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Sandro Tosi 3b0eb7eeef run test with nose3 4 years ago
bin port querybts to py3k 4 years ago
conf complete manpage and example config file with all the accepted options 10 years ago
debian depends on the py3k packages 5 years ago
doc implement support for attachments in bugscripts; thanks to Joachim Breitner for the report and to Michael Stapelberg for the patch; Closes: #526110 7 years ago
man remove reference to BROWSER env variable, we use xdg-open; Closes: #690759 5 years ago
reportbug text ui: dont encode strings anymore 4 years ago
share report PAGER environment variable when filing a bug against reportbug 6 years ago
test fix test_urlutils 4 years ago
.bzrignore Use a modular Makefile and python-nose to automate tests 13 years ago
.gitignore ignore .todo file 10 years ago
Makefile run test with nose3 4 years ago
TODO we will use SOAP 11 years ago PEP8-fied the source code (except for "line too long", which we ignore) 6 years ago