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- Updated copyright date range. - Make unselected buttons be the same color as the window itself. Matches look of new, fixed whiptail, and Closes: #122212 - Note in README that the way to get a task added is a bug report against this package. Closes: #144533 - Removed broken python-bobo from python task. Closes: #180925 - The python task is retarget at providing a subset of the more useful python tools, instead of everything. Semi-randomly removed some stuff. Someone who uses python might want to take over maintainership of this task. - Capitalised first letter of every task, in an effort to look "professional". Closes: #183109 - Removed the fortran task, not sufficiently used. - Added mutt and spamassassin to mail server task. - Fixed menu entry to give full path to su-to-root as it is in sbin for some reason. Closes: #188367 - Replace gnome-gnomines with gnome-games in games task, package rename. Closes: #190874 - Replace xtris with the currently popular tetrinet in games task. - Make "available file" message recommend running dselect update. Closes: #153016, #183690 - Replace netenv (with its nasty boot-time prompt) with guessnet (with its slick new ifupdown integration) in laptop task. - Add hdparm to laptop task, since many laptop users will want to use it to speed up (or turn off!) their disks. Closes: #87450 - Add menu to office task. - Added a java task. Closes: #108061 - Removed inlined Spanish translation of spanish task. However we should add translations, it's not like that! - Added a Thai task. Closes: #122663. Needs review since the bug's package list was 2 years old. - Cleaned up bad wording in most of the descriptions of the language-specific tasks. - Added sudo to unix-server. - Added kernel-compile task for custom kernel building. Closes: #184428 - Blessed the idea of putting Maintainer fields in individual task files. - Removed nonexistant packages from tasks: netscape-zh-resource-477, dialdcost, hanterm - Put cxterm-ks in korean task to replace hanterm. I hope that's right. - Rename mozilla-locale-es to mozilla-locale-es-es. - For chinese-t, use doc-linux-zh-text, which provides traditional chinese. doc-linux-zh-t went away. - and use apt-cache dumpavail instead of dselect available file, for more up-to-date information.
18 years ago
  1. Task: desktop
  2. Section: user
  3. Relevance: 8
  4. Test-desktop: 1
  5. Description: Desktop environment
  6. This task provides basic desktop software and serves as a basis for the
  7. Gnome and KDE desktop tasks.
  8. Key:
  9. xorg
  10. Packages: task-fields
  11. Packages-list:
  12. desktop-base
  13. menu
  14. hotkey-setup
  15. # firefox is the most popular web browser at the moment, although both
  16. # gnome and kde offer their own too
  17. firefox
  18. # the gimp is the best image editor, no matter the desktop
  19. gimp
  20. # is the best word processor / office suite at the moment
  22. # make help menu work
  24. # make thesaurus work
  26. # make spellchecker work
  27. myspell-en-us
  28. # Since neither the gnome nor kde desktop tasks may be available, include
  29. # enough basic X stuff here for a minally useful desktop without them.
  30. twm
  31. xterm
  32. # sound
  33. alsa-utils
  34. alsa-base
  35. # hardware detection (see also desktop.preinst)
  36. discover1
  37. xresprobe
  38. # sparc hardware detection
  39. prtconf
  40. # Make sure that CDs etc can be ejected. May not be installed by d-i.
  41. eject
  42. # The following packages are the same as the packages in the print-server
  43. # task and provide printing via CUPS.
  44. cupsys
  45. cupsys-client
  46. cupsys-bsd
  47. foomatic-gui
  48. foomatic-db-engine
  49. foomatic-db-hpijs
  50. foomatic-filters-ppds
  51. foomatic-db-gutenprint
  52. cupsys-driver-gutenprint
  53. gimp-print
  54. printconf
  55. # Support for scanners
  56. xsane
  57. # For use by third-party apps.
  58. xdg-utils
  59. # mdns/zeroconf stuff
  60. avahi-daemon
  61. libnss-mdns