9 Commits (720a33d56a154ea60eca4a1a33230866eb4cad35)

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  Christian PERRIER 720a33d56a Persian tasks updated 11 years ago
  Christian Perrier b7e7cc7cc5 Complete addition of iceweasel-l10n-* 12 years ago
  Christian Perrier 15ce02c0fe Add iceweasel localization packages where needed 12 years ago
  Joey Hess 0482507d0e * Split out <lang>-{kde,gnome}-desktop tasks. Closes: #431173 13 years ago
  Christian Perrier 8a210c9336 Remove koffice-i18n-* from all tasks as koffice is not default installed 15 years ago
  Christian Perrier 5d78745f88 Add OOo-l10n-fa to persian-desktop 15 years ago
  Christian Perrier 5c241fdab8 Correct the description of many desktop tasks to use "desktop" instead of 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 00ce6caa9d * Rename the "Depends" field to "Enhances" which is much closer to what it's 15 years ago
  Joey Hess 60982bf203 * Add basic Persian local tasks by bubulle. Closes: #350121 15 years ago