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Christian Perrier 31b781ad56 Really update PO files wrt POT files after regenerating them 17 years ago
Joey Hess dfcb6072bf - Estonian translations of debconf templates by Siim Põder. Closes: #312464 17 years ago
Christian Perrier 9a169c98e5 All Bosnian translation updated and completed 17 years ago
Dennis Stampfer c7c4b51d5c Portuguese translation pt.po: Initial program, debconf update. by Miguel Figueiredo 18 years ago
Joey Hess 4b9a735f6e typo fix and unfuzzy 18 years ago
Christian Perrier e826d1a318 Run debconf-updatepo 18 years ago
Christian Perrier 92b1dfe55f Update po/tasksel.pot and po/*po files accordingly 18 years ago
Joey Hess a80b5780c6 merge changes from newtasksel branch back to trunk 18 years ago
Joey Hess f12acdaedd - Change copyright notice to 2004, update all translations. 18 years ago
Denis Barbier 06ef931525 Initial Bosnian translation [Safir Secerovic] 18 years ago