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# -*- python -*-
import os
import re
OUT=os.fdopen(3, 'w')
envprint = False
if var in os.environ:
if not envprint:
print >> OUT, '** Environment settings:'
envprint = True
print >> OUT, '%s="%s"' % (var, os.environ[var])
passwdre = re.compile(r'\s*(smtppasswd)\s+(.*)$')
USERFILE = os.path.expanduser('~/.reportbugrc')
if os.path.exists(USERFILE):
if envprint:
print >> OUT
print >> OUT, '** %s:' % USERFILE
for line in file(USERFILE):
line = line.strip()
if line and not line.startswith('#'):
m = passwdre.match(line)
if m:
line = '%s <omitted>' %
print >> OUT, line