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/* action.h
* Header file for the action object
* File begun on 2007-08-06 by RGerhards (extracted from syslogd.c, which
* was under BSD license at the time of rsyslog fork)
* Copyright 2007-2013 Adiscon GmbH.
* This file is part of rsyslog.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* -or-
* see COPYING.ASL20 in the source distribution
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "syslogd-types.h"
#include "queue.h"
/* external data */
extern int glbliActionResumeRetryCount;
extern int bActionReportSuspension;
extern int bActionReportSuspensionCont;
/* the following struct defines the action object data structure
struct action_s {
time_t f_time; /* used for "max. n messages in m seconds" processing */
time_t tActNow; /* the current time for an action execution. Initially set to -1 and
populated on an as-needed basis. This is a performance optimization. */
time_t tLastExec; /* time this action was last executed */
int iActionNbr; /* this action's number (ID) */
sbool bExecWhenPrevSusp;/* execute only when previous action is suspended? */
sbool bWriteAllMarkMsgs;/* should all mark msgs be written (not matter how recent the action was executed)? */
sbool bReportSuspension;/* should suspension (and reactivation) of the action reported */
sbool bReportSuspensionCont;
sbool bHadAutoCommit; /* did an auto-commit happen during doAction()? */
sbool bDisabled;
sbool isTransactional;
sbool bCopyMsg;
int iSecsExecOnceInterval; /* if non-zero, minimum seconds to wait until action is executed again */
time_t ttResumeRtry; /* when is it time to retry the resume? */
int iResumeInterval;/* resume interval for this action */
int iResumeRetryCount;/* how often shall we retry a suspended action? (-1 --> eternal) */
int iNbrNoExec; /* number of matches that did not yet yield to an exec */
int iExecEveryNthOccur;/* execute this action only every n-th occurence (with n=0,1 -> always) */
int iExecEveryNthOccurTO;/* timeout for n-th occurence feature */
time_t tLastOccur; /* time last occurence was seen (for timing them out) */
struct modInfo_s *pMod;/* pointer to output module handling this selector */
void *pModData; /* pointer to module data - content is module-specific */
sbool bRepMsgHasMsg; /* "message repeated..." has msg fragment in it (0-no, 1-yes) */
rsRetVal (*submitToActQ)(action_t *, wti_t*, smsg_t*);/* function submit message to action queue */
rsRetVal (*qConstruct)(struct queue_s *pThis);
sbool bUsesMsgPassingMode;
sbool bNeedReleaseBatch; /* do we need to release batch ressources? Depends on ParamPassig modes... */
int iNumTpls; /* number of array entries for template element below */
struct template **ppTpl;/* array of template to use - strings must be passed to doAction
* in this order. */
paramPassing_t *peParamPassing; /* mode of parameter passing to action for that template */
qqueue_t *pQueue; /* action queue */
pthread_mutex_t mutAction; /* primary action mutex */
uchar *pszName; /* action name */
/* for per-worker HUP processing */
pthread_mutex_t mutWrkrDataTable; /* protects table structures */
void **wrkrDataTable;
int wrkrDataTableSize;
int nWrkr;
/* for statistics subsystem */
statsobj_t *statsobj;
STATSCOUNTER_DEF(ctrProcessed, mutCtrProcessed)
STATSCOUNTER_DEF(ctrFail, mutCtrFail)
STATSCOUNTER_DEF(ctrSuspend, mutCtrSuspend)
STATSCOUNTER_DEF(ctrSuspendDuration, mutCtrSuspendDuration)
STATSCOUNTER_DEF(ctrResume, mutCtrResume)
/* function prototypes
rsRetVal actionConstruct(action_t **ppThis);
rsRetVal actionConstructFinalize(action_t *pThis, struct nvlst *lst);
rsRetVal actionDestruct(action_t *pThis);
//rsRetVal actionDbgPrint(action_t *pThis);
rsRetVal actionSetGlobalResumeInterval(int iNewVal);
rsRetVal actionDoAction(action_t *pAction);
rsRetVal actionWriteToAction(action_t *pAction, smsg_t *pMsg, wti_t*);
rsRetVal actionCallHUPHdlr(action_t *pAction);
rsRetVal actionClassInit(void);
rsRetVal addAction(action_t **ppAction, modInfo_t *pMod, void *pModData, omodStringRequest_t *pOMSR,
struct cnfparamvals *actParams, struct nvlst *lst);
rsRetVal activateActions(void);
rsRetVal actionNewInst(struct nvlst *lst, action_t **ppAction);
rsRetVal actionProcessCnf(struct cnfobj *o);
void actionCommitAllDirect(wti_t *pWti);
void actionRemoveWorker(action_t *const pAction, void *const actWrkrData);
void releaseDoActionParams(action_t * const pAction, wti_t * const pWti, int action_destruct);
/* external data */
extern int iActionNbr;
#endif /* #ifndef ACTION_H_INCLUDED */