2815 Commits (757a41999e9642a5033f404b83bf59177a55be20)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Holger Wansing 757a41999e Re-add synaptic to gnome desktops, as it now works fine under Wayland 6 months ago
  Holger Wansing 0b6ad85a56 Add some new manpages translation packages to the respective language tasks 6 months ago
  Holger Wansing 04aedcc51e Re-add manpages-it to task-italian 6 months ago
  Holger Wansing 0077d8e097 Changelog entry for previous commit 6 months ago
  Holger Wansing a6a9d45cac Merge branch 'bts982175-ja-desktop-prefer-mozc' into 'master' 6 months ago
  Holger Wansing 167c94588f tasksel: prepare release version 3.64 7 months ago
  HIGUCHI Daisuke (VDR dai) 45a55aa6e5 tasksel-japanese-desktop: prefer uim-mozc over uim-anthy (Closes: #982175) 7 months ago
  Holger Wansing 8674456174 Close bug on package upload 7 months ago
  Holger Wansing 46d7fd3d74 Remove manpages-it from task-italian (has been removed from unstable) 7 months ago
  Holger Wansing f70efc6bac Updated spanish debconf translation 7 months ago
  Holger Wansing 935b2dbe0c tasksel: prepare release version 3.63 8 months ago
  Holger Wansing 72da17106a tasksel: prepare release version 3.62 9 months ago
  Holger Wansing 352bb8f75a Add a task for the Gnome Flashback desktop environment. Patch origin by Dmitry Shachnev, thanks. 9 months ago
  nicoo 4bfd398e5c
Prepare upload v3.61 10 months ago
  nicoo 9749bfaa6f
Merge branch 'lintian-overrides' 10 months ago
  nicoo 8fa27fe684
lintian: Do not warn on lintian ↔ lintian-data circular dep 10 months ago
  nicoo 9eb21d18ff
lintian: Override debconf-related warnings about tasksel 10 months ago
  nicoo 8ca7fbbd3b
lintian: Override description-too-short 10 months ago
  nicoo efb21ef8b8
Switch to debhelper 13 10 months ago
  nicoo 3f5711cfad
d/control: Unfurl Build-Depends, sort dependencies by name 10 months ago
  nicoo cfe4081377
d/control: Declare compliance with policy v4.5.1 10 months ago
  nicoo 55bd5b2a91
Update d/changelog 10 months ago
  nicoo c36bcd022b
task-french: Re-add dependency on manpages-fr 10 months ago
  nicoo d8a577ff35
d/changelog: Amend changelog at v3.60, fix closing #972076 10 months ago
  nicoo e1caec7650
Update nicoo's name 10 months ago
  Raphaël Hertzog 6a9e6fd503
Release to unstable 10 months ago
  Raphaël Hertzog 07b04067c9
Fix the name of the Acquire::Retries option passed to apt-get 10 months ago
  Holger Wansing 4ff042a27d Add changelog entry for previous commit 10 months ago
  Sven Joachim 86c1b91965 Avoid tempfile deprecation warning 11 months ago
  Holger Wansing 4d0ae090e7 Add changelog entry for merge-request 12 10 months ago
  Holger Wansing d9235fa237 Merge branch 'libreoffice-changes' into 'master' 10 months ago
  Holger Wansing d6b64c2417 Add changelog entries for translation updates 10 months ago
  Holger Wansing cbfc1f617f Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 10 months ago
  Damyan Ivanov c3f36e9f83 Update Bulgarian translation of debian/po 11 months ago
  Miguel Figueiredo c7ccf250dc Updated Portuguese translation 11 months ago
  Bryan Quigley d7f9029e8b Switch LibreOffice from other desktop tasks to match the LibreOffice apps Gnome brings in 11 months ago
  Fabrice Bauzac 83f17a4d13 tasksel.pl: add some code documentation 1 year ago
  Changwoo Ryu 977b446173 Drop dependency on transitional package fonts-nanum-coding 1 year ago
  Holger Wansing 352849f1f9 Drop no-longer existing kde-l10n-* packages from various tasks 1 year ago
  Holger Wansing baca95f35a task-sinhala-desktop: Replace obsolete metapackage fonts-noto-hinted by fonts-noto-core and fonts-noto-ui-core 1 year ago
  Cyril Brulebois 80bb17069f releasing version 3.59 1 year ago
  Timo Jyrinki 092ba7242d Add libenchant-2-voikko for Finnish and Northern Sami. 1 year ago
  Didier Raboud fbd0b55323
Remove task-print-service 1 year ago
  Holger Wansing e1eb04686d tasksel: prepare release version 3.58 1 year ago
  Holger Wansing e9ba4bfab4 Remove xfce4-mixer from xfce-desktop task (has been removed from the archive) 1 year ago
  Holger Wansing ea3f3df4e2 Fix syntax from recent commit, uups 1 year ago
  Holger Wansing 6bb21342a2 Use print-manager instead of system-config-printer for KDE installation task 1 year ago
  Holger Wansing 8e857cb919 Add changelog entry for previous commit 1 year ago
  Raphaël Hertzog ba01f5a25a Merge branch 'pr-drop-qt4-packages' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Raphaël Hertzog 8e1a111756 Update changelog for 3.58 release 1 year ago