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# Author: Sandro Tosi
# Date: 2008-05-16
# License: Public domain
# Python script to compare pseudo-packages listed in reportbug
# agaists the official list on ftp-master
import sys, os
sys.path = ['.'] + sys.path
import debianbts
import urllib, re
# separete a sequence of "char not spaces", from at least one space (ftp-master uses tabs), from anything after tabs
# we group the first and the latter, so we get the pseudo-packages name and description
dictparse = re.compile(r'([^\s]+)\s+(.+)',re.IGNORECASE)
ftpmaster_list = {}
pseudo = urllib.urlopen('')
for l in pseudo:
m =
ftpmaster_list[] =
diff_rb_ftp = set(bts_keys)-set(ftpmaster_list)
diff_ftp_rb = set(ftpmaster_list)-set(bts_keys)
print "pseudo-pkgs in reportbug not in ftpmaster list:", diff_rb_ftp
for pkg in diff_rb_ftp:
print " ", pkg,": ", debianbts.debother[pkg]
print "pseudo-pkgs in ftpmaster list not in reprotbug:", diff_ftp_rb
for pkg in diff_ftp_rb:
print " ", pkg,": ", ftpmaster_list[pkg]