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  Cyril Brulebois c68471b952 tasksel (3.26) unstable; urgency=medium 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 9e2290b531 hierarchical tasks, desktop selection, and general massive changes 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 48a74c3a78 po cruft changes 6 years ago
  Christian Perrier 9551313189 tasksel (3.21) unstable; urgency=low 6 years ago
  Joey Hess f6046d4fd0 po changes due to build 7 years ago
  Christian Perrier 508860f5c3 tasksel (3.18) unstable; urgency=low 7 years ago
  Thijs Kinkhorst 633d6dc226 Dutch: small language cleanups 8 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 0595eb58f2 Uyghur translations added. Closes: #627005 8 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 43e990ab3f Unfuzzy translations to add ellipsis. Tricky sed play, this time 8 years ago
  Joey Hess 73fac4b4ca releasing version 3.10 8 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 823535931e Welsh translation updates (Daffyd Tomos). 8 years ago
  Jorge Barreiro 16cad7a4a3 Updated Galician translation. 8 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 2fd867b9c5 Unfuzzy all PO files by replacing 'aptitude' by 'apt-get' 8 years ago
  Bastian Blank d95a90cf0a Update translations 8 years ago
  Christian PERRIER e394e2d394 Lithuanian translation updates 8 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 5ff438fe84 Latvian translations (Rūdolfs Mazurs). 9 years ago
  Joey Hess 6c9a16893c releasing version 3.08 9 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 18328f291e Icelandic translations minor update 9 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 2fe0ab1795 Add Sinhala translations 9 years ago
  Joey Hess af46753bc3 po file updates 10 years ago
  Joey Hess 8a783eee74 releasing version 2.88 10 years ago
  Christian PERRIER bd16ce7030 * Greek (Socrates VAVILIS). Closes: #604443 10 years ago
  Christian PERRIER f2314f9b63 Serbian and Icelandic translations added 10 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 6fd5d96422 Add Serbian translations 10 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 3a28ed727f Bosnian translations by Armin Besirovic 10 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 2673abad4a Kazakh programs translation update 10 years ago
  Christian PERRIER b3223040ed Kazakh translations updated 10 years ago
  Christian PERRIER a637b34364 Persian translations added 10 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 5c8cfe8db7 Indonesian translations updated 10 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 919b3c7838 Italian programs translation update 11 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 08b9380da8 Bengali translations updated 11 years ago
  Christian PERRIER f2057ad84a Simplified Chinese updated by YunQiang Su 11 years ago
  Christian Perrier 9e4c520f35 Regenerated from source 11 years ago
  Christian Perrier 659c576316 Fix tabs escaping in Spanish translation 11 years ago
  Christian Perrier 52104d675c Adding Asturian programs translation 12 years ago
  Christian Perrier e92efef971 Kazakh translations added 12 years ago
  Christian Perrier c075289b63 Add Telugu translations 12 years ago
  Eddy Petrișor 06a3c4b653 Convert Romanian translations to use the correct diacritics 12 years ago
  Christian Perrier 563e898b02 Resync program's PO files 13 years ago
  SZERVÁC Attila cdf3a582cf po/hu.po tasks/po/hu.po tasks/hungarian updated 13 years ago
  Joey Hess b13db5e940 Add libgl1-mesa-dri to the desktop task. Closes: #481464 13 years ago
  Joey Hess cc516984f5 releasing version 2.74 13 years ago
  Christian Perrier 5a8f2acc3f Belarusian translations from 0% to 100% 13 years ago
  Kevin Scannell 784dd78c45 New files - Irish 13 years ago
  Christian Perrier 8a9a56e8b7 Kurdish translations added 13 years ago
  Praveen A a2fbd49a2f Updated Malayalam translation. 13 years ago
  Vardan Gevorgyan 2794502388 Initial translation. 13 years ago
  Felipe Augusto van de Wiel e4ba2dcfc8 [l10n] pt_BR: typo fix. 13 years ago
  Felipe Augusto van de Wiel 820e4e0851 [l10n] pt_BR: converting pt_BR.po from iso-8859-1 (latin1) to UTF-8 13 years ago
  Joey Hess 05d301c1ec releasing version 2.71 13 years ago