1465 Commits (0a954cc1840b3059834608df87551a09c1c58b8f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Joey Hess 0a954cc184 Add logic to be able to override the default desktop on a per-arch basis 6 years ago
  Joey Hess bc4ab209cb Add orca to lxde and mate. Closes: #762409, #762408 6 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois 7344398caa Add bug closure: #762345 6 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois 035282c1e5 Fix Relvance/Relevant typo in tasks/mate-desktop. 6 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois e3b55429c5 prep release 6 years ago
  Karsten Merker a09681c416 tasksel.pl: add missing "-o" parameter when calling apt 6 years ago
  Joey Hess c4e3c67f8e prep release 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 186f81a8c7 Include MATE in the desktop task list, also based on desktop requalification results. 6 years ago
  Joey Hess dce99f5f8d switch default desktop to Gnome 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 6454550837 Set APT::Acquire::Retries=3 to deal with minor network glitches. Thanks, Petter Reinholdtsen. Closes: #761970 6 years ago
  Joey Hess ee0386a27d Add lightdm to mate task. Closes: #761598 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 79c042a138 Remove recommends on libreoffice-gcj which has not existed for years. Thanks, Michael Biebl. Closes: 678793 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 3f8e81bdab prep release; po file spam 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 6833e13be3 Add task-mate-desktop. Thanks, Mike Gabriel. Closes: #761014 6 years ago
  Paul Wise a87cd8dab7 Add missing dependency task-cinnamon-desktop -> task-desktop 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 742b64165d typo 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 8fbdba28aa prep release 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 20ece87285 close bugs 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 9e2290b531 hierarchical tasks, desktop selection, and general massive changes 6 years ago
  Joey Hess d99b2d118e Add gnome-orca to task-xfce-desktop; xfce4-accessibility-settings can be used to enable it. Closes: #760778 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 48a74c3a78 po cruft changes 6 years ago
  Joey Hess d7e7d9caa7 add missing cinnamon bits 6 years ago
  Joey Hess a4eb3e2b6a Add task-cinnamon-desktop. Thanks, Margarita Manterola. 6 years ago
  Joey Hess f39686959e Remove apparently no longer needed workaround for #651495. xfce4-mixer now recommends gstreamer0.10-alsa. 6 years ago
  Joey Hess 220b477746 Avoid using each() on a hash ref, which causes perl to output a warning that it is experimental. 6 years ago
  Christian Perrier 70be16cff7 releasing version 3.21 6 years ago
  Christian Perrier 9551313189 tasksel (3.21) unstable; urgency=low 6 years ago
  Christian Perrier e2187c4e11 Drop acpid and acpi-support from laptop task. Closes: #758762 6 years ago
  Christian Perrier 6f43da8fb9 Remove pcmciautils from laptop task. Closes: #698105 6 years ago
  Changwoo Ryu 5b18d772f9 Drop fonts-unfonts-core for task-korean-desktop 7 years ago
  Christian Perrier 3a499ca7aa Release 3.20 7 years ago
  Christian Perrier 7766bf38d5 Drop all xonfts-* packages: bitmapped fonts are now considered obsolete. Closes: #735492 7 years ago
  Christian Perrier 29f02e1f7b Release 3.19 7 years ago
  Christian Perrier 042eb76a5c Drop menu from the desktop task and menu-xdk from the KDE desktop task. Closes: #699390 7 years ago
  Christian Perrier b8c257ea15 Use lowercase in task short descriptions, except when acronyms or language names are used 7 years ago
  Christian Perrier 6b3057dcda Merge the kde-desktop changes in 3.19 which was never released 7 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 79a284bf88 Replace network-manager-kde by plasma-widget-networkmanagement in task-kde-desktop. Closes: #729482 7 years ago
  Joey Hess a760ece633 release 7 years ago
  Joey Hess dfca406eb6 Change default desktop to xfce. 7 years ago
  Christian Perrier a4a3fb3892 Release 3.18 7 years ago
  Christian Perrier 508860f5c3 tasksel (3.18) unstable; urgency=low 7 years ago
  Christian PERRIER ee2c244238 Drop manpages-ru from task-russian. Closes: #661332 7 years ago
  Christian Perrier a69e7773f2 releasing version 3.17 7 years ago
  Christian PERRIER 04b8d6257f Hungarian updated by Dr. Nagy Elemér Károl y 7 years ago
  Cyril Brulebois f11cedd794 Add bug closure for #712482. 8 years ago
  Yves-Alexis Perez b057b6e59b drop xfprint4 from Xfce task, it's unused anymore. 8 years ago
  Christian Perrier 1555609624 Move all font packages in tasks to Recommends 8 years ago
  Christian Perrier cb010ddc17 Drop no longer existing ttf-arhangai package from task-cyrillic-desktop 8 years ago
  Christian Perrier 7af96bfcbb Drop ttf-tiresias, fonts-junicode, ttf-georgewilliams, ttf-isabella, fonts-opensymbol, fonts-sil-doulos, fonts-sil-charis, fonts-sil-gentium, fonts-okolaks, from task-hungarian-desktop. These fonts have nothing to do with Hungarian language. 8 years ago
  Christian Perrier 3ae9fce47b Drop ttf-tiresias from task-hungarian-desktop. This font has nothing to do with Hungarian language. 8 years ago