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title systemctl
section 8
project systemctl-service-shim
volume Devuan Commands Manual
date July 2022
systemctl - Translate systemctl invocations into real service commands
systemctl [OPTIONS...] COMMAND [SERVICE...]
Transform and execute every systemctl invocation into a single or multiple service and update-rc.d commands. This script attemps to replace systemctl from the systemd project, for applications that are hardcoded errantly to use systemctl instead of real service control operations.
The goal is to convert all possible systemctl tasks to real service commands. Some of these, like `try-restart` are merely converted down to `restart`.
The script will log all invocations to /var/log/systemctl.log to assist in troubleshooting.
B. Stack <>
CC-BY-SA 4.0
Of course no software is ever perfect. Please report bugs to bgstack15 on the #devuan-dev irc channel on, or at <>
`systemctl(1) from systemd`