo-packages and returns the one selected."""
result ="Please enter the name of the package in which you "
"have found a problem, or choose one of these bug "
"categories:", others, "Enter a package: ", any_ok=True,
if isinstance(result, basestring):
return result
return None
def get_package_name(bts='debian', mode=MODE_EXPERT):
others = debianbts.SYSTEMS[bts].get('otherpkgs')
prompt = "Please enter the name of the package in which you have found "\
"a problem"
if others:
prompt += ", or type 'other' to report a more general problem."
prompt += '.'
options = []
pkglist = commands.getoutput('apt-cache pkgnames')
if pkglist:
options += pkglist.split()
if others:
options += others.keys()
package = None
while package is None:
package = ui.get_string(prompt, options, force_prompt=True)
if not package:
if others and package and package == 'other':
package = get_other_package_name(others)
if not package:
package = validate_package_name(package)
if package in ('kernel', 'linux-image'):
ui.long_message("%s package has been removed, use linux-2.6 instead (replaced here automatically).", package)
package = 'linux-2.6'
if mode < MODE_STANDARD:
if package == 'reportbug':
if not ui.yes_no('Is "reportbug" actually the package you are '
'having problems with',
'Yes, I am actually experiencing a problem with '
'No, I really meant to file a bug report on '
'another package.'):
return get_package_name(bts, mode)
if mode < MODE_EXPERT:
if package in ('', 'debbugs'):
if ui.yes_no('Are you reporting a problem with this program '
'(reportbug)', 'Yes, this is actually a bug in '
'reportbug.', 'No, this is really a problem in the '
'bug tracking system itself.'):
package = 'reportbug'
if package in ('general', 'project', 'debian-general', 'base'):
if not ui.yes_no(
"Are you sure this bug doesn't apply to a specific package?",
'Yes, this bug is truly general.',
'No, this is not really a general bug.', False):
return get_package_name(bts, mode)
if package == 'wnpp':
if not ui.yes_no(
'Are you sure you want to file a WNPP report?',
'Yes, I am a developer or know what I\'m doing.',
'No, I am not a developer and I don\'t know what wnpp means.',
return get_package_name(bts, mode)
if package == '':
if not ui.yes_no(
'Are you sure you want to file a bug on',
'Yes, I am a developer or know what I\'m doing.',
'No, I am not a developer and I don\'t know what is.',
return get_package_name(bts, mode)
return package
def special_prompts(package, bts, ui, fromaddr):
prompts = debianbts.SYSTEMS[bts].get('specials')
if prompts:
pkgprompts = prompts.get(package)
if pkgprompts:
return pkgprompts(package, bts, ui, fromaddr)
def offer_configuration(options):
charset = locale.nl_langinfo(locale.CODESET)
# It would be nice if there were some canonical character set conversion
if charset.lower() == 'ansi_x3.4-1968':
charset = 'us-ascii'
ui.charset = charset
if not options.configure:
ui.long_message('Welcome to reportbug! Since it looks like this is '
'the first time you have used reportbug, we are '
'configuring its behavior. These settings will be '
'saved to the file "%s", which you will be free to '
'edit further.\n\n', utils.USERFILE)
mode ='Please choose the default operating mode for reportbug.',
utils.MODES, 'Select mode: ', options.mode,
interface =
'Please choose the default interface for reportbug.', AVAILABLE_UIS,
'Select interface: ', options.interface)
online = ui.yes_no('Will reportbug often have direct '
'Internet access? (You should answer yes to this '
'question unless you know what you are doing and '
'plan to check whether duplicate reports have been '
'filed via some other channel.)',
'Yes, reportbug should assume it has access to the '
'network always.',
'No, I am only online occasionally to send and '
'receive mail.',
default=(not options.offline))
def_realname, def_email = utils.get_email()
if options.realname:
realname = options.realname.encode(charset, 'replace')
realname = def_realname.encode(charset, 'replace')
except UnicodeDecodeError:
realname = ''
realname = ui.get_string('What real name should be used for sending bug '
'reports? [%s]' % realname, force_prompt=True)
if isinstance(realname, str):
realname = realname.decode(charset, 'replace')
from_addr = ui.get_string(
'Which of your email addresses should be used when sending bug '
'reports? (Note that this address will be visible in the bug tracking '
'system, so you may want to use a webmail address or another address '
'with good spam filtering capabilities.) [%s]' %
( or def_email), force_prompt=True)
stupidmode = not ui.yes_no(
'Do you have a "mail transport agent" (MTA) like Exim, Postfix or '
'SSMTP configured on this computer to send mail to the Internet?',
'Yes, I can run /usr/sbin/sendmail without horrible things happening. '
'If you can send email from this machine without setting an SMTP Host '
'in your mailer, you should choose this answer.',
'No, I need to use an SMTP Host or I don\'t know if I have an MTA.',
(not options.smtphost))
if stupidmode:
opts = []
if options.smtphost:
opts += [options.smtphost]
smtphost = ui.get_string(
'Please enter the name of your SMTP host. Usually it\'s called '
'something like "" or "". '
'Just press ENTER if you don\'t have one or don\'t know.',
options=opts, force_prompt=True)
if smtphost:
stupidmode = False
smtphost = ''
if smtphost:
smtpuser = ui.get_string(
('If you need to use a user name to send email via "%s" on your '
'computer, please enter that user name. Just press ENTER if you '
'don\'t need a user name.' % smtphost), force_prompt=True)
smtpuser = ''
if os.path.exists(utils.USERFILE):
os.rename(utils.USERFILE, utils.USERFILE+'~')
except OSError:
ewrite('Unable to rename %s as %s~\n', utils.USERFILE,
fd =, os.O_WRONLY|os.O_TRUNC|os.O_CREAT,
except OSError, x:
ui.long_message('Unable to save %s; most likely, you do not have a '
'home directory. Please fix this before using '
'reportbug again.\n', utils.USERFILE)
fp = os.fdopen(fd, 'w')
print >> fp, '# reportbug preferences file'
print >> fp, '# character encoding: %s' % charset
print >> fp, '# Version of reportbug this preferences file was written by'
print >> fp, 'reportbug_version "%s"' % VERSION_NUMBER
print >> fp, '# default operating mode: one of:',
print >> fp, ', '.join(utils.MODELIST)
print >> fp, 'mode %s' % mode
print >> fp, '# default user interface'
print >> fp, 'ui %s' % interface
print >> fp, '# offline setting - comment out to be online'
if not online:
print >> fp, 'offline'
print >> fp, '#offline'
print >> fp, '# name and email setting (if non-default)'
rn = 'realname "%s"'
em = 'email "%s"'
email_addy = (from_addr or or def_email)
email_name = (realname or options.realname or def_realname)
if email_name != def_realname:
print >> fp, rn % email_name.encode(charset, 'replace')
print >> fp, '# '+(rn % email_name.encode(charset, 'replace'))
if email_addy != def_email:
print >> fp, em % email_addy
print >> fp, '# '+(em % email_addy)
uid = os.getuid()
if uid < MIN_USER_ID:
print >> fp, '# Suppress user ID check for this user'
print >> fp, 'no-check-uid'
if smtphost:
print >> fp, '# Send all outgoing mail via the following host'
print >> fp, 'smtphost "%s"' % smtphost
if smtpuser:
print >> fp, 'smtpuser "%s"' % smtpuser
print >> fp, '#smtppasswd "my password here"'
print >> fp, '# If you need to enter a user name and password:'
print >> fp, '#smtpuser "my username here"'
print >> fp, '#smtppasswd "my password here"'
if stupidmode:
print >> fp, '# Disable fallback mode by commenting out the following:'
print >> fp, 'no-cc'
print >> fp, 'header "X-Debbugs-CC: %s"' % email_addy
print >> fp, 'smtphost'
print >> fp, '# If nothing else works, remove the # at the beginning'
print >> fp, '# of the following three lines:'
print >> fp, '#no-cc'
print >> fp, '#header "X-Debbugs-CC: %s"' % email_addy
print >> fp, '#smtphost'
print >> fp, '# You can add other settings after this line. See'
print >> fp, '# /etc/reportbug.conf for a full listing of options.'
ui.final_message('Default preferences file written. To reconfigure, '
're-run reportbug with the "--configure" option.\n')
def verify_option(option, opt, value, parser, *args):
heading, valid = args
if value == 'help':
ewrite('%s:\n %s\n' % (heading, '\n '.join(valid)))
elif value in valid:
setattr(parser.values, option.dest, value)
ewrite('Ignored bogus setting for %s: %s\n' % (opt, value))
def verify_append_option(option, opt, value, parser, *args):
heading, valid = args
if value == 'help':
ewrite('%s:\n %s\n' % (heading, '\n '.join(valid)))
elif value in valid:
getattr(parser.values, option.dest).append(value)
except AttributeError:
setattr(parser.values, option.dest, [value])
ewrite('Ignored bogus setting for %s: %s\n' % (opt, value))
def main():
global quietly, ui
locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, '')
except locale.Error, x:
print >> sys.stderr, '*** Warning:', x
charset = locale.nl_langinfo(locale.CODESET)
# It would be nice if there were some canonical character set conversion
if charset.lower() == 'ansi_x3.4-1968':
charset = 'us-ascii'
defaults = dict(sendto="submit", mode="novice", mta="/usr/sbin/sendmail",
check_available=True, query_src=True, debconf=True,
editor='', offline=False, verify=True, check_uid=True,
testmode=False, attachments=[], keyid='', body=None,
bodyfile=None, smtptls=False, smtpuser='', smtppasswd='',
if not sys.stdin.isatty():
defaults.update({ 'dontquery' : True, 'notatty' : True,
'printonly' : True })
# Convention: consider `' names read-only; they always contain
# the original value as determined by the cascade of command-line options
# and configuration files. When we need to adjust a value, we first say
# "foo =" and then refer to just `foo'.
args = utils.parse_config_files()
for option, arg in args.items():
if option in utils.CONFIG_ARGS:
if isinstance(arg, unicode):
arg = arg.encode(charset, 'replace')
defaults[option] = arg
sys.stderr.write('Warning: untranslated token "%s"\n' % option)
parser = optparse.OptionParser(
usage='%prog [options] <package | filename>', version=VERSION)
parser.add_option('-c', '--no-config-files', action="store_true",
dest='noconf', help='do not include conffiles in report')
parser.add_option('-C', '--class', action='callback', type='string',
callback=verify_option, dest="klass", metavar='CLASS',
callback_args=('Permitted report classes:',
help='specify report class for GNATS BTSes')
parser.add_option('-d', '--debug', action='store_true', default=False,
dest='debugmode', help='send report only to yourself')
parser.add_option('--test', action="store_true", default=False,
help="operate in test mode (maintainer use only)")
parser.add_option('-e', '--editor', dest='editor',
help='specify an editor for your report')
parser.add_option('-f', '--filename', dest='searchfor',
help='file to search for')
parser.add_option('--path', dest='pathonly', action="store_true",
default=False, help='only search the path with -f')
parser.add_option('-g', '--gnupg', '--gpg', action='store_const',
dest='sign', const='gpg',
help='sign report with GNU Privacy Guard')
parser.add_option('-G', '--gnus', action='store_const', dest='mua',
help='send the report using GNUS')
parser.add_option('--pgp', action='store_const', dest='sign',
const='pgp', help='sign report with PGP')
parser.add_option('-K', '--keyid', type="string", dest="keyid",
help="key ID to use for PGP/GnuPG signatures")
parser.add_option('-H', '--header', action='append', dest='headers',
help='add a custom RFC822 header to your report')
parser.add_option('-P', '--pseudo-header', action='append', dest='pseudos',
help='add a custom pseudo-header to your report')
parser.add_option('--license', action='store_true', default=False,
help='show copyright and license information')
parser.add_option('-m', '--maintonly', action='store_const',
dest='sendto', const='maintonly',
help='send the report to the maintainer only')
parser.add_option('-M', '--mutt', action='store_const', dest='mua',
help='send the report using mutt')
parser.add_option('--mirror', action='append', help='add a BTS mirror',
parser.add_option('-a', '--af', action='store_const', dest='mua',
help='send the report using af')
parser.add_option('-n', '--mh', '--nmh', action='store_const', dest='mua',
help='send the report using mh/nmh',
parser.add_option('--mua', dest='mua',
help='send the report using the specified mailer')
parser.add_option('--mta', dest='mta', help='send the report using the '
'specified mail transport agent')
parser.add_option('--list-cc', action='append', dest='listcc',
help='send a copy to the specified address')
parser.add_option('-p', '--print', action='store_true', dest='printonly',
help='output the report to standard output only')
parser.add_option('--report-quiet', action='store_const', dest='sendto',
const='quiet', help='file report without any mail to '
'the maintainer or tracking lists')
parser.add_option('-q', '--quiet', action='store_true', dest='quietly',
help='reduce the verbosity of the output', default=False)
parser.add_option('-s', '--subject', help='the subject for your report')
parser.add_option('-x', '--no-cc', dest='nocc', action='store_true',
help='do not send a copy of the report to yourself')
parser.add_option('-z', '--no-compress', dest='nocompress',
action='store_true', help='do not strip blank lines '
'and comments from config files')
parser.add_option('-o', '--output', dest='outfile', help='output the '
'report to the specified file')
parser.add_option('-O', '--offline', help='disable all external queries',
parser.add_option('-i', '--include', action='append',
help='include the specified file in the report')
parser.add_option('-A', '--attach', action='append', dest='attachments',
help='attach the specified file to the report')
parser.add_option('-b', '--no-query-bts', action='store_true',
dest='dontquery',help='do not query the BTS for reports')
parser.add_option('--query-bts', action='store_false', dest='dontquery',
help='query the BTS for reports')
parser.add_option('-T', '--tag', action='callback', dest='tags',
callback=verify_append_option, type='string',
callback_args=('Permitted tags:',
help='add the specified tag to the report')
parser.add_option('--http_proxy', '--proxy', help='use this proxy for '
'HTTP accesses')
parser.add_option('--email', help='specify originating email address')
parser.add_option('--realname', help='specify real name for your report')
parser.add_option('--smtphost', help='specify SMTP server for mailing')
parser.add_option('--tls', help='use TLS to talk to SMTP servers',
dest="smtptls", action='store_true')
parser.add_option('--smtpuser', help='username to use for SMTP')
parser.add_option('--smtppasswd', help='password to use for SMTP')
parser.add_option('--replyto', '--reply-to', help='specify Reply-To '
'address for your report')
parser.add_option('--query-source', action='store_true', dest='query_src',
help='query on source packages, not binary packages')
parser.add_option('--no-query-source', action='store_false',
dest='query_src', help='query on binary packages only')
parser.add_option('--debconf', action='store_true',
help='include debconf settings in your report')
parser.add_option('--no-debconf', action='store_false', dest='debconf',
help='exclude debconf settings from your report')
parser.add_option('-j', '--justification', help='include justification '
'for the severity of your report')
parser.add_option('-V', '--package-version', dest='pkgversion',
help='specify the version number for the package')
parser.add_option('-u', '--interface', '--ui', action='callback',
callback=verify_option, type='string', dest='interface',
callback_args=('Valid user interfaces',
help='choose which user interface to use')
parser.add_option('-Q', '--query-only', action='store_true',
dest='queryonly', help='only query the BTS')
parser.add_option('-t', '--type', action='callback', dest='type',
callback=verify_option, type='string',
callback_args=('Valid types of report:',
('gnats', 'debbugs')),
help='choose the type of report to file')
parser.add_option('-B', '--bts', action='callback', dest='bts',
callback=verify_option, type='string',
callback_args=('Valid bug tracking systems',
help='choose BTS to file the report with')
parser.add_option('-S', '--severity', action='callback',
callback=verify_option, type='string', dest='severity',
callback_args=('Valid severities', debianbts.SEVLIST),
help='identify the severity of the report')
parser.add_option('--template', action='store_true',
help='output a template report only')
parser.add_option('--configure', action='store_true',
help='reconfigure reportbug for this user')
parser.add_option('--check-available', action='store_true',
help='check for new releases at')
parser.add_option('--no-check-available', action='store_false',
dest='check_available', help='do not check for new '
parser.add_option('--mode', action='callback', help='choose the operating '
'mode for reportbug', callback=verify_option,
type='string', dest='mode',
callback_args=('Permitted operating modes',
parser.add_option('-v', '--verify', action='store_true', help='verify '
'integrity of installed package using debsums')
parser.add_option('--no-verify', action='store_false', dest='verify',
help='do not verify package installation')
parser.add_option('-k', '--kudos', action='store_true', default=False,
help='send appreciative email to the maintainer, rather '
'than filing a bug report')
parser.add_option('--check-installed', action='store_true',
dest='querydpkg', help='check whether the specified '
'package is installed when filing a report (default)')
parser.add_option('--body', dest="body", type="string",
help="specify the body for the report as a string")
parser.add_option('--body-file', '--bodyfile', dest="bodyfile",
help="use the specified file as the body of the report")
parser.add_option('-I', '--no-check-installed', action='store_false',
default=True, dest='querydpkg',
help='don\'t check whether the package is installed')
parser.add_option('--exit-prompt', action='store_true', dest='exitprompt',
help='prompt before exiting')
parser.add_option('--paranoid', action='store_true', dest='paranoid',
help='show contents of message before sending')
parser.add_option('--no-paranoid', action='store_false', dest='paranoid',
help='don\'t show contents of message before sending '
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
# Load the interface, *before* the configuration step.
sys.argv = sys.argv[:1] + list(args)
if options.interface:
interface = options.interface
iface = '%(interface)s_ui' % vars()
lib_package = __import__('reportbug.ui', fromlist=[iface])
ui = getattr(lib_package, iface)
except UINotImportable, msg:
ui.long_message('*** Unable to import %s interface: %s '
'Falling back to text interface.\n',
interface, msg)
ui.initialize ()
submit.ui = ui
# Add INTERFACE as an environment variable to access it from the
# script gathering the special information for reportbug, when
# a new bug should be filed against it.
os.environ['INTERFACE'] = interface
iface = UI(options, args)
if not hasattr(ui, 'run_interface'):
return iface.user_interface()
return ui.run_interface(iface.user_interface)
class UI(object):
def __init__(self, options, args):
self.options = options
self.args = args
def user_interface(self):
body = ''
filename = None
notatty = not ui.ISATTY
charset = locale.nl_langinfo(locale.CODESET)
# It would be nice if there were some canonical character set conversion
if charset.lower() == 'ansi_x3.4-1968':
charset = 'us-ascii'
# Allow the UI to know what charset we're using
ui.charset = charset
if self.options.configure:
elif self.options.license:
# These option values may get adjusted below, so give them a variable name.
sendto = self.options.sendto
check_available = self.options.check_available
dontquery = self.options.dontquery
headers = self.options.headers or []
pseudos = self.options.pseudos or []
mua = self.options.mua
pkgversion = self.options.pkgversion
quietly = self.options.quietly
severity = self.options.severity
smtphost = self.options.smtphost
subject = self.options.subject
bts = self.options.bts or 'debian'
sysinfo = debianbts.SYSTEMS[bts]
rtype = self.options.type or sysinfo.get('type')
attachments = self.options.attachments
pgp_addr = self.options.keyid
if self.options.body:
body = textwrap.fill(self.options.body)
elif self.options.bodyfile:
body = open(self.options.bodyfile).read()
ewrite('Unable to read body from file %s.\n', self.options.bodyfile)
if body and not body.endswith('\n'):
body += '\n'
if self.options.queryonly:
check_available = False
if self.options.offline:
check_available = False
dontquery = True
if self.options.tags:
taglist = self.options.tags
if 'none' in taglist:
taglist = []
taglist = []
if self.options.testmode:
self.options.debugmode = True
self.options.tags = ['none']
check_available = False
dontquery = True
severity = 'normal'
subject = 'testing'
taglist = []
interactive = True
if self.options.template:
check_available = interactive = False
dontquery = quietly = notatty = True
mua = smtphost = None
severity = severity or 'wishlist'
subject = subject or 'none'
taglist = taglist or []
if self.options.outfile or self.options.printonly:
mua = smtphost = None
if smtphost and smtphost.lower() == '':
ui.long_message('*** Warning: is no longer an appropriate smtphost setting for reportbug; please update your .reportbugrc file.\n')
smtphost = ''
if smtphost and smtphost.lower() == '':
ui.long_message('*** Warning: is no longer an appropriate smtphost setting for reportbug; please update your .reportbugrc file.\n')
smtphost = ''
if attachments and mua:
ewrite('Attachments are incompatible with using an MUA. They will be ignored.\n')
attachments = []
if utils.first_run():
if not self.args:
ewrite('Warning: no reportbug configuration found. Proceeding in %s mode.\n' % self.options.mode)
mode = utils.MODELIST.index(self.options.mode)
# Disable signatures when in printonly or mua mode
# (since they'll be bogus anyway)
sign = self.options.sign
if (self.options.mua or self.options.printonly) and sign:
sign = ''
if self.options.mua:
ewrite('The signature option is ignored when using an MUA.\n')
elif self.options.printonly:
ewrite('The signature option is ignored when producing a template.\n')
uid = os.getuid()
if uid < MIN_USER_ID:
if notatty and not uid:
ewrite("reportbug will not run as root non-interactively.\n")
if not uid or self.options.check_uid:
if not uid:
message = "Running 'reportbug' as root is probably insecure!"
message = "Running 'reportbug' as an administrative user "\
"is probably not a good idea!"
message += ' Continue'
if not ui.yes_no(message, 'Continue with reportbug.', 'Exit.',
ewrite("reportbug stopped.\n")
if (utils.first_run() and not self.args):
ewrite('To report a bug, please rerun reportbug.\n')
foundfile = None
package = None
if not len(self.args) and not self.options.searchfor and not notatty:
package = get_package_name(bts, mode)
elif len(self.args) > 1:
ewrite("Please report one bug at a time.\n")
ewrite("[Did you forget to put all switches before the "
"package name?]\n")
elif self.options.searchfor:
(foundfile, package) = find_package_for(self.options.searchfor, notatty,
elif len(self.args):
package = self.args[0]
if package and package.startswith('/'):
(foundfile, package) = find_package_for(package, notatty)
others = debianbts.SYSTEMS[bts].get('otherpkgs')
if package == 'other' and others:
package = get_other_package_name(others)
if package in ('kernel', 'linux-image'):
ui.long_message("%s package has been removed, use linux-2.6 instead (replaced here automatically).", package)
package = 'linux-2.6'
if not package:
efail("No package specified; stopping.\n")
tfprefix = tempfile_prefix(package)
if self.options.interface == 'text':
ewrite('*** Welcome to reportbug. Use ? for help at prompts. ***\n')
blah = u'hello'.encode(charset)
except LookupError:
'Unable to use specified character set "%s"; you probably need '
'either cjkcodecs (for users of Asian locales) or iconvcodec '
'installed.\nFalling back to ASCII encoding.\n', charset)
charset = 'us-ascii'
ewrite("Detected character set: %s\n"
"Please change your locale if this is incorrect.\n\n", charset)
fromaddr = utils.get_user_id(, self.options.realname, charset)
ewrite("Using '%s' as your from address.\n", fromaddr.encode(charset, 'replace'))
fromaddr = fromaddr.encode('utf-8')
if self.options.debugmode:
sendto = fromaddr
edname = utils.which_editor(self.options.editor)
baseedname = os.path.basename(edname)
if baseedname == 'sensible-editor':
edname = utils.realpath('/usr/bin/editor')
if not notatty and 'vi' in baseedname and mode < MODE_STANDARD and \
'EDITOR' not in os.environ:
if not ui.yes_no('You appear to be using the "vi" editor, which is '
'not suited for new users. You probably want to '
'change this setting by using "update-alternatives '
'--config editor" as root. (You can bypass this '
'message in the future by using reportbug in '
'"standard" mode or higher.) '
'Do you want to continue?',
'Continue filing this report.',
'Stop reportbug to change editors.', False):
ewrite('Exiting per user request.\n')
incfiles = u""
if self.options.include:
for f in self.options.include:
if os.path.exists(f):
fp = open(f)
incfiles = u'%s\n*** %s\n%s' % (
incfiles, f.decode('utf-8', 'replace'),'utf-8', 'replace'))
ewrite("Can't find %s to include!\n", f)
incfiles += '\n'
pkgavail = maintainer = origin = src_name = state = ''
depends = []
recommends = []
suggests = []
conffiles = []
reportinfo = None
isvirtual = (package in sysinfo.get('otherpkgs', {}).keys() and
package not in sysinfo.get('nonvirtual', []))
issource = installed = usedavail = False
status = None
if not pkgversion and self.options.querydpkg and \
sysinfo.get('query-dpkg', True):
ewrite("Getting status for %s...\n", package)
status = utils.get_package_status(package)
pkgavail, installed = status[1], status[6]
# Packages that only exist to do weird dependency things
deppkgs = sysinfo.get('deppkgs')
if pkgavail and deppkgs:
if installed and package in deppkgs:
depends = status[2]
if depends:
newdepends = []
for x in depends:
depends = newdepends
if len(depends) == 1:
if mode < MODE_ADVANCED:
ewrite('Dependency package "%s" corresponds to '
'actual package "%s".\n', package, depends[0])
package = depends[0]
opts = [(x,
(utils.get_package_status(x)[11] or
'not installed')) for x in depends]
if mode >= MODE_ADVANCED:
opts += [(package,
status[11]+' (dependency package)')]
package ='%s is a dependency package. '
'Which of the following '
'packages is the bug in?' % package,
'Select one of these packages: ')
ewrite("Getting status for %s...\n", package)
status = utils.get_package_status(package)
pkgavail, installed = status[1], status[6]
if not pkgavail and not isvirtual:
# Look for a matching source package
packages = utils.get_source_package(package)
if len(packages) > 0:
src = package
if len(packages) and not notatty:
if src not in [x[0] for x in packages]:
packages.append( (src, 'Source package') )
if len(packages) > 1:
package =
'Which of the following packages is the bug in?',
packages, empty_ok=True,
prompt='Select one of these packages: ')
package = packages[0][0]
if not package:
efail("No package specified; stopping.\n")
if package != src:
ewrite("Getting status for %s...\n", package)
status = utils.get_package_status(package)
pkgavail, installed = status[1], status[6]
elif len(packages) > 1:
issource = True
ewrite('No matching source or binary packages.\n')
if (not installed and not isvirtual and not issource) and not notatty:
packages = utils.packages_providing(package)
tmp = pack = None
if not packages:
if ui.yes_no(
'A package named "%s" does not appear to be installed; do '
'you want to search for a similar-looking filename in '
'an installed package' % package,
'Look for a file with a similar filename.',
'Continue filing with this package name.', True):
pkgavail = False
pack = package
packages = [(package, '')]
ewrite("Getting available info for %s...\n", package)
status = utils.get_package_status(package, avail=True)
check_available = False
usedavail = True
if not packages and not pkgavail and not pack:
(tmp, pack) = find_package_for(package, notatty)
if pack:
status = None
if not ui.yes_no(
"A package named '%s' does not appear to be installed "
"on your system; however, '%s' contains a file named "
"'%s'. Do you want to file your report on the "
"package reportbug found" % (package, pack, tmp),
'Yes, use the package specified.',
'No, give up the search.'):
efail("Package not installed; stopping.\n")
if not status and pack:
foundfile, package = tmp, pack
ewrite("Getting status for %s...\n", package)
status = utils.get_package_status(package)
elif not packages:
if not ui.yes_no(
'This package does not appear to be installed; continue '
'with this report', 'Ignore this problem and continue.',
'Exit without filing a report.', False):
efail("Package not installed; stopping.\n")
elif (len(packages) > 1) or (packages[0][0] != package):
this_package = [(package, 'Uninstalled/non-existent package')]
package ='Which of the following installed packages '
'is the bug in?', packages + this_package,
'Select one of these packages: ',
if not package:
efail("No package specified; stopping.\n")
ewrite("Getting status for %s...\n", package)
status = utils.get_package_status(package)
elif not pkgavail and not notatty and not isvirtual and not issource:
if not ui.yes_no(
'This package does not appear to exist; continue',
'Ignore this problem and continue.',
'Exit without filing a report.', False):
efail("Package does not exist; stopping.\n")
(pkgversion, pkgavail, depends, recommends, conffiles, maintainer,
installed, origin, vendor, reportinfo, priority, desc, src_name,
fulldesc, state, suggests) = status
buginfo = '/usr/share/bug/' + package
bugexec = submitas = submitto = presubj = None
reportwith = []
supplemental = []
if os.path.isfile(buginfo) and os.access(buginfo, os.X_OK):
bugexec = buginfo
elif os.path.isdir(buginfo):
if os.path.isfile(buginfo+'/script') and os.access(buginfo+'/script', os.X_OK):
bugexec = buginfo+'/script'
if os.path.isfile(buginfo+'/presubj'):
presubj = buginfo+'/presubj'
if os.path.isfile(buginfo+'/control'):
submitas, submitto, reportwith, supplemental = \
elif os.path.isfile('/usr/share/bug/default/'+package) \
and os.access('/usr/share/bug/default/'+package, os.X_OK):
bugexec = '/usr/share/bug/default/'+package
elif os.path.isdir('/usr/share/bug/default/'+package):
buginfo = '/usr/share/bug/default/'+package
if os.path.isfile(buginfo+'/script') and os.access(buginfo+'/script',
bugexec = buginfo+'/script'
if os.path.isfile(buginfo+'/presubj'):
presubj = buginfo+'/presubj'
if os.path.isfile(buginfo+'/control'):
submitas, submitto, reportwith, supplemental = \
if submitas and (submitas not in reportwith):
reportwith += [submitas]
if reportwith:
# Remove current package from report-with list
reportwith = [x for x in reportwith if x != package]
if (pkgavail and self.options.verify and os.path.exists('/usr/bin/debsums')
and not (notatty or self.options.kudos) and state == 'installed'):
ewrite('Verifying package integrity...\n')
rc, output = commands.getstatusoutput('/usr/bin/debsums -s'+
if rc:
if not ui.yes_no(
'There may be a problem with your installation of '+package+
';\nthe following files appear to be missing or changed:\n'+
output+'\nDo you still want to file a report',
'Ignore this problem and continue. This may be '
'appropriate if you have fixed the package manually already. '
'This problem may also result from the use of localepurge.',
'Exit without filing a report.', False, nowrap=True):
efail("Package integrity check failed; stopping.\n")
if not pkgversion or usedavail or (not pkgavail and
not self.options.pkgversion):
if not (isvirtual or notatty):
pkgversion = ui.get_string('Please enter the version of the '
'package this report applies to '
'(blank OK)', force_prompt=True)
elif (check_available and not (self.options.kudos or notatty or self.options.offline)
and state == 'installed' and bts == 'debian'):
arch = utils.get_arch()
check_more = (mode > MODE_STANDARD)
if check_more:
ewrite('Checking for newer versions at,'+
' and\n')
ewrite('Checking for newer versions at\n')
(avail, toonew) = checkversions.check_available(
package, pkgversion, check_incoming=check_more,
http_proxy=self.options.http_proxy, arch=arch)
if toonew:
if not ui.yes_no(
'\nYour version of %s (%s) is newer than that in Debian!\n'
'Do you still want to file a report' % (package, pkgversion),
'Ignore this problem and continue. This may be '
'appropriate if you know this bug is present in older '
'releases of the package, or you\'re running a mixed '
'stable/testing installation.',
'Exit without filing a report.', False):
efail("Newer released version; stopping.\n")
if avail:
availtext = ''
availlist = avail.keys()
for rel in availlist:
availtext += ' %s: %s\n' % (rel, avail[rel])
if not ui.yes_no(
('\nYour version (%s) of %s appears to be out of date.\nThe '
'following newer release(s) are available in the Debian '
'archive:\n' % (pkgversion, package))+availtext+
'Do you still want to file a report',
'Ignore this problem and continue. This may be '
'appropriate if you know this bug is still present in more '
'recent releases of the package.',
'Exit without filing a report.', False, nowrap=True):
efail("Newer released version; stopping.\n")
if self.options.bts:
bts = self.options.bts
ewrite("Will send report to %s (per request).\n",
debianbts.SYSTEMS[bts].get('name', bts))
elif origin:
if origin.lower() == bts:
ewrite("Package originates from %s.\n", vendor or origin)
reportinfo = None
elif origin.lower() in debianbts.SYSTEMS.keys():
ewrite("Package originates from %s; overriding your system "
"selection.\n", vendor or origin)
bts = origin.lower()
sysinfo = debianbts.SYSTEMS[bts]
elif reportinfo:
ewrite("Unknown origin %s; will send to %s.\n", origin,
rtype, submitto = reportinfo
elif submitto:
ewrite("Unknown origin %s; will send to %s.\n", origin, submitto)
ewrite("Unknown origin %s; will send to %s.\n", origin, bts)
elif reportinfo:
rtype, submitto = reportinfo
ewrite("Will use %s protocol talking to %s.\n", rtype, submitto)
dontquery = True
lsbr = commands.getoutput('lsb_release -si 2>/dev/null')
if lsbr:
distro = lsbr.strip().lower()
if distro in debianbts.SYSTEMS:
bts = distro
ewrite("Will send report to %s (per lsb_release).\n",
debianbts.SYSTEMS[bts].get('name', bts))
if rtype == 'mailto':
rtype = 'debbugs'
dontquery = True
special = False
if not body and not subject and not notatty:
res = special_prompts(package, bts, ui, fromaddr)
if res:
(subject, severity, h, ph, body, query) = res
headers += h
pseudos += ph
if not query:
dontquery = True
special = True
exinfo = None
if not (dontquery or notatty or self.options.kudos):
pkg, src = package, issource
if self.options.query_src:
src = True
if src_name:
pkg = src_name
exinfo = ui.handle_bts_query(pkg, bts, self.options.mirrors,
except UINotImplemented:
exinfo = None
except NoNetwork:
except NoPackage:
if not self.options.queryonly and maintainer and ui.yes_no(
'There is no record of this package in the bug tracking '
'system.\nSend report directly to maintainer',
'Send the report to the maintainer (%s).' % maintainer,
'Send the report to the BTS anyway.'):
rtype = 'debbugs'
sendto = maintainer
except NoBugs:
ewrite('No bug reports found.\n')
except NoReport:
if self.options.queryonly:
ewrite('Exiting at user request.\n')
ewrite('Nothing new to report; exiting.\n')
if self.options.queryonly and not exinfo:
ccaddr = os.environ.get('MAILCC')
if self.options.nocc:
bccaddr = os.environ.get('MAILBCC')
bccaddr = os.environ.get('MAILBCC', fromaddr)
if maintainer:
mstr = u"Maintainer for %s is '%s'.\n" % (package, maintainer)
ewrite(mstr.encode(charset, 'replace'))
if '' in maintainer:
This package is currently "orphaned"; if you are a current or prospective
Debian developer, you might consider adopting it. Please be aware that your
report may not be resolved for a while, and that packages that have been
orphaned for a long period of time are often removed from the archive.\n''')
ui.ewrite('\nFor more details, please see:\n')
if self.options.kudos:
sendto = '' % package
depinfo = ""
# Grab dependency list, removing version conditions.
if (depends or recommends or suggests) and not self.options.kudos:
ewrite("Looking up dependencies of %s...\n", package)
depinfo = (utils.get_dependency_info(package, depends) +
utils.get_dependency_info(package, recommends, "recommends") +
utils.get_dependency_info(package, suggests, "suggests"))
if reportwith and not self.options.kudos:
for extrapackage in reportwith:
ewrite("Getting status for related package %s...\n", extrapackage)
extrastatus = utils.get_package_status(extrapackage)
if extrastatus[2]:
extradepends = [x for x in extrastatus[2] if package not in x]
ewrite("Looking up dependencies of related package %s...\n", extrapackage)
depinfo += utils.get_dependency_info(extrapackage, extradepends)
if supplemental and not self.options.kudos:
ewrite("Looking up status of additional packages...\n")
depinfo += utils.get_dependency_info(
package, [[x] for x in supplemental], rel='is related to')
confinfo = []
if conffiles and not self.options.kudos:
ewrite("Getting changed configuration files...\n")
confinfo, changed = utils.get_changed_config_files(
conffiles, nocompress)
if self.options.noconf and changed:
for f in changed:
confinfo[f] = 'changed [not included]'
elif changed and not notatty:
while 1:
x = ui.select_self.options(
"*** WARNING: The following configuration files have been "
"modified:\n"+ "\n".join(changed)+
"\nSend modified configuration files", 'Ynd',
{'y':'Send your modified configuration files.',
'n':"Don't send modified configuration files.",
'd':'Display modified configuration files.'})
if x == 'n':
for f in changed:
confinfo[f] = 'changed [not included]'
elif x == 'd':
PAGER = os.environ.get('PAGER', '/usr/bin/sensible-pager')
system(PAGER+' '+' '.join(changed))
conftext = u''
if confinfo:
conftext = u'\n-- Configuration Files:\n'
files = confinfo.keys()
for f in files:
conftext = conftext + u'%s %s\n' % (f, confinfo[f])
if (self.options.debconf and os.path.exists('/usr/bin/debconf-show') and
not self.options.kudos and installed):
showpkgs = package
if reportwith:
showpkgs += ' ' + ' '.join(reportwith)
(status, output) = commands.getstatusoutput(
'/usr/bin/debconf-show %s' % showpkgs )
if status:
conftext += '\n-- debconf-show failed\n'
elif output:
output = output.decode('utf-8', 'replace')
outstr = output.encode(charset, 'replace')
if (notatty or ui.yes_no(
"*** The following debconf settings were detected:\n"
+outstr+"\nInclude these settings in your report",
'Send your debconf settings.',
"Don't send your debconf settings.", nowrap=True)):
conftext += u'\n-- debconf information:\n%s\n' % output
conftext += u'\n-- debconf information excluded\n'
conftext += u'\n-- no debconf information\n'
prompted = False
if interactive and not (self.options.kudos or exinfo) and presubj:
if self.options.kudos:
subject = subject or ('Thanks for packaging %s!' % package)
elif exinfo:
if special:
body = ''
prompted = True
subject = ui.get_string(
'Please provide a subject for your response; no subject will '
'stop reportbug.', force_prompt=True)
# Check to make sure the bug still exists to avoid auto-reopens
if subject and pkgversion:
if not ui.yes_no('Does this bug still exist in version %s '
'of this package?' % pkgversion,
'Yes, it does.',
'No, it doesn\'t (or I don\'t know).',
pkgversion = None
elif not subject and not notatty:
prompted = True
subject = ui.get_string(
'Please briefly describe your problem (you can elaborate in '
'a moment; an empty response will stop reportbug). This will '
'be the bug email subject, so write a concise summary of what '
'is wrong with the package, for example, "fails to send email" '
'or "does not start with -q option specified."', force_prompt=True)
if not subject:
efail("No subject specified; stopping.\n")
if len(subject) > 100 and prompted and mode < MODE_EXPERT:
subject = ui.get_string(
'Your description is a bit long; please enter a shorter subject. '
'(An empty response will retain the existing subject.)',
force_prompt=True) or subject
if package != 'wnpp' and prompted and mode < MODE_EXPERT:
if foundfile:
subject = foundfile + ": " + subject
ewrite("Rewriting subject to '%s'\n", subject)
elif (not re.match(r"\S+:\s", subject) and package not in subject):
subject = package + ": " + subject
ewrite("Rewriting subject to '%s'\n", subject)
listcc = self.options.listcc
if not listcc:
listcc = []
if not listcc and mode > MODE_STANDARD and rtype == 'debbugs' and not self.options.testmode and not self.options.template:
listcc += ui.get_multiline('Enter any additional addresses this report should be sent to; press ENTER after each address.')
if severity and rtype:
severity = debianbts.convert_severity(severity, rtype)
klass = self.options.klass
if not notatty and not (exinfo or self.options.kudos):
if not severity:
if rtype == 'gnats':
severities = debianbts.SEVERITIES_gnats
default = 'non-critical'
severities = debianbts.SEVERITIES
default = 'normal'
severity ="How would you rate the severity of this "
"problem or report?", severities,
'Please select a severity level: ',
default=default, order=debianbts.SEVLIST)
if rtype == 'gnats':
# Class of report
klass ="What sort of problem are you reporting?",
debianbts.CLASSES, 'Please select a class: ',
default='sw-bug', order=debianbts.CLASSLIST)
severity = severity or 'normal'
justification = self.options.justification
if rtype == 'debbugs' and package != 'wnpp' and mode < MODE_EXPERT:
if severity in ('critical', 'grave'):
justification =
'You are reporting a ' +severity+' bug; which of the '
'following criteria does it meet?',
'Please select the impact of the bug: ', default='unknown')
elif severity == 'serious':
justification = ui.get_string(
'You are reporting a serious bug; which section of the '
'Debian Policy Manual contains the "must" or "required" '
'directive that it violates (E.g., "1.2.3")? '
'Just type "unknown" if you are not sure (that would '
'downgrade severity to normal).', force_prompt=True)
if re.match('[0-9]+\.[0-9.]+', justification):
justification = 'Policy ' + justification
elif not justification:
justification = 'unknown'
if justification == 'unknown':
justification = ''
severity = 'normal'
ewrite('Severity downgraded to "normal".\n')
if severity == 'does-not-build':
if pkgversion and not src_name:
src_name = package
if src_name and check_available and not notatty:
ewrite('Checking for past builds of %s...\n',
built = checkbuildd.check_built(src_name,
if built:
ewrite('Successful past builds... treating as serious.\n')
severity = 'serious'
justification = 'no longer builds from source'
ewrite('No successful builds... treating as important.\n')
severity = 'important'
justification = 'fails to build from source'
if notatty:
severity = 'important'
justification = 'fails to build from source'
if ui.yes_no(
'Has this package successfully been built for this '
'architecture in the past (you can look this up at '
'Yes, this is a recently-introduced problem.',
'No, it has always been this way.'):
severity = 'serious'
justification = 'no longer builds from source'
severity = 'important'
justification = 'fails to build from source'
HOMEDIR = os.environ.get('HOME', '/')
if (rtype == 'debbugs' and not self.options.tags and
not (notatty or self.options.kudos or exinfo) and package not in ('wnpp','') and
mode > MODE_NOVICE):
# Multiple-choice checkbox
if severity in ('grave', 'critical', 'serious'):
tags = debianbts.TAGS.copy()
tagorder = debianbts.TAGLIST + debianbts.CRITICAL_TAGLIST
tags = debianbts.TAGS
tagorder = debianbts.TAGLIST
taglist = ui.select_multiple(
'Do any of the following apply to this report?', tags,
'Please select tags: ', order=tagorder,
patch = ('patch' in taglist)
if justification and 'security' not in taglist and 'security' in \
ewrite('Adding security tag to this report.\n')
taglist += ['security']
if taglist:
tags = ' '.join(taglist)
tags = ''
# Execute bug script
if (interactive or self.options.template) and bugexec and not self.options.kudos:
if os.path.exists('handle_bugscript'):
handler = './handle_bugscript'
handler = '/usr/share/reportbug/handle_bugscript'
fh, filename = TempFile(prefix=tfprefix)
system('%s %s %s' % (handler, commands.mkarg(bugexec),
addinfo = None
if not self.options.noconf:
fp = open(filename)
addinfo = u"\n-- Package-specific info:\n"'utf-8', 'replace')
if addinfo and incfiles:
incfiles = addinfo + u"\n" + incfiles
elif addinfo:
incfiles = addinfo
if bts == 'debian' and 'security' in taglist:
ewrite('Will send a CC of this report to the Debian Security and Testing Security Team.\n')
listcc += ['Debian Security Team <>']
listcc += ['Debian Testing Security Team <>']
if listcc:
headers.append('X-Debbugs-CC: '+', '.join(listcc))
# Prepare bug report
if self.options.kudos:
message = u'\n\n'
if not mua:
SIGFILE = os.path.join(HOMEDIR, '.signature')
message = u"\n\n-- \n"+open(SIGFILE).read().decode('utf-8', 'replace')
except IOError:
message = utils.generate_blank_report(
submitas or package, pkgversion, severity, justification,
depinfo, conftext, foundfile, incfiles, bts, exinfo, rtype,
klass, subject, tags, body, mode, pseudos)
# Substitute server email address
if submitto and '@' not in sendto:
if '@' in submitto:
sendto = submitto
if exinfo:
if sendto != 'submit':
sendto = '%d-%s' % (exinfo, sendto)
sendto = str(exinfo)
sendto = sendto+'@'+submitto
elif '@' not in sendto:
if exinfo:
if sendto != 'submit':
sendto = '%d-%s' % (exinfo, sendto)
sendto = str(exinfo)
sendto = sysinfo['email'] % sendto
except TypeError:
sendto = sysinfo['email']
sendto = rfc822.dump_address_pair((sysinfo['name']+
' Bug Tracking System', sendto))
mailing = not (mua or self.options.printonly or self.options.template)
message = u"Subject: %s\n%s" % (subject, message)
if mailing:
fh, filename = TempFile(prefix=tfprefix)
fh.write(message.encode(charset, 'replace'))
oldmua = mua or self.options.mua
if not self.options.body and not self.options.bodyfile:
message = handle_editing(filename, message, self.options,
sendto, attachments, package,
if not oldmua and self.options.mua:
mua = self.options.mua
if mua:
mailing = False
elif not sendto:
print message,
if not mua and patch and not attachments and not notatty:
while True:
patchfile = ui.get_filename(
'What is the filename of the patch (if none, or you have '
'already included it, just press ENTER)?',
if patchfile:
attachfile = os.path.expanduser(patchfile)
if os.path.exists(attachfile):
ewrite('%s not found!', attachfile)
body, headers, pseudoheaders = utils.cleanup_msg(message,headers,rtype)
if sign:
ewrite('Passing message to %s for signature...\n', sign)
oldbody = body
body = submit.sign_message(body, fromaddr, package, pgp_addr, sign)
if not body:
ewrite('Signature failed; sending message unsigned.\n')
body = oldbody
if pseudoheaders:
body = '\n'.join(pseudoheaders)+'\n\n'+body
# Strip the body of useless whitespace at the end, then put a final
# newline in the message. See #234963.
body = body.rstrip('\n')+'\n'
body, attachments, mua, fromaddr, sendto, ccaddr, bccaddr,
headers, package, charset, mailing, sysinfo, rtype, exinfo,
self.options.replyto, self.options.printonly, self.options.template,
self.options.outfile, self.options.mta, self.options.kudos, self.options.smtptls,
smtphost, self.options.smtpuser, self.options.smtppasswd, self.options.paranoid)
if self.options.exitprompt:
ui.get_string('Please press ENTER to exit reportbug: ')
if __name__ == '__main__':
except KeyboardInterrupt:
ewrite("\nreportbug: exiting due to user interrupt.\n")
except debianbts.Error, x:
ewrite('error accessing BTS: %s\n' % x)