2108 Commits (1127997b67c250f6711603f58d9a003ad3f3c758)

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  Joey Hess 216cc5362d ignore upper-case files 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 9aadd503b5 My changes: 20 years ago
  op b76d82b66b Updated German Translation 20 years ago
  Randolph Chung 90bd68efac Patch from Anthony Towns for Task: debian/control support 20 years ago
  Enrique Zanardi 9c5fe2ff8d new translation (spanish) 21 years ago
  novdv 7c58613b40 Added compilation/installation of ru.po to Makefile. 21 years ago
  novdv 09138081cd Initial translation. 21 years ago
  Risko Gergely 338df858df Hungarian update. Risko Gergely <risko@njszki.hu> 21 years ago
  Randolph Chung bb31fdb355 1.0-10 release 21 years ago
  Petr Cech 462b1e416f add Czech translation 21 years ago
  op 6ed56fe1ad typo fixes 21 years ago
  Peter Karlsson 3f404ac148 Updated translation. 21 years ago
  Petr Cech 79f1b960b4 add Czech translation 21 years ago
  Keita Maehara 64e5ca35a2 * Added Japanese support. 21 years ago
  Keita Maehara 4cf33eea77 * Added de to LANGS. 21 years ago
  op 039ba728be Initial German translation 21 years ago
  op 58c998cabf added German for I18N 21 years ago
  polish e8cfed56aa one more was missed :-) 21 years ago
  polish 94604dfc85 update 21 years ago
  polish ec1a6473b8 one was missed 21 years ago
  Randolph Chung 4c8bbe82d8 fixed typo 21 years ago
  Randolph Chung 006a22d81f moved help text into main program for i18n 21 years ago
  Randolph Chung 025cf35fb0 I18N fixes 21 years ago
  polish bcf24e1f09 first version 21 years ago
  Randolph Chung 8344e7833b Catch SIGINT and handle it, so that tasksel doesn't go into an infinite 21 years ago
  Peter Karlsson 3c83eb9142 Initial Swedish translation 21 years ago
  Karl M. Hegbloom ed5e19fee3 Randolph Chung probably made that first log entry. 22 years ago
  Karl M. Hegbloom 4e4a7333ce * Start a new (unfinalized) version mentioning change to name of far 22 years ago
  Karl M. Hegbloom 1da20e4d76 * ChangeLog: Use GNU format so we can see who changed what. 22 years ago
  Karl M. Hegbloom 00ee76bda4 * slangui.c: Changed Quit button to Finished button. 22 years ago
  Risko Gergely d557ce7642 Hungarian update. Risko Gergely <risko@njszki.hu> 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung 4041b2ebdb Also allows you to install standard priority packages now 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung 13d481c40f Changes to allow user to use tasksel to install required and important 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung 50ea1ba28c Adds support for queueing installs 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung 028c27dd63 Updates version number 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung c0126eb794 adds "frozen" tag 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung 8a7dda2c5f Adds CVS commit rules 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung 3888730818 More scroll updates 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung aa7a4047eb Adds scrollbar support 22 years ago
  Joey Hess 6405d5a237 Added buttons at bottom on main screen. 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung 00b0aabf25 *** empty log message *** 22 years ago
  Risko Gergely e5b22d13c7 A little date change in po file. 22 years ago
  Risko Gergely cab5570eef Hungarian release. 22 years ago
  Joey Hess 7dcd54aee7 Move over 2. 22 years ago
  Joey Hess ddec5b13d5 Displays package shortdescs in a seperate column. Auto-calculates the width 22 years ago
  Joey Hess 253a94d6f4 Prettified the task names that are shown to the user. Dashes are turned to 22 years ago
  Joey Hess 2730806f9f Fixed shadows. 22 years ago
  Joey Hess 1ca6836e76 UI modifications to make it resemble whiptail more: 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung 3ad6061de4 man pages, debian packaging scripts 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung bb1347e500 *** empty log message *** 22 years ago