6 Commits (cb74a46886161698360a649c58a4de486a1dfd49)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Randolph Chung cb74a46886 Lots of redrawing fixes and wordwrapping fixes. Not completely done yet. 22 years ago
  Petr Cech bf867b841b Make HW cursor stay on place after (de)selection. 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung cbc8ca2f8c Part of the last update. not sure why cvs didn't pick it up 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung 7102a5a41d Fixed cursor position amnesia when refreshing screens 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung 16447f68d5 argh.. oops. minor TODO doc changes 22 years ago
  Randolph Chung 88ff0ffa41 Task selection UI Initial CVS 22 years ago