Packet tunneling over UDP, multiple channels
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rrqnet-cron(8) Manual Page


rrqnet-cron - Management script to uphold a *rrqnet* plug.


rrqnet-cron vpn …​


rrqnet-cron is a management script for upholding an rrqnet plug for a nominated VPN confguration. The given vpn (or the several) is the pathname relative to the configuration root directory and with a .conf extension added, as in /etc/rrqnet/conf.d/vpn.conf.

The following is a configuration file example:

VPN=( )
  • The TAP assignment names the tap interface to use.

  • The optional MAC assignment, if provided, tells rrqnet-cron to set the Ethernet address of the tap interface as given.

  • The optional BR assignment, if provided, tells rrqnet-cron to add the tap interface to the bridge upon start.

  • The optional IP assignment, if provided, tells rrqnet-cron how to configure the tap interface when it is brought up. If empty, the tap interface is brought up without confgiured IP address.

  • The PORT assignment declares which port rrqnet should listen on. It will listen on that port on all interfaces.

  • The optional OPTIONS is intended for the -B and -T options to rrqnet.

  • The VPN assignment declares the remotes for rrqnet.

  • The optional VERBOSE assignment, which must be -v, -vv or -vvv unless empty, defines the verbosity level for rrqnet.

The above example declares an uplink remote at example ivp4 address, port 2020, and using a transport encryption key. The remote host at that IP address should have a corresponding declaration, perhaps as follows:

VPN=( )

That "server" declaration allows UDP packets from any host and port, requiring the them to use the same transport encryption key. The rrqnet "server" plug then works like a switch that forwards packets between connections as well as to and from the tap. Connections are identified by the remote MAC addresses, and it’s up to the remote ends to resolve IP addresses to the MAC addresses on the virtual net.

The VPN variable may have multiple remote declarations, and include both up-links and down-links, with or without thransport encryption keys. E.g.,

VPN=( )

A VPN assignment like the above would downlink remotes in IP range, port 1400, without transport key, and uplink to

crontab set up

The script rrqnet-cron is intended to be set up in crontab, by a line such as the following:

* * * * * /usr/sbin/rrqnet-cron tap0-client

By that crontab line, the script will be invoked every minute for ensuring that the rrqnet plug declared by /etc/rrqnet/conf.d/tap0-client.conf is still running or otherwise restart it.


Note that rrqnet-cron sources the configuration file and exits after optionally spawning an rrqnet daemon. On may therefore safely just change the cable set up, and kill rrqnet in order apply that changed set up.


rrqnet(8) - Packet tunneling over UDP, multiple channels


Ralph Rönnquist <>