1660 Commits (77bb6580b2021b2711f126ff7270552e264fdad1)

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  Joey Hess 6fbfff1c0e * Added Cyrillic task. 20 years ago
  Marcin Owsiany beaedc0c48 document my update 20 years ago
  Marcin Owsiany bfe8d57fb4 updated Polish translation 20 years ago
  David Whedon ced2e4c8fb * Add build-depends on gettext (Closes: #110918) 20 years ago
  David Whedon 7302a87e17 tasksel 1.8 never got added to CVS, I'm adding it. 20 years ago
  Joey Hess dace63d29d * Use new X meta packages. Closes: #103773 (RC base bug) 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 4d656fc65d added the several junior-games-* packages 20 years ago
  Joey Hess e9e363887c horray! We can use the new kde metapackage rather than tracking all the 20 years ago
  Joey Hess bb74a25c08 Oh well, I guess a white russian fan is better then no Russian at all. 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 4d639fdb72 my changes.. 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 1b711551d6 description changes and a few section changes to make tasksel overall more 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 28d138eb38 removed, as it was a) broken b) probably in violation of the 10% rule 20 years ago
  Joey Hess fcd6a28f37 merged into c-dev 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 2c21f07828 Added in stuff from task-devel-common. 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 52dcdb60a0 virtual packages won't work in tasks, so replaced postscript-viewer with gv 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 6196ccc01d iwidgets3.1-dev removed, since it is not in unstable 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 92de23cd32 removed asa, since it is only in stable 20 years ago
  Joey Hess fc64088efa ksh -> pdksh 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 0e74bd0ae7 Seems that xfonts-bolkhov-koi8r has split into -75dpi and -misc. I took the 20 years ago
  Joey Hess a5d831bd39 commented out pyrite, python-history, python-pdb, python-rng, python-wp, 20 years ago
  Joey Hess a0e440d498 doc-linux-ko has split into doc-linux-{html,text}-ko, just pull in text 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 2d58a86047 ktimemon and pixie are gone, commented out. 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 095c0dcf9b echo-linux is gone from unstable. IIRC the mag is dead so the package was removed 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 030dfd6852 fully synced with task-junior 20 years ago
  Joey Hess a21e61e190 added junior-art 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 0cbb3975b7 added junior-programming 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 323170e081 new french lanuage task from Nicolas SABOURET <Nicolas.Sabouret@limsi.fr> 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 307dab7651 update to new tcl 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 40736e66ea added nethack. This is debatable; unlike bsdgames it's not something that 20 years ago
  Joey Hess b1c3a21f89 now includes mozilla-psm (which mozilla only recomends) 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 41e0afeef4 removed redundant task; dialup task has everything that was in it already 20 years ago
  Anthony Towns 48ea3d9316 * tasksel changes by Anthony Towns 20 years ago
  Adam Di Carlo 243222e1d9 start 1.5 20 years ago
  Adam Di Carlo 306a0ca81e reburn 20 years ago
  Adam Di Carlo 54bcedbf03 accomodate change from non-native to native pkg 20 years ago
  Joey Hess e181e85817 added one more task (I thought I committed this last night, oops!) 20 years ago
  Adam Di Carlo 05b4f70a1d more changes 20 years ago
  Adam Di Carlo cfa1ef9e7e generalize the description so it doesn't mention task packages 20 years ago
  Adam Di Carlo 92f89480e0 1.4 version changes by Adam, give credit to Joey Hess where due 20 years ago
  Adam Di Carlo 29643f4b6b stop shipping upstream changelog 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 5a1ada0a74 * Modifications to existing tasks: 20 years ago
  Joey Hess e5da0ee5dd added language-env to tasks for languages it supports 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 02659df29a minor 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 1fb8eb41cc and I meant to remove this.. 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 7d3e9f0149 oops, meant to add this too 20 years ago
  Joey Hess 6ca93e3af3 * Modifications to existing tasks: 20 years ago
  Joey Hess ea059ddb48 remove empty file 20 years ago
  Anthony Towns 6190455e00 fix some Packages lines with gumph on them (trailing ,'s, versions) 20 years ago
  Marcin Owsiany bc66b4db82 added an update-LANG target 20 years ago
  Marcin Owsiany bea7621282 updated, changed my email to @debian.org 20 years ago