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* Modifications to existing tasks: - Replaced talk of "this [meta]package" with "this task", and like changes. - In l10n tasks, s/-speaking// for consistency. - Make all l10n tasks include locales. It's in base, so this is of dubious utility, but some had it and some not. - Changed short descriptions of basic-desktop and desktop in an attempt to clarify how they're different. - Added some comments here and there for unresolved issues. - Largely rewrote Debian Jr. descriptions. - Added menu to desktop task. - Rejiggered mail-server, to be a general purpose mail server, not just imap. - Moved samba-server to file-server, and made that include nfs stuff too. - Added a print-server task, that also includes samba, along with other stuff. - Killed debian-dev(el) task, since it does not meet our task criteria -- nowhere near 10% of debian users are debian developers (we hope!), and probably not enough regular users will use this package to make up the difference. This is my own package, so I'm willing to be persuaded otherwise, though.. - Removed misc window managers from the desktop task. It is unnecessary to list them there, since anXious will let the user choose. - Killed the demo tasks. - Went for consistent capitalization of the short descriptions. Just capitalize proper names. I'm not sure if I like this effect, we may want to capitalize the first word of each description too. - Sundry other changes of little note. * Replaced several occurrances of "task packages" with "tasks" elsewhere in tasksel. * Added -a switch, to show all tasks, even empties. Mostly useful before we get tasks into the Packages files, for a global overview of how the * Added lint check to -- it will warn at build time about tasks that list unavailable packages. This caught several references to virtual packages, etc already, that need to be fixed.. * VERSION in Makefile automatically tracks changelog.
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  1. =head1 NAME
  2. tasksel - a user interface for installing tasks
  3. =head1 SYNOPSIS
  4. tasksel install <task>
  5. tasksel remove <task>
  6. tasksel [options]
  7. =head1 DESCRIPTION
  8. tasksel shows all available tasks and allows to user to select
  9. ones to install
  10. =head1 OPTIONS
  11. =over 4
  12. =item B<-t>, B<--test>
  13. test mode; don't actually install or remove packeges
  14. =item B<--new-install>
  15. automatically select some tasks without even displaying them to the user;
  16. default other tasks to on; used during new Debian installs.
  17. =item B<--list-tasks>
  18. list on stdout the tasks that would be displayed in the tasksel interface
  19. =item B<--task-packages> task
  20. lists on stdout the packages that are available and part of the given task
  21. Note that this option may be given more than once.
  22. =item B<--task-desc> task
  23. outputs the extended description of the given task
  24. =item B<--debconf-apt-progress> options
  25. Pass the specified options to the debconf-apt-progress command that tasksel
  26. runs.
  27. =back
  28. =head1 SEE ALSO
  29. dpkg(8), apt-get(8)
  30. =head1 FILES
  31. F</usr/share/tasksel/*.desc> and
  32. F</usr/local/share/tasksel/*.desc> are used to define tasks.
  33. =head1 AUTHOR
  34. tasksel was written by Randolph Chung E<lt>tausq@debian.orgE<gt>
  35. and Joey Hess E<lt>joeyh@debian.orgE<gt>
  36. =head1 HISTORY
  37. This document first appeared with tasksel-1.0