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Sandro Tosi 85d418b2ba reportbug/ 14 years ago
bin bin/reportbug 14 years ago
checks * checks/ 14 years ago
debian reportbug/ 14 years ago
doc * doc/README.*, debian/docs 14 years ago
man applied Luca's patches for GTK+ ui 14 years ago
po4a bin/reportbug 14 years ago
reportbug reportbug/ 14 years ago
test start fixing the test (still fails, but for logic error, not import) 14 years ago
.bzrignore Use a modular Makefile and python-nose to automate tests 15 years ago
Makefile make checks + ready to release 15 years ago
TODO updated TODO list 14 years ago
handle_bugscript Fix redirection bug which apparently emerged due to bash 3.0. 18 years ago Prune test directory when finding code modules. 15 years ago
presubj cherry picking bin/ po4a/ check/ and . dirs 14 years ago
reportbug.conf Add changes from reportbug 3.39-0.1 15 years ago
reportbug.el Merge from trunk 15 years ago
script Merge from reportbug.bug-484534/. 14 years ago fixes for modularization: at least now --template works 14 years ago