174 Commits (master)

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  hellekin dc8c6e8f82 Purpy themes (refs #6) 5 years ago
  hellekin cd2296e35d Replace Debian logos with Devuan's 6 years ago
  Didier Raboud dffb210777 rootskel-gtk 1.31 Debian release. 6 years ago
  Didier Raboud 29584129f6 Add changelog entries for my two commits 6 years ago
  Didier Raboud 839c7354b5 Replace the dark Joy banner with a dark Lines banner 6 years ago
  Didier Raboud 285562348b Use the Jessie Lines theme for the installer 6 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois c8e56ca3c3 releasing version 1.30 6 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois 5368f01205 Update gtk-set-font to learn a new mapping: pa → "Lohit Punjabi". 6 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois 1c3ba270a3 releasing version 1.29 7 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois 65e9602164 Add a banner for theme=dark, thanks to Adrien Aubourg (Closes: #696969). 7 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois 444a5f7f82 Make only build-arch generate debian/templates. 7 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois ac4176a5a8 Add support for dpms={false,true} through the kernel command line to pass {-dpms,+dpms} to Xorg (Closes: #695270). 7 years ago
  Christian Perrier 0b092f19a2 releasing version 1.28 8 years ago
  Dmitrijs Ledkovs 178ae9f40d Mass-commit packaging changes. http://deb.li/qxqh 8 years ago
  Samuel Thibault 3e5dee8268 upload 8 years ago
  Samuel Thibault 518f9e6262 Revert passing -terminate to the X server, to unbreak theme=dark. 8 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois 6e49049e66 releasing version 1.26 8 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois b8afb3e7e4 Update TODO: symlinks were removed in 1.16 and 1.17. 8 years ago
  Paul Tagliamonte 143f22f861 Updating the Joy theme banner 8 years ago
  Christian Perrier ef104e09f7 releasing version 1.25 8 years ago
  Christian Perrier 793c28c413 Replace XC-Package-Type by Package-Type 8 years ago
  Didier Raboud 2d81991a0c Use rsvg-convert instead of plain inkscape to win some Build-Dependencies bloat. 9 years ago
  Julien Cristau c3eb510eea Update copyright info 9 years ago
  Julien Cristau fb65cf3f7c Generate the png banner from source at build time. 9 years ago
  Didier Raboud 8d71af6639 rootskel-gtk 1.24 Debian release. 9 years ago
  Didier Raboud 32453359b8 Use the Wheezy Joy theme for the installer. 9 years ago
  Joey Hess d1600ee151 Merge branch 'master' of git://git.debian.org/d-i/rootskel-gtk 9 years ago
  Joey Hess 54cc174457 Revert changes made to use spacefun theme in installer. 9 years ago
  Julien Cristau 8966b79709 Generate debian/templates in build-arch as well as build 9 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 2d856a77fd Use Tibetan Machine Uni font for Tibetan 9 years ago
  Christian Perrier 79c47359e0 Merge my (mistakenly unpished) changes for 1.23 9 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 4a3704a88f releasing version 1.23 9 years ago
  Christian Perrier c25554da60 releasing version 1.23 9 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 2bc4ce65db Increase font size for Kannada. Closes: #646906 9 years ago
  Samuel Thibault 46997e8b58 Pass -terminate option to X server, so that brltty can nicely kill debconf and see Xorg terminate as a consequence. 10 years ago
  Christian Perrier 1290e0e093 releasing version 1.22 10 years ago
  Christian Perrier f2df14210f gtk-set-font: select font UKIJ Tuz for Uyghur with font size increased by 1 point. 10 years ago
  Joey Hess da394b91d2 remove Frans from uploaders 10 years ago
  Miguel Figueiredo 91732b8001 Move mouse-x86 to mouse-linux 10 years ago
  Miguel Figueiredo 0a4298c1f0 move mouse-x86 to mouse-linux 10 years ago
  Miguel Figueiredo b14e9fa560 powerpc not used 10 years ago
  Joey Hess 775c6684ff update Vcs fields 10 years ago
  Joey Hess 3f1caa0db7 add gitignores, converted from svn 10 years ago
  Otavio Salvador b79ff85d83 releasing version 1.21 10 years ago
  Otavio Salvador abbc21a955 rootskel-gtk: use SpaceFun theme 10 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 4934ac1c1e releasing version 1.20 11 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 633308874d Do not start Xorg when running in live-installer. 11 years ago
  Frans Pop 035c0005f6 releasing version 1.19 11 years ago
  Frans Pop c764bd079d Only start X if we're using the GTK frontend 11 years ago
  Frans Pop bbfbf87ba5 G-I: include gtk2-engines-udeb and mouse-modules through pkg-lists 11 years ago