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  Joey Hess 4dd88be2da * More description-fu. Closes: #368853 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 4597c85d45 releasing version 2.47 15 years ago
  Joey Hess c1ea7ac973 releasing version 2.46 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 31cda61782 releasing version 2.46 15 years ago
  Jordi Mallach 45a92c27c6 Noticed tasksel 1.45 is stuck in NEW. Open 1.46 instead. 15 years ago
  Jordi Mallach 14d2b2fdd9 Updated Catalan translation of tasks. 15 years ago
  Lior Kaplan e72e7d60cb fix two fuzzy strings about KDE 15 years ago
  Lior Kaplan 8f149f908a 15 years ago
  Håvard Korsvoll b6ca7eb7e3 Updated norwegian nynorsk translation of tasksel to 100% 15 years ago
  Theppitak Karoonboonyanan 89152f18fa 2006-05-14 Theppitak Karoonboonyanan <thep@linux.thai.net> 15 years ago
  Sunjae Park 5078ceecd4 Korean update(tasks/po/) 15 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 232fe06ed7 releasing version 2.45 15 years ago
  Otavio Salvador 382c3b5c2a * Change debhelper compatibility level to 5. 15 years ago
  Joey Hess f525dac250 releasing version 2.44 15 years ago
   e7e4403395 edit arabic tasks 15 years ago
  Joey Hess bfddd695fc * Added rather a lot of stuff to round out the capabilities of the gnome 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 5a68a63aa0 * Switch gnome-desktop to gnome-screensaver, remove fortune-mod which 15 years ago
  Claus Hindsgaul d7b7c55ad9 [INTL:da] Updated task translations 15 years ago
  Eddy Petrisor ab448df71b Updated RO translation for tasks 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 0e7d9c3d6e Attention translation committers: use DEBCHANGE_RELEASE_HEURISTIC=changelog 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 229cfa59dc clearification re Key 15 years ago
  Bart Cornelis 1a92f17540 Updated Dutch translation 15 years ago
  Khoem Sokhem 62cb56f588 Khmer translation update 15 years ago
  Joey Hess caaa1f2fee releasing version 2.43 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 301de46896 releasing version 2.43 15 years ago
  Joey Hess adbba79ed6 * Add a Provides field, this is used to let tasksel know if two alternate 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 651e9a0add * Add kpackage to kde-desktop. 15 years ago
  Yuri Kozlov ec14290b40 Updated Russian translation for KDE task 15 years ago
  Kenshi Muto e1f08b62ba [l10n] update Japanese translation 15 years ago
  Georgi Stanojevski 1819b445bf Translation update 15 years ago
  Christian Perrier c430e75e6d French translation update 15 years ago
  Piarres Beobide Egaña d359a24348 [l10n:eu] Basque translation update 15 years ago
  Jacobo Tarrio 458b952397 Updated Galician translation of tasks 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 778bf3132c * Remove the old mozilla-firefox package from the desktop task, firefox is 15 years ago
  Joey Hess dc99bac28a fix attribution 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 00ce6caa9d * Rename the "Depends" field to "Enhances" which is much closer to what it's 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 01573a6aee * Switch back to x-window-system-core until xorg reaches testing. 15 years ago
  Christian Perrier 9286045407 Albanian translation updated 15 years ago
  Tapio Lehtonen 326f385489 Updated finnish translation 15 years ago
  Amanpreet Singh Alam 205c1e04cc udpate for Translation for Punjabi (Gurmukhi) by amanpreet 15 years ago
  Khoem Sokhem a861969d98 Khmer translation update 15 years ago
  Christian Perrier 0403969e8e Updated Khmer tasks translations 15 years ago
  Christian Perrier 3bcecb0a65 Updated khmer debconf translation (will soon be done directly by the 15 years ago
  Christian Perrier e3704ee705 Document the fixed Dutch task in changelog 15 years ago
  Jens Seidel 382ab51db2 Removed FIXME since Dutch message is now consistent with other ones 15 years ago
  Miroslav Kure 10cb3f2cbe Added aspell-cs to the Czech task 15 years ago
  Christian Perrier 11f4c06c42 Fix the description of the Dutch desktop task 15 years ago
  Jens Seidel 3412cf98db German translation update 15 years ago
  Bjørn Steensrud 565e1869c5 Fuzzies fixed 15 years ago
  Recai Oktas af2b47ee0b Update Turkish translation. 15 years ago