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# makedesc directory file
# Scan the directory for files, and use the files to generate a task
# description file. The format of the task description file is described in
# tata.c. The format of the input files is:
# Task: desktop
# Section: user
# Description: Provide a basic GUI system
# This task provides functionality for a basic desktop; whether Gnome
# based, KDE based or customised. With this task, your system will boot
# into a graphical login screen, at which point you can choose which of
# these desktops you wish to use on a per-user basis. You can further
# customise your desktop once installed.
# Packages:
# kdebase
# gdm
# ...
# Hash-comments are allowed in the files, but must be on their own lines.
my $dir=shift or die "no directory specified\n";
my $file=shift or die "no file specified\n";
open (OUT, ">$file") or die ">$file: $!";
use File::Find;
find(\&processfile, $dir);
sub processfile {
return unless /^[-_.a-z0-9]+$/ and -f $_;
open (IN, $_) or die "$_: $!";
my %fields;
my $field="";
while (<IN>) {
next if /^\s*#/;
if (/^\s/) {
else {
($field, my $value)=split(/:\s*/, $_, 2);
close IN;
print OUT map { ucfirst($_).": ".$fields{$_}."\n" }
qw{task section description};
print OUT "\n";
close OUT;