6 Commits (9b9c03d907802c95ab4ef63e6aa46b1b824764d3)

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Joey Hess e98a704973 send stderr from which to /dev/null too 15 years ago
Otavio Salvador 19f802bd46 * Change laptop-detect from a dependency to a recommendation. It will be 15 years ago
Joey Hess fe2121cd88 * Use dmidecode to check if the chassis is of type "rack". 15 years ago
Joey Hess 7648f17bc2 * Increase the minimum free disk for automatic selection of the desktop task 16 years ago
Joey Hess 975aade0c4 * Use df -P to avoid line wrapped df. Closes: #349623 17 years ago
Joey Hess d81536bd3f * Automatically default to selecting desktop task on new installs 17 years ago